Raheem Mostert announces he is having season-ending knee surgery

San Francisco 49ers vs Detroit Lions
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49ers coach Kyle Shanahan announced Monday that Raheem Mostert would miss around eight games with chipped knee cartilage. After consulting with other doctors, though, the running back has pulled the plug on his season.

Mostert announced he will undergo season-ending surgery.

“Faithful,” Mostert wrote on social media. “After consulting with multiple doctors and weighing my options, I will be having season-ending surgery to repair my knee. This gives me, without a doubt in my mind, the best possibility at coming back 110 percent. I have ALWAYS come back stronger and I will this time, too! I have faith in myself, my doctors, my support system, my team and God. He makes no mistakes!

“I’m gutted. This sucks! This is obviously not what I worked so hard for. I wish more than anything I could be out there on the field with my brothers!!! Thank you for your support in our decision. I’M FAR FROM DONE!”

Mostert rushed for 20 yards on two carries before the injury Sunday. He missed much of last season with a high-ankle sprain, finishing with 521 yards rushing and a pair of touchdowns in eight games.

Mostert, who turns 30 in April, is scheduled to become a free agent in March.

19 responses to “Raheem Mostert announces he is having season-ending knee surgery

  1. 49ers need every freaking RB on their roster. Jeff Wilson coming back at the right time.
    It’s really too bad for Mostert – such an electric player. Perfect for Shanahan’s scheme.

  2. minime says:
    September 14, 2021 at 3:15 pm
    Time to cut injury prone players.
    Running backs are a dime a dozen.

    We’d lose half our players if they cut the injury prone ones.

  3. I would say I’m going to miss him, but I never really counted on him to be available this season anyway. Ever since he signed his contract he’s always been hurt. I could name all of the 49ers players that will miss games due to injury this season, but I don’t want to speak it into existence so I’m going to chill.

    These injury prone players need to scrap their new age training and get with Jerry Ride and Roger Craig’s hill training. They were the epitome of endurance and durability.

  4. I’m guessing this is just a move to get some inside knowledge of the eagles offense the week before their match up.

  5. “I have ALWAYS come back stronger”

    Seems like a good guy and he’s amazing when healthy, I’m going to argue with this statement though…

  6. Wishing the Niners team organization a great season without the injury bug they had to deal with last year. The NFC West division is outstanding and they are a member of this group who “ALL” have playoff aspirations… Every inner divisional match up will be epic! Stay healthy SF…!!!

  7. 30 yr old running backs dont normally garner that much interest in free agency.
    this is as inopportune as an injury gets for a football player.

  8. minime said,
    Time to cut injury prone players.
    Running backs are a dime a dozen.


    If NFL professional running backs (some of the best in the world) are a dime a dozen what are we…?

  9. As a Packers fan I feel for the guy. I wish every opponent is at full strength when GB plays. Steel sharpens steel. Wish the young man good luck. This will be a really good game (not to overlook DET on Monday night) for the Niners’ opener.

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