Marquise Goodwin: Lack of a downfield passing attack is challenging

Chicago Bears v Los Angeles Rams
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The Bears didn’t test the Rams defense, which ranked No. 1 in yards allowed last season. Andy Dalton had one pass attempt over 15 yards, while every other starting quarterback in the NFL had at last four.

Dalton went 0-for-2 with an interception on passes of over 10 yards.

It was frustrating for Bears fans to watch . . . and frustrating for the team’s receivers.

Bears receiver Marquise Goodwin, who led the Bears with 45 yards on four catches, was asked about the absence of downfield plays Sunday night.

It’s challenging,” Goodwin said, via Alyssa Barbieri of USA Today. “But I mean, you’ve just got to work with what you get. I don’t control the plays that are called. I don’t control anything but just going out and doing my job, and I just do it the best that I know how. Fast.”

For the most part, the Bears’ game plan kept Aaron Donald out of the backfield. He had one sack, which came in the fourth quarter, and three tackles. But the Bears’ game plan did not give the team’s receivers a chance to get free of All-Pro cornerback Jalen Ramsey, who had nine tackles, two tackles for loss and a pass breakup.

“He’s a unique player, All-Pro, Pro Bowler, instinctive, especially in short spaces,” Goodwin said of Ramsey. “And us not running past 10 yards, that fell right into his hands I feel like.”

The Bears should get more chances to throw the ball down the field this week when they play the Bengals.

9 responses to “Marquise Goodwin: Lack of a downfield passing attack is challenging

  1. It seemed like the Bears were trying to get the ball out quickly before the pass rush got to Dalton. I can’t say I blame the coaching staff for not having more faith in the offensive line, especially after two left tackles got injured during the game.

  2. So basically the Chicago coaches had a lousy “safe” game plan and did nothing to adjust during the game. I feel bad for the Chicago fans. You might have gotten the best QB in the draft not named Trevor Lawrence, but until the HC is willing to take a risk you’re going to have a lot of games like we saw on Sunday. You deserve better than mediocrity.

  3. This isn’t really a hard concept to understand. From both sides of the ball the Rams dictated to the Bears what was going to happen.

    From the Bears offensive prospective, their line is hot garbage. They knew against a good attacking front they would not be able to handle it. So the passes were to get out quick. The Rams had anywhere between 5-7 men in the box, just inviting the Bears to run. The knew the Bears couldn’t consistently keep drives going.

    From the Bear defense prospective, only Roquan came to play. The rest of the defense is on a downhill decline. You saw the result.

    The end of an ERA. Which begs the question, was the Mack trade worth it? All the got was double doink out of it.

  4. Marquise Goodwin could have been even more honest by admitting that every aspect of Natt Nagy’s failed offensive scheme is “challenging”…

  5. The Rams are just a much better team, at this point. It’s a QB league, and Andy Dalton is average at best. When the Bears traded away all those picks for Khalil Mack, the thought was they were only a player away from a super bowl. I think it’s just a matter of time before the Bears completely clean house.

  6. When the leading receiver is calling out the head coach and playcaller after the 1st game, you have some serious issues.

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