NFL Players Association asks Roger Goodell to reinstate Josh Gordon

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Josh Gordon, the supremely talented wide receiver whose career has been derailed by substance abuse, may soon get another chance in the NFL.

The NFL Players Association has recommended to the NFL that Gordon be reinstated after he completed a treatment program, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell would make the final determination about whether Gordon can be reinstated.

Gordon is reportedly vaccinated and ready to play as soon as the NFL allows him.

If Gordon is reinstated, he’ll be a free agent and could sign with any team willing to give him another chance. He most recently played for the Seahawks and previously played for the Patriots and Browns.

In 2013, at just 22 years of age, Gordon had one of the greatest receiving seasons in NFL history, leading the league with 1,646 passing yards despite missing two games and getting saddled with Jason Campbell, Brandon Weeden and Brian Hoyer as his quarterbacks.

But since then he has played in just 33 games, while missing 79 games.

17 responses to “NFL Players Association asks Roger Goodell to reinstate Josh Gordon

  1. Nope. His entire life should focus on sobriety – the NFL life is all about enablement, which seems like the exact opposite of what he needs most now. See Chris Carter 2018 interview on First Things First.

  2. It is past time for this guy to stop getting more chances. He’s now 8 years removed from his best season and has amply demonstrated that he can’t keep his substance problems under control. Enough already.

  3. I certainly have no issue wit weed and think players shouldn’t be punished for it. But there were rules in place when he played. How many chances can a guy really get? How mant times has he already been reinstated?

  4. A talented QB would have spread the wealth around more. These QBS just stopped after their first progression (which was Gordon). He may have actually gotten less yards with a good QB.

  5. If he has cleaned himself up, then yes he should be allowed to play. He has paid his dues. He has been punished. As a christian nation which we claim to be, we should be all about forgiveness, and not stand in judgement.

  6. Reinstate him and all cannabis users.

    In a league where 20% of players are hopped up on Toradol any given Sunday, please tell me why a guy should have his livelihood destroyed due to a harmless plant? Not fair when a freaking DUI (endangering others) only results in a 1-game suspension these days.

    Why do we let the league’s draconian policies rob us fans of watching extremely talented guys like Ricky Williams, Gordon, Seantrel Henderson, Eugene Monroe, Martavis Bryant, Karlos Williams, Randy Gregory, Will Hill etc etc etc? The list goes on.

  7. You missed it – he’s vaccinated. You can count on him more than some of the guys with the Saints.

  8. I’m so sick of the “it’s just weed” comments. Its not just weed, its everything under the sun and booze. Josh has been a massive disappointment his whole career. We all know how it will go once he is reinstated. He will fail a drug test a crucial time, where it was vital for his team.This ship has sailed. The last time he was good, was about the last year OBJ was a great WR. Forever avoid in NFL time. Its not just weed, and josh hasnt been a good player when hes played. He is too big anymore and just seems plodding and slow. Release all the work out videos you want, hes washed. Find a new career. Guy shouldve learned when he couldn’t pay child support and was selling used cars in cleveland during a suspension.

  9. I wouldn’t say “supremely” talented. Someone had to get those yards and catches on that Browns team and lucky for him he’s parlayed it into chance, after chance, after chance, after chance, after chance, and then some. If your company tests for marijuana and you can’t stop using I think that says more about you than them.

  10. It’s hard to tell a guy he cannot play because he smokes weed when it is fully legal in some 15 states now and legal for medical purposes in another 20. If nothing else, the money he can make playing football could, if properly utilized, keep him from falling down a worse rabbit hole. Give the man a chance at life. If he does something illegal or takes a PED, then banish him. But don’t keep him suspended for exercising his free (and legal) right to use marijuana.

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