PFT’s 2021 MVP watch, Week Two

Arizona Cardinals v Tennessee Titans
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It’s time for a new in-season feature, given the constant interest (especially from a wagering standpoint) in the annual NFL MVP award.

Every Wednesday, we’ll list our current favorites for the ultimate prize in the NFL, along with the PointsBet odds for the finalists, those on the watch list, and those whom we regard as having no chance — at least for now.

Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray (+1100): Spectacular in Tennessee, Murray remains in the conversation as long as he stays healthy. The Cardinals also need to be at or close to the No. 1 seed when it’s all said and done for him to have a real chance to win it.

Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady (+1000): The best keeps finding a way to get better. If the Bucs emerge as the No. 1 seed in the NFC, he’s the guy with the inside track.

Saints quarterback Jameis Winston (+2800): A great value pick at this point. With Sean Payton keeping Winston from trying to do too much, Winston could be better than ever.

Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford (+1000): So far, so good for his change of scenery, team, and offense.

Raiders quarterback Derek Carr (+4000): He leads the league with 435 passing yards (pace = 7,395 yards), and he led the Raiders to a stirring win. If he can keep it up, he can make noise as a, for now, 40-1 long shot.

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson (+1100): Russ is cooking, like he was last year. The question is whether it’s sustainable, like it ultimately wasn’t last year.

Others to watch: Dak Prescott (+1500), Josh Allen (+1500), Patrick Mahomes (+500), Joe Burrow (+5000), Justin Herbert (+2200).

Ignore for now: Aaron Rodgers (+1600), Lamar Jackson (+1600), Baker Mayfield (+3300), Ryan Tannehill (+5000).

17 responses to “PFT’s 2021 MVP watch, Week Two

  1. Derek Carr shouldn’t be in this conversation. He played an OT game and Lamar Jackson kept giving him the ball back. It is skewed.

  2. Taking week 1 performances into account only, with none of the usual background noise regarding reputation, it would seem that Jalen Hurts should be on the “others to watch” list.

  3. Teddy B should receive some consideration. If he can continue his play and lead the Broncos back to playoffs it would really be impressive.

  4. Hurts > Burrow, Carr, Winston, Herbert, Tannehill, Mayfield. Everyone’s been wrong about him so far, so you might as well fall in line.

  5. Winston should not be on that list…
    When the other team doesn’t show up, that doesn’t make you a valuable player… JW is proof!

  6. Can’t believe you even put Carr’s name out there, how could you be an MVP when your team finishes 8-9?

  7. Rodgers had a fire lit under him by this week’s blowout loss and will come back to win it again this year, you heard it here.

  8. Chandler Jones and Madd Maxx Crosby had just as much impact on the games as any one of those Prima Donnas

  9. By application of the logic regarding Derek Carr, I have been awake for 45 minutes today and have consumed so far 2 mugs of coffee and am therefore on pace for 45.3 cups of coffee today.

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