Ravens place Tyre Phillips on injured reserve

Baltimore Ravens v Las Vegas Raiders
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The Ravens have added another player to their injured reserve list.

Baltimore announced on Tuesday that guard Tyre Phillips is the latest Raven to go on IR, which means he will miss at least three games. Phillips was carted off the field in the first half of Baltimore’s loss to Las Vegas.

Ben Powers came in to replace Phillips at left guard during the contest. The Ravens also have third-round pick Ben Cleveland on their roster who could contribute.

The Ravens now have a league-high 14 players on IR, with the team dealing with several season-ending injuries to key players.

Additionally, Baltimore announced running back Trenton Cannon has been released. He played 15 special teams snaps and nine offensive snaps on Monday.

6 responses to “Ravens place Tyre Phillips on injured reserve

  1. The o line needs to get figured out. They have done it before, they’ll do it again. The running game seems like it will be OK without JK and Gus. Lamar had some really good passes and reads he would not have hit in the past. That has improved. His fumbles will not persist. The defense showed weakness we didn’t expect. That will be addressed. I have confidence in the coaching staff to adjust to all of this. It was one game. It is typical Ravens to start slow then ramp up and peak at the right time.

    I find it hilarious that someone thinks all these will be used as excuses when they “flame out in the playoffs” which means they expect them to actually get to the playoffs. Which means they know full well all these issues will be addressed.

  2. The O-Line is a significant concern and a fix this year is unlikely. Other than Stanley, it doesn’t look good. Maybe they consider converting a D-Lineman like Ellis to the O-Line. Otherwise, who’s available?

  3. I like your optimism Nick Name, but there is one issue that continues to plague this team. Greg Roman’s playbook/calling/scheme. Headlines lately may have been about whether Lamar has been been figured out, but I think they should be about the fact that teams have figured out Greg Roman.

  4. I have to be optimistic because the alternative is just depressing and it is too early to get depressed over the season.

    I don’t disagree about Roman. We will see this season if it continues to become a problem and the plays become as predictable as they were last year. Staying optimistic I feel that as Lamar’s skill set expands and important pieces step up so does the playbook. He just needs to work those into the game and be creative with them. Time will tell if he does. For example I am surprised no one has been talking about Lamar being under center in the first series. I was like “wait, who is playing QB?”. I don’t recall seeing it again. We also saw more designed pocket plays than I remember seeing before. About the season halfway point we will know, if the issues aren’t fixed I’ll slip into the abyss of depressed Ravens fans.

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