Baker Mayfield: I think people took Tyrod Taylor for granted

2018 Cleveland Browns Training Camp
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Nearly three years ago to the day, Tyrod Taylor suffered a concussion during the Browns Week Three matchup with the Jets. Baker Mayfield, the No. 1 overall pick that year, came in and helped Cleveland win its first game since 2016.

Mayfield has started every Browns game since.

Mayfield and Taylor will be on opposite sidelines this Sunday, with the Browns taking on the Texans. Mayfield said this week that he appreciates the time he spent with Taylor as a rookie.

“I think people took Tyrod for granted,” Mayfield said, via Dan Labbe of “I think he’s an extremely good leader. I think his work ethic alone, just his routine and being the same guy every single day for every single person in the building, it’s a tremendous way of showing his leadership.

“Everything that he taught me, leading by example and doing different things, not saying that we lead the same way, but there’s always different ways to learn, and I’m very thankful to have stepped in a QB room with Drew Stanton and Tyrod that I was able to learn from those guys. It’s something I’m obviously very grateful for.”

Taylor has been supplanted by top-drafted QBs in Mayfield with the Browns and Justin Herbert with the Chargers at his last two stops. But now he has a real opportunity with the Texans. He had a solid debut for Houston last week, completing 64 percent of his passes for 291 yards with a pair of touchdowns. He also rushed four times for 40 yards.

5 responses to “Baker Mayfield: I think people took Tyrod Taylor for granted

  1. Baker has become so level headed and is becoming an extension of Stefanski. Coach Stefanski is just always calm and well thought out. Those two ate going to be a good pairing. Good to see Baker give Tyrod credit. It’s also good that he is getting playing time. Hes always been an almost starter caliper QB since Buffalo.

  2. Nice to see these comments from Baker. I liked the QB situation in Baker’s first year with Tyrod being the starter and Baker learning from the sideline and eventually taking over sometime during that season, Tyrod’s unfortunate injury in week 3 accelerated those plans and showed that Baker was ready to be the starter. Just wish the coaching situation was more stable then, but I’m happy with where we’re at now.

  3. People seem to love to hate Baker because of how he acted when he was 19/20/21 years old, often forgetting that they acted the same way, it just wasn’t amplified by the media. In fact, I’d argue that in the same situation, most people would have acted WORSE than Baker, being that they were giving a LOT of leeway in high school and college, behavior wise, because he was the star QB and that rarely means that there are consequences.

    Anyway, Baker seems like a good dude and he’s been maturing in the public eye, so good on him.

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