Lamar Jackson: It’s not about me and Patrick Mahomes

Kansas City Chiefs v Baltimore Ravens
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Lamar Jackson is 0-3 against Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs in his career. He is 30-5 against everybody else.

Jackson has become the fifth MVP quarterback in NFL history to go 0-3 against another MVP quarterback, according to ESPN Stats & Information. Peyton Manning and Matt Ryan were the only other MVP quarterbacks to lose their first four starts against another MVP quarterback. Both did that against Tom Brady.

“It’s not about me and Mahomes,” Jackson said Wednesday, via Jamison Hensley of ESPN. “Not to me. Probably to everyone else. But it’s the Ravens versus the Kansas City Chiefs.”

Jackson infamously called the Chiefs “our kryptonite” after he threw for a career-worst 97 yards in a 34-20 loss to the Chiefs on Sept. 28 of last season. (He did have nine rushes for 83 yards.)

More pointedly, the Chiefs have been Jackson’s kryptonite. He has completed 52.6 percent of his passes against Kansas City, averaging 170.3 passing yards per game with three touchdowns and no interceptions.

“They did beat us three times or whatever, but that’s in the past,” Jackson said. “I’m not dwelling on those losses. We’re coming in Sunday night, and we’re going to play.”

Mahomes won the MVP award in 2018, and Jackson followed in 2019. Mahomes has a Super Bowl ring and got the Chiefs back to the Super Bowl in 2020; Jackson is 1-3 in the postseason and has gotten no closer than the divisional round.

17 responses to “Lamar Jackson: It’s not about me and Patrick Mahomes

  1. He said the right thing and he is still humble and all about putting in the work. I don’t know how people can’t like this guy.

  2. Wow! Lamar Jackson is 30-5 against everybody else? That’s incredible. Jackson is right about the game being between the Chiefs and the Ravens, but millions of fans will be tuning in to watch these two QB’s.

  3. That’s because they fall behind vs the Chiefs…and once Lamar has to pass the ball…the Ravens are toast…

  4. In the immortal words of the Nature Boy Rick Flair “to be the man, you got to beat the man”!

  5. They will run all over the chiefs and control the ball, but the chiefs will win. It’s just what seems to happen.

  6. The Chiefs will beat them the easy way by scoring fast, early, and its basically game over for Baltimore. Baltimore, more specifically Jackson just isnt built for that style and the Chiefs have the horses to set the shape of the game.

  7. he does not belong in the same conversation with Mahomes. When Ravens pay him the same money as Mahomes, they will be doomed.

  8. Jackson has the right attitude, and does not want the Chiefs to get in his head. The tough reality is that thus far the Chiefs have been the more complete, prepared team. Just keep developing your game plan and key matchups. That is your best path to success.

  9. There’s nothing humble about Jackson. Besides, humility and hard work are not attributes that compel football fans to ‘like’ football players. Performing and winning consistently and in key situations will get you liked by a broader audience than that nonsense.

  10. It’s always about the teams. When any player or fan or media person makes it about two players, they’ve jumped the shark. It’s so tiring and repetitious. Quarterbacks play against the other teams defense not their offense. It will be Jackson and the Raven’s offense against KC’s defense.

  11. My Ravens will be 0-4 in the Jackson/Mahomes era after Sunday. We have too many issues/injuries to overcome.

  12. Like others have said, if the Chiefs get a fast start it’s over. Lamar cant pass to win. Imagine if lamar had a bum knee or leg. He would be the worst QB starting in the league.Its his running that opens those pass lanes. Guy is gonna take one to many hits.

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