NFL fails to get St. Louis relocation lawsuit dismissed

Chicago Bears v Los Angeles Rams
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The NFL and the Rams have failed in their last-ditch effort to avoid a jury trial in Missouri over the relocation of the team to Los Angeles.

Via Joel Currier of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Judge Cristopher McGraugh has denied the NFL’s motion for summary judgment, a common device used by civil defendants to secure victory without having a trial. Basically, the defendant argues that there’s no need for a jury to sift through the facts and make decisions, based on specific undisputed facts that, given the applicable law, require a victory for the defense.

Judge McGraugh found that sufficient evidence exists to support a verdict on each of the various claims made by the St. Louis plaintiffs: breach of contract arising from the NFL’s relocation policy, unjust enrichment at the expense of the plaintiffs, fraud, and tortious interference.

The ruling means that, without a settlement, the case will go to trial. The trial currently is set to begin in January. If it goes forward as schedule it likely will be happening at the same time the Rams host the Super Bowl in their new stadium.

Although the NFL undoubtedly will try one or more creative strategies for avoiding a public reckoning before a jury of average citizens, it’s looking more and more likely that people like Commissioner Roger Goodell, Rams owner Stan Kroenke, and other key owners and witnesses will be placed on a witness stand and subjected to potentially withering cross-examination regarding alleged (or actual) factual inconsistencies regarding the relocation of the Rams.

The possibility of various rich and powerful people being forced to yield to the power of a judge and/or a jury makes a settlement even more likely. However, because the plaintiffs know this, that could make the price to settle the case ridiculously high.

Either way, the NFL has a huge problem on its hands. That problem ultimately flows back to Kroenke, based on reports that he’s responsible for footing the full financial bill arising from the legal fallout of his move.

Whatever the final price, chances are he can afford it.

46 responses to “NFL fails to get St. Louis relocation lawsuit dismissed

  1. The NFL does NOT want to see a courtroom – with people put under oath and under penalty of perjury. There are a lot of back room, under the table stuff that they do not want the public to see – especially regarding the all the money the NFL makes from different sources.

  2. Good, it will be nice for Goodell and the NFL to actually be held responsible for their actions for a change.

    It seems even the judge sees that the NFL/Kroenke was going to move the Rams no matter what St Louis did.

  3. I wonder if the Mustache’s big ego will keep him from doing the smart thing, which is to settle. Assuming this goes to trial, Kroenke and the other owners are going to look really bad. Their greed will be on full display. He would be better to swallow his pride and cut a big check

  4. Sucks but at the end of the day, they are the Los Angeles Rams and play in an amazing stadium, that didn’t cost tax dollars. Sucks to be Stan and ST Louis.

  5. I hope St. Louis goes all the way to trial so we learn all about how the NFL conducts business. Do not settle! If you do settle, do not sign an NDA. Let the public know the details.

  6. Good. I hope they get the hammer dropped on them for how they allowed Kroenke to weasel his way out.

  7. Good ol judge knows who elects him and votes for his keeping his job and it aint the NFL. Hey maybe he runs for congress or the Missouri supreme court. For sure this trial means he is in the news and making noise for himself

  8. What a joke on two counts. First, St. Louis didn’t honor the terms of the contract. Second, St. Louis sure didn’t care when they lured the Rams from L.A. that another city was losing their team.

    Regardless of what one thinks of the owner or the NFL, this should be a slam dunk. The Rams and NFL should counter-sue St. Louis.

  9. He wouldn’t have done it without knowing that someday he would need to pay up and he was willing to take that risk. The Piper has possibly come home and he’ll fight it until the end payout. Obviously in the long term, the risk was worth the reward and his franchise new value will cover it. If not, he’s a stupid business man. But most billionaires are not stupid when it comes to money. If they are making a deal with you, then you are probably the sucker no matter how it looks initially.

  10. Go STL! The thought of Kroenke sitting in a courtroom while the stupid bowl is happening in his new palace excites me. Hope Rog and his puppet master, Jerry Jones, are sitting there with old Stanny boy as well!

  11. NFL will probably use a change of venue I order to get a fair trial. That’s just delaying the inevitable. Play St. Louis the money they are owed due to breaching the contract. I have sympathy for billion dollar owners trying to skirt the law.

  12. A single word of truth has never passed through the lips of Roger Goodell. Having him testify on a witness stand should prove very interesting.

  13. Rams fans on the jury? But the reason they left St. Louis is because they had no fans.

    The question is why would any local jury not rule in favor of the home team (City) and get the FREE MONEY. I see an eleventh hour settlement on the courthouse steps, and more money changing hands than we can imagine.

  14. Keep fighting St. Louis! Take from a Cleveland, the NFL will give screw you unless you take it to them. It’s a crime that a city like St Louis doesn’t have a team and a city like LA now has 2.

  15. Such a joke… Like when you let another kid play with a toy that that a kid doesn’t play with anymore, suddenly they are upset… I seen my share of Ram games in the TWA/Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis. Every time I went, there were always more of the opposing team fans there than Ram fans. They often sold their tickets especially on National games. Purely a Baseball town, with Hockey as a second. Football was their red headed step child… Let it go! LA didn’t sue the NFL when they hightailed it to St. Louis… Take a page out of their book and move on…

  16. I’m sure there’ll be a settlement, but I’d really love to see the city take this to trial. The entertainment value would be off the charts.

  17. The renderings for the outside stadium were nice, but Stan had zero plans to stay there. The bills would be great there! That franchise needs to get out of that small market and into a stadium where they will thrive. It’s what the owners want. Increased shared revenue!

  18. Why doesn’t the NFL get charged with extorsion. That is what they do to these cities. Build me a stadium or I will go.

  19. St Louis must never ever want anything to do with the NFL again, they will become a blacklisted city if this goes to court. If they were smart they would ask for several million dollars and maybe they could host the draft. Otherwise this case will take 10 years in appeal courts State then Federal to get resolved and before St louis gets a dollar, but it will costs millions of tax payer dollars to keep the case going.

  20. I have been telling people this since day one this suit became public that the NFL and its owners are in trouble. There were a bunch of people saying St. Louis needed to get over it, you lost. However, they didn’t know the entire story which is finally beginning to come out. We all knew about this stuff here in St. Louis, but the NFL’s very powerful PR arm did a great job of keeping the story from going national. Welp…thats officially over. Stan and the NFL are going to have to settle this thing very soon. Because Stan, Goodell, Jer-rah, Kraft etc are NOT going to open up their personal finances or their books on the witness stand. It isn’t going to happen. The NFL has tried to take this thing all the way to the U.S. supreme court and have lost AT EVERY SINGLE TURN. They are in trouble here…no more sticking your head in the sand NFL. You thought little ol poke town St. Louis would whither away in the dust under the heavy yoke of the almighty NFL. Well what is really happening is we (the city of St. Louis) are protecting new NFL cities from the criminal practices the NFL and its owners have levied on the City of St. Louis of holding them hostage for new stadiums (Buffalo are you paying close attention?). NFL YOU ARE ON THE CLOCK…

  21. But, St Louis took the Rams from L A!
    But L.A. took the Rams from Cleveland!

  22. NFL will probably use a change of venue I order to get a fair trial. That’s just delaying the inevitable. Play St. Louis the money they are owed due to breaching the contract. I have sympathy for billion dollar owners trying to skirt the law.

    They all ready tried this and lost.

  23. Right the wrongs, give St. Louis and San Diego Expansion teams, but with a twist, also give them good owners

  24. Danielle Kunt says:
    September 14, 2021 at 8:56 pm
    Future home of Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs


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