Taylor Heinicke: Being a starting NFL QB something I’ve dreamed about my whole life

Los Angeles Chargers v Washington Football Team
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Thursday night’s game against the Giants won’t be the first start of quarterback Taylor Heinicke‘s NFL career, but it offers him a different opportunity than the first two.

Heinicke started a game for the 2018 Panthers as they were playing out the string of a losing season and he played well in Washington’s Wild Card loss against the Buccaneers last season, but never seemed to have a real shot at an extended run in the job once Ryan Fitzpatrick signed with the team. Fitzpatrick’s on injured reserve after hurting his hip in Week One, however, and that means Heinicke is looking at multiple games to make his mark as an NFL starter.

“Something I’ve been dreaming about my whole life, being a starting quarterback in the NFL, and here we are,” Heinicke said, via Ben Standig of TheAthletic.com. “I really try and take it one day at a time, one meeting at a time, one play at a time. I feel like if I just live in the moment, everything else will take care of itself.”

Wide receiver Terry McLaurin expressed faith in Heinicke because the quarterback is “always ready for the moment” and proving McLaurin right could lead to a lot more starts in Heinicke’s future.

8 responses to “Taylor Heinicke: Being a starting NFL QB something I’ve dreamed about my whole life

  1. Everything you have ever done in your entire life has led you to this moment. Its your time to shine Heinicke! Make us proud and bring back some form of power in the WFT organization.

  2. They might win three (3) games. Every team has gotten better that they played last year. Two (2) wins against the Giants and one (1) win against the Falcons. Over rated.

  3. I’m not convinced this guy has the tools to be a full time starting NFL quarterback, but he’s clearly got a ton of heart and desire and he’s really easy to root for. I’m definitely pulling for him.

  4. Good for you bud. Hope you make the most of it. You were a lot of fun to watch in the playoffs last year.

  5. I have been calling for this all offseason. I hope he can do what I and many others think he is capable of. On a side note, I now know why he was posting pictures at local burger joints constantly this past year, the coaches wanted him to beef up.

  6. I’ve been wanting for him to be the starter but realistically he’s got a lot of pressure on him this game than in our playoff game against the Bucs,,,there is absolutely no margin for error such as a 3 ints or misread throws and this the only NFL game on where the whole nation would be watching??? Pressure is gonna be thick,,,Be careful what you are asking for young man but I do want you to do good and win this game for us

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