Urban Meyer had no choice but to say there’s “no chance” he’ll take USC job


Without the Denver media asking him potentially pointed questions on Wednesday about the possibility of a Bobby Petrino-style less-than-one-and-done NFL experiment, Jaguars coach Urban Meyer instead was served up an embarrassingly chunky softball by someone in the group of reporters covering the team. Unless it was a member of the team’s P.R. staff, which given the precise wording of the question is entirely possible.

“Unfortunately for you, rumors came out yesterday linking you to the USC job,” the reporter said. “I just wanted to give you a chance to refute it.” (Now there’s some FBI-level interrogation skills.)

Meyer’s body language was far from convincing. Still, he uttered the words he had to say. There’s “no chance” he’s leaving.

While there’s some chance he’s telling the truth, what would he say if he was actually thinking about pursuing the job? Or if he’s secretly having misgivings about what he’s gotten himself into? This is a must-lie situation, if the truth is anything other than “no chance.” Whatever the truth may be, the answer to that gift-wrapped non-question HAD TO BE “no chance.”

That’s why Nick Saban said in December 2006 “I’m not going to be the Alabama coach.” With games left to be played by the Dolphins that season, he couldn’t say, “Well, you never know.” Or “maybe.” Or “roll Tide.”

In those situations, the truth won’t set you free. It will paint you into a corner. While I’m not saying Meyer is thinking about bolting for the Trojans, I am saying that his declaration that he isn’t doesn’t mean that he isn’t. He’d never admit it if it were true.

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  1. Urban Meyer is a low character individual. History has proven he’s as shady as they come. I would look outside if he told me the weather.

  2. Yeah well Vince McMahon also said there would be no chance that Stone Cold Steve Austin would ever be WWF champion again and look how that went.

  3. I think the losing will hit Meyer pretty hard–it will be interesting how he will deal with it. He has always been successful, but the losing at the pro level is quite different than at the college level.

    The bigger issue–his tenure with the team so far was saying things he should not say, hired some people that were not going to fly with pro players, and he got fines for violations of practice rules. Things he NEVER had to worry about in college. I just think he is going to realize in the pros, he can’t control the players like he did in college. And that, plus the losing, will chase him back to college eventually. The real question is will he play sick again at the end of the season, in the middle, or be honest and just ask to leave so he can go to USC or wherever he would prefer to go. If meyer goes 2-15…not sure if he would want to come back.

    I can see why the Jags hired him given his popularity in the area and his credentials, but…based on how things have gone so far, I don’t think he will be long for the NFL.

    Also–As someone who knows about the Jets and Seahawks, I can’t believe Meyer hired Darrell Bevelle AND Brian Schottenheimer! Somehow I don’t think this is going to be a QB friendly offense!

  4. Tough spot for Amos Alonzo Meyer. You know he wants the USC gig but he’ll be a national punchline if he jumps ship. He’ll stick it out for now because he has to protect his image, but the more the Jags lose the more inclined he is to leave. College football, USC, and Hollywood seems like a fit for this guy.

  5. Throughout his coaching career, Meyer has had better players than the other coach 95% of the time. Now, the tables have turned and he has a big problem. There’s no recruiting in the NFL. Its a level playing field.

  6. how come NFL teams do not have contracts for coaches that are enforceable?


    They do technically. If he leaves for USC, then USC will pay Jax the remaining amount of his contract.

  7. Asked above: “how come NFL teams do not have contracts for coaches that are enforceable?” If Meyer quit just to become another NFL team’s head coach, there would probably be contractual issues, but if he quit and returned to the college ranks? Nope.

  8. I have a friend who swears its harder to coach in college than NFL
    no you what’s hard?
    game planning for 5 or 6 dbs that were ALL all conference as opposed to beating up on Indiana’s 1 4 star recruit
    epitome of a hack
    throw in the tantrum on the coaches he picked
    yeah, no way he leaves

  9. Most college coaches are not capable of coaching grown men. The Sabans and Meyers of the world are just glorified bullies, pushing around unpaid kids over whom they have absolute authority. They thrive on the power imbalance. Sometimes they get it in their head that they can be a professional and deal with men, but they quickly realize what a mistake that was. Meyer may finish out the year or he may not, but he will relatively quickly go scurrying back to the college world, where he can hold sway over young men’s lives without having to show them an ounce of respect. Count on it.

  10. bingo2112 says:
    September 15, 2021 at 9:05 pm
    USC will beat $10 mi)lion a year? Clickbait.

    $10 million per year is a drop in the bucket to USC. The university has many graduates/boosters who can easily donate that amount per year.

    USC had an endowment of 5.7 billion dollars as June 30, 2019. Trust me, the university can pay $10 million per year with no problem.

  11. If you watch the video of Meyer’s “refutation,” it’s pretty obvious he’s heading to L.A., sooner rather than later. Maybe MUCH sooner.

  12. This guy quit on every team he’s coached. What makes this any different? He will be gone by the end of the season or sooner

  13. he has nothing to offer an NFL player as a coach. His methods just don’t work at that level. College kids tolerate him because they know that he’s their ticket to potentially getting drafted and they put up with him.

  14. For a guy that’s left the game for health reasons certainly likes to stir up some stress in his life.

  15. He can thank Saban, Petrino, Spurrier and his own history for nobody believing a word that he says.

  16. By the time the 2021 NFL season is done,… maybe the Jacksonville management, players, and fans would welcome Urban Meyers resignation.
    Nothing will happen until the season is over anyways. USC will wait for the JAX season to be done if Urban expresses some interest.

  17. I think USC may have contacted Urban just to check the box to show their fans and boosters that they are still relevant.The person who decides is Urban’s wife.I don’t think she’d like LA.Saban left Miami because his wife didn’t like it there.

  18. The timing of that Helton firing was pretty odd. There are reasons you don’t see lots of guys get fired after the second game of the season. USC will look like they have no plan if they can’t promptly hire somebody. And they’re no longer the top-level job they still imagine themself to be. If they don’t make a huge announcement within the next few weeks expect them to wind up with another unimpressive hire.

  19. I am pretty sure USC would not have to buy out Urban’s contract. There is no precedent for this when Petrino left Atlanta that didn’t happen and when Saban left Miami for Alabama, that didn’t happen.

  20. How long until Urban resigns citing “health reasons related to a heart condition” only to then be better in time to take a college coaching job ahead of next season?

  21. I don’t know why you would want to coach elsewhere when you have a QB like Trevor Lawrence. If he wants to college experience just get rid of all the veterans who are stuck in their NFL ways and replace them with wide eyed rookies fresh out of college.

  22. Somewhere inside, Trevor Lawrence must be thinking Urban Meyer is probably best suited for the west coast & has his fingers 🤞 crossed !

  23. “Yeah well Vince McMahon also said there would be no chance that Stone Cold Steve Austin would ever be WWF champion again and look how that went.”

    If I recall correctly Mr. McMahon said “No chance in hell!”

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