Broncos’ Dre’Mont Jones: Urban Meyer needs to change the way he coaches in the NFL

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Broncos defensive end Dre'Mont Jones spent five years playing for Urban Meyer at Ohio State, and on Sunday Jones will see Meyer again when the Broncos play the Jaguars. And Jones has some advice for his old college coach: Change your ways in the NFL.

Jones said there’s always an adjustment period from college football to the NFL, but he said Meyer in particular may struggle because Meyer doesn’t relate to players the way grown men expect their coaches to relate to them.

“Going from college to pros is always difficult no matter what the level is, whether coaching or playing,” Jones said. “Especially because a lot of his philosophies are college-based, and you can’t do that with 30-plus men or even 25-plus men who have been around the league and know what they’re doing now and are well established. You got to shake things up in how you coach.”

Asked if he’s surprised to hear stories that Meyer isn’t clicking with veteran players in Jacksonville, Jones said that’s no surprise based on his own experience with Meyer.

“Am I surprised by it? No,” Jones said. “I just know how he is. I’m not going to go into great detail about it, but no, it doesn’t surprise me.”

Meyer’s Jaguars did not look particularly well-coached in their Week One loss to the Texans. They’ll have their hands full on Sunday against Jones and the Broncos.

25 responses to “Broncos’ Dre’Mont Jones: Urban Meyer needs to change the way he coaches in the NFL

  1. Go back and read some of the things people were saying about college coaching sensation Jimmy Johnson during his rookie year when his Dallas Cowboys went 1-15. Lol. Jimmy had a rookie QB, and he took over a team that had just earned the #1 overall pick by being the worst team in the NFL. Kind of like what Urban is doing now. They were saying Jimmy was way in over his head. Jimmy Johnson didn’t take over the worst team in football and turn those same losing players into winning players. He got rid of all those losing players and replaced them with winners. The Jaguars’ players that were losers, and are resisting the work that it requires to be turned into winners, won’t be around when Urban starts winning super bowls. And who’s this Jones guy? I’m an Ohio State fan, and I’ve never heard of him.

  2. Lou Holtz lasted less than one season with the Jets. Players laughed at him when he brought in a fight song and wanted them to sing it.

  3. So many people on here, saw this coming as he’s a college caoch and NOT an NFL Head Coach.

    So many difference he clearly hasn’t adjusted too, conditioning oach appointment, drafting Etienne (Protect your elite QB), Tebow stupidity etc etc

  4. This definitely feels like one of the shortest honeymoon periods a head coach has had in awhile.

    It’s one thing if the fans are split, but I’m not hearing anything good about this dude.

  5. Times have changed and these young/old NFL players live in a different reality socially compared to the 90s, the era in which Jimmy Johnson coached.

    Dallas also pulled off the trade of the century with the Vikings, this too was a driving factor in their success.

    I too think that maybe Urban Meyer needs to adjust his coaching method in the pros.

  6. Meyer will resign before mid-season. He’s already lost half the locker room trying to hire a coach fired for racism and the entire Tebow debacle. Once they start 0-5, he’ll resign, like he’s done multiple times before. Meyer is used to the coach worship culture of college football and the NFL provides none of that. He’ll be coaching USC by this time next year.

  7. as time will tell if this guy is even a good coach and able to relate to older players instead of being treated like a college god .. as will take a year or two to tell or well it was just a big mistake as the adults in the room tell the so called coach and leader of kids to go to hell when he tries to lord it over them … as after all history tells us this won’t be the first time ….. :S

  8. No, he needs to get rid of the vets and build through draft with players who can’t compare his coaching style to other NFL coaches. He’s not Harbaugh, Harbaugh was an NFL guy coaching on the College level so when he came to the 49ers he could relate to an NFL locker room.
    Urban Meyer is more like a Jimmy Johnson. A college coach who got all the vets out of Irving/Dallas and built his team through the draft.

  9. It’s not difficult to see what’s happening to Urban and think of what happened to Saban. College coaches who demand absolute power never do well when confronted with people who’s lives they don’t control.

  10. Having your franchise rookie QB throw 50 times in his first game is an easy assessment of bad coaching. He should be protecting his QB by utilizing his run game with his two capable RBs. We all know Jacksonville isn’t going anywhere this year regardless of Lawrence. Should be trying to protect him and his confidence instead of toting him out there and throwing it on dang near every down. I realize they were behind but it doesn’t matter, you have to establish an identity as a team.

  11. That opener was a disaster for Urban on the preparation front. Not lining up correctly, too many guys in the huddle, wasting 2 timeouts in the first quarter to avoid delay of game penalties?! And they got blown out by a team that had been the definition of dysfunctional for the last 2 years with a head coach in his very first ever game at any level. Let that sink in.

  12. Dre Mont Jones didn’t say anything unprofessional. He played for Meyer and gave his answer. He stopped before he said anything damaging, he has his opinion and who better to have one than someone who played several years for Meyer?
    Jones is a very good player who happens to be stuck behind Von Miller.
    Not the same situation as Jimmy Johnson. He benefited from the biggest trade in NFL history and totally dumb by the Vikings.

  13. Don’t forget Johnson coached Dallas in the pre-cap era and suckered Mike Lynn on the trade by getting draft picks if he didn’t keep players.

  14. You watch. This USC thing isn’t over yet. If he starts to free fall he might just bail before the season is over. Will see.

  15. This is a lot of talk about one really bad team losing one game… Might want to give it at least 3 or 4 games before the guys gets thrown out of league …

  16. The comment about and comparison to Jimmie Johnson is valid. Give Meyer more than 1 week before you all fire him lol. Maybe those veterans that don’t like his style aren’t used to a good, winning coaching style (it is Jacksonville, after all) and Meyer will ship them out. Those may not be the veterans you want on the team because they are used to a losing environment.

  17. I think it’s too early to say things one way or another. But certainly seems like there are some red flags.

    -Felt they sold low on Minshew, and really had no reason to move him.
    -Ettiene being drafted when Robinson was in place and more pressing needs. Hyde potentially getting more snaps than Robinson.
    -Overpaying for some arguably some vet min players in the offseason.
    -Poorly prepped against a team viewed worse than an expansion team, with likely a transitional coach.

  18. The Cowboys under Jimmy Johnson pulled off the Walker trade which led to them drafting several Hall of Famers. Does anybody see Trent Baalke doing that for the Jags? And for all his negatives Jerry Jones was definitely committed to winning whereas Khan seems distant and clueless. Johnson also put together a great coaching staff meanwhile Urban has stuck Lawrence with Darrell Bevell and Brian Schotteheimer. The Jags simply have no foundation to build from.

  19. Lose one game, and all the haters jump on with the I-told-you-sos. If he wins this week, everyone will say he’s learned and changed and adapted. It’s very predictable.

  20. Dynamic thinkers, including coaches, adjust. So the question becomes will Meyer change his approach to motivate men of 25-30 years, or will he keep trying to jam the square peg into a round hole?

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