Urban Meyer says there’s “no chance” he’ll be the head coach at USC

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When USC fired head coach Clay Helton earlier this week, there was immediate speculation that the university could target Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer to run its program.

But according to Meyer himself, USC should look elsewhere.

Meyer’s Wednesday press conference opened with a reporter offering the head coach the chance to shoot down the USC rumors, and Meyer elected to do so.

“There’s no chance,” Meyer said. “I’m here and committed to try to build an organization.”

Until Meyer becomes a consistent winner in the NFL — and maybe even past that point — Meyer’s name will be brought up whenever there’s a significant opening at the college level. He is one of the best collegiate coaches of all time, having won three national championships, three Big Ten titles, and a pair of SEC titles.

And while it’s appropriate to take Meyer at his word — particularly because it’s Sept. 15 of his first season — things could always change.

Just ask Nick Saban.

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  1. Nothing left to prove in college. The NFL is a QB league. Urban just drafted perhaps the highest rated QB to ever come out of college. He’s got it made in the shade. He’ll keep this job and win super bowls. Guys can coach in the NFL for twenty years, and win a ton of games, but never win a super bowl because they never had an elite QB. If you’ve followed Andy Reid’s career, you know what I’m talking about. Now Andy’s a HOF coach. Urban will be, too. Nick Saban never had a HOF QB. Jimmy Johnson did, and Pete Carroll did. They succeeded. Saban and Steve Spurrier never had great QB’s, but they were as good as any coaches who ever coached.

  2. Which means he’s been contacted and the contract is essentially already in place and it’s his to take when he wants. He’ll get through half a season maybe 11 games be 0-x or 1-x and then say he’s leaving now, or at the end of the season will be taking the job.

    Trevor will then become another Number 1 that won’t live up to potential as he goes through at least 7 coaches in his first 10 years in the league then bounces around as a back up QB.

  3. Urban Meyer had three dream jobs. Ohio State, Notre Dame, and Michigan. TTUN has been removed from the list so now he would only go back to college football to coach Notre Dame.

  4. Just like Saban swore he wasn’t leaving the Dolphins to coach at Alabama – then left in the middle of the night.

    I think he’ll keep this in his back pocket just in case he doesn’t have a decent season at Jacksonville


  5. The Texans(!) creamed the much-hyped Jaguars on Sunday. How long will Meyer stay if they fail to improve and the fans and local media turn on him?

  6. Urban just drafted perhaps the highest rated QB to ever come out of college.

    Perhaps? He’s either the highest rates QB ever or not (he’s not).

  7. For the sake of Lawrence’s career and the fans of the franchise lets hope this is a precursor to what Saban did. This was such a bad hire. Already rumblings from veteran players which isn’t surprising considering the moves. This franchise can’t get out of its own way. Trevor should have taken a page out of Eli’s book (since he doesn’t have the option of baseball like Elway did) and demanded his way out of Jacksonville. No QB is good enough to make it work there until they completely change how they do things.

  8. He should have waited for a job like USC to open up. He is going to fail in the NFL. It is obvious to anyone paying attention

  9. Good. I like him being definitive about it. I’m not sure if he’s got his team’s attention, or a plan that will work, but Duval County deserves someone with resolve to win.

  10. How could he resist? LA is such a great place to live nowadays and USC is the best college job in the world.

  11. One thing is for sure , Urban will not be coaching the Jags for long. 2 seasons max before he gets fired.

  12. Come on now. This is an easy one: Kliff Kingsbury. He was already tabbed to be OC in December 2019, then became the Cardinal head coach a couple weeks later.

    So Bill O’Brien (Alabama).

  13. Thinking that Meyer sees Nick Saban as a cautionary tale. If he is committed to being an NFL head coach, he knows that turning tail and running back to the college game will end his NFL dream. The ball is in your court, Urban.

  14. Give Urban a few more weeks to pile up more losses, and more instances where he can’t bully people & have it his way, and he will bail out just like Petrino.

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