Chandler Jones: I play my best when not thinking about my contract

Arizona Cardinals v Tennessee Titans
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Chandler Jones was named the NFC’s defensive player of the week on Wednesday in recognition of his five-sack performance in the Cardinals’ season-opening win over the Titans and that was a pretty good sign that his mind is where it needs to be after a contentious offseason.

Jones did not attend any offseason work and confirmed on Wednesday that he requested a trade as he moved into the final year of his contract without an extension, but none of that dissatisfaction affected him in the season opener. Jones told reporters that he has turned his full attention to football while letting any negotiations on a new deal go on without his direct involvement.

“I think I play best when I don’t go in thinking about the deal. . . . I’m just playing football, honestly,” Jones said, via the team’s website. “I’m letting my agent take care of all of that. It is the last year of my contract and I let that take care of itself.”

No one’s expecting five sacks every week for Jones this season, but he’s played at a high level when healthy throughout his time in Arizona and another year like that will likely lead to someone throwing a big contract offer his way come the end of the season.

23 responses to “Chandler Jones: I play my best when not thinking about my contract

  1. Won’t matter. The Cards will deal or tag him, he’s going nowhere unless someone makes a silly trade offer

  2. Hate to break it other teams….but the Cardinals are going to Franchise Chandler. Payment coming to Murray.

  3. The better he plays the more the price goes up but I’m going to take the man at face value. 5 sacks in the opener after no practicing with the team are “stupid numbers”. He obviously was practicing & training with somebody. Pay him now or pay him more later.

  4. Yup, they’ll just tag him. Then they get Contract Year Chandler for this year, next year and possibly year after.

    Only issue is if they need to tag someone else.

  5. Bravo! Chandler has this in perfect perspective. Actions speak louder than words! Besides, he along with JJ Watt this season is a NFL story yet to be written and may be one for the ages….

  6. Chandler says he plays better when he’s not thinking about his contract,,,


    He’s THINKING about his contract and wanna know why???


  7. Pretty nasty getting 5 sacks and 2 FF. Those would be pretty commendable stats at the midway point for a pass rusher. He is 31 and coming off an injury year but he’s looking pretty spry. I’d say if he can keep this up an extension may be in the books. Although at that age pass rushers can fall off a cliff or be relegated to situational plays. Either way you gotta tip your hat to this dudes play last weekend.

  8. downtoearth1972 says:
    September 15, 2021 at 5:00 pm
    Probably double his sack total against the Vikings this week.

    Sadly, I cannot disagree after watching the Vikings first game.

  9. Yet you’re throwing the figurative cash in the air after all of your sacks last week. The truth is, you play better when the contract is on your mind, b/c you, just like every other NFL player, wants paid. Guys having career years in contract seasons aren’t a coincidence.

  10. if I’m supposed to block him and I read this all my chatter with him is gonna be about his contract.

  11. “Why don’t you just think about honoring you current contract?”

    Because when they stink the owners down honor it either. They get asked to take a pay cut or just get released.

  12. The biggest red flag is when a player all sudden gets much better in a contract deciding year, which translate to be lazy ala Haynesworth and Zeke and the 100’s of other players that dupe the GM into giving them a large contract with a very large guaranteed cash payout then watch them disappear. There is a reason why BB didn’t try to resign him.

  13. nfldivas says:
    September 16, 2021 at 10:29 am
    There is a reason why BB didn’t try to resign him.

    Because he wanted to spend the $$ on N’Keal Harry and Isaiah Wynn?

  14. It’s not like Chandler Jones is “suddenly” producing in a contract year…

    Prior to last year’s injury shortened season where he was limited to 6 games…he played 4 seasons in Arizona after the Patriots didn’t pay him… and he promptly averaged 15 sacks a season and made 2 first team ALL PRO teams…

    The dude has been great in Arizona virtually his entire contract.

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