Marlon Humphrey had an interception last night, but he didn’t realize it


Ravens cornerback Marlon Humphrey could have had an interception on Monday night. He should have had an interception on Monday night.

The play happened with 25 seconds left in the first quarter. The Raiders had the ball, third and 10 from their own 28. Quarterback Derek Carr threw a pass to tight end Darren Waller. The ball arrived at the 40. Humphrey prevented the reception.

He didn’t realize he had an interception in his hands.

Look at the two angles of the play. The ball never struck the ground. Humphrey got up, bringing the ball with him. Although Raiders receiver Hunter Renfrow made a head’s-up move to cover the ball after it fell to the ground as if Humphrey had caught the ball and fumbled it, Humphrey didn’t have the ball in his hands long enough to amount to possession.

He could have. He should have. It would have given Baltimore, who led 7-0 at the time, a short field. Instead, the Raiders punted, the Ravens started the next drive from their own 20, and they punted after three plays.

Sure, the Ravens eventually went up 14-0 anyway before the Raiders came to life. A turnover in that spot followed by a score could have changed everything. Could have. Should have. Didn’t, because Humphrey didn’t realize he had the ball in his hands.

11 responses to “Marlon Humphrey had an interception last night, but he didn’t realize it

  1. I certainly remember that play…good piece here…

    Hunter’s Football IQ is clearly better than Humpfreys…

  2. The Ravens don’t believe in drafting intelligent players. Outside of stumbling over Ed Reed back in 2002, Baltimore is known for blockheads sometimes with very questionable backgrounds.

  3. I remember that play well. Humprey’s was more worried about celebrating than following through the play. I’m sure he heard or should’ve heard an earful on the sidelines.

  4. Nor for nothing, but what it COULDA, SHOULDA, been (and WAS) is P.I.

    Was draped all over him, making contact before the ball was there, and in the air.

    I’ve seen it called for WAY less than that.

    And why wasn’t it considered a fumble? He did have the ball, got up, carried it two steps and dropped it. Should have been a Raiders first down IMO.

  5. Watching the replay on twitter, it would seem that if the play was reviewed it’d still be called an incomplete pass because Humphrey never seems to really possess the ball.

    He scoops it up but never really seems to control it and secure the catch. He may not have had control of it which may be why he didn’t push for a review.

    But I definitely agree that it seemed like pass interference more than anything else as he completely wraps up the receiver.

  6. No excuses here. I’ll take Marlon “fruit punch” Humphrey 10 out of 10 times as best CB. It’s one game. Let’s see how the season unfolds.

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