Mike Vrabel on Taylor Lewan: You get beat and sometimes that happens


After Arizona’s Chandler Jones beat the brakes off Tennessee to the tune of 5.0 sacks on Sunday, Titans left tackle Taylor Lewan fired off a tweet thanking Jones for “exposing” him.

Jones’ big day was not all Lewan’s fault — far from it. The edge rusher’s first sack, for instance, came from him being unblocked on a bootleg. That’s just bad offensive scheme.

But Jones did beat Lewan around the edge for a pair of sacks on Sunday.

Lewan is returning from tearing his ACL midway through the 2020 season. Still, on Monday, head coach Mike Vrabel said the veteran has to get better.

“You get beat, and sometimes that happens,” Vrabel said, via Jim Wyatt of the team’s website. “We have to improve, and Taylor has to improve. We’ve said this before: In this league, your best players, they have to play good on Sunday for you to win. That’s how this game is set up. And that didn’t happen for us — it happened for Arizona yesterday.”

The Titans go on the road in Week Two to face the Seahawks, which will be another challenge when it comes to pass protection. Seattle sacked Carson Wentz three times and hit him 10 times in Week One.

7 responses to “Mike Vrabel on Taylor Lewan: You get beat and sometimes that happens

  1. What it looks like is it is preseason for a lot of teams that did not play their starters at all or very little, it will take 3 or 4 games to get up to speed. Meanwhile the players that are not in game shape will be slow to react and prone to injury not to mention can a team (and the coach) overcome 3 or 4 losses.

  2. Every season there is a few surprise teams that either lay an egg or play lights out.
    It’s too early to say anyone is going to be one of those teams but if Tennessee lays an egg at Seattle it could be a long year for them.

  3. And that is the cellar-dweller of the NFC West. Next is a relaxing trip to the loudest stadium in the world to play the division champs. Maybe shoulda’ been a little more ready to start the season, coach?

  4. Well… considering That Chandler Jones and J.J. Watt didn’t play a single snap in the preseason…

    That really doesn’t hold water

  5. Running backs should have helped him with trouble. Chipping is a lost art. If Walter Payton was playing now, he would kill these blitzing backers …

  6. A lot of finger pointing and blaming within the Titans camp…. But could it be that they just came up against a really really good Cardinal team? Their starters avoided preseason games for the most part and look at how they produced? Hopefully Tennessee will recover and demonstrate their true colors in Seattle.

  7. Vrabel failed to get his squad ready. Starters standing around at camp, not practicing… playing around in a sandbox… peeing behind camera equipment. They got what they deserved Sunday. Arizona was ready and wanted to win. The Titans thought they deserved to win w/o working for it.

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