Browns defensive coordinator Joe Woods on defending the Chiefs: “You can’t cover them all”

NFL: SEP 12 Browns at Chiefs
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The Browns nearly beat the Chiefs, but they didn’t come close to shutting down receiver Tyreek Hill, who caught 11 passes for 197 yards on Sunday. Browns defensive coordinator Joe Woods discussed the challenge of defending the Chiefs when meeting with reporters on Thursday.

“You can’t cover them all,” Woods said. “There are a lot of weapons out there so again, when you game plan, there are certain calls that take away certain things they do, but there may be some guys who get some one-on-ones. This is part of the game, but when you have a team that has so many weapons across the board, you just have to be very selective when you choose to double somebody.”

They didn’t double Hill nearly enough. Woods explained the biggest play of the day, a 75-yard catch-and-run in which safety Josh Johnson found himself trying to cover Hill alone.

“It was an empty formation so we were in a certain empty adjustment,” Woods said. “We had it covered, and we kind of adjusted it during the game so we had everything covered. [Patrick] Mahomes did a great job just staying alive. You saw the throw. He threw it up there, and it just came down. At the end of the day, they made more plays than we made, especially in critical situations.”

If the Browns hope to get past the Chiefs in a postseason rematch, they’ll need to be the one making more of the plays. That won’t be relevant until January. The Browns have to put a pin in their desire to finally beat the Chiefs, focusing instead on doing everything they can to get to that point.

6 responses to “Browns defensive coordinator Joe Woods on defending the Chiefs: “You can’t cover them all”

  1. I would try jamming Hill and others on the line and have someone deep in case they break free.The idea too is to disrupt the timing even if the receivers inevitably break free.You wouldn’t necessarily jam every play but instead mix it up and roll to other players.Maybe Woods tried this? I kind of doubt it.

  2. You have 2 players to cover Kelce and Hill, plus Mahomes. In the Browns case they couldnt cover 3 players with their 11 defensive players. Of course it would help if Stefanski actually knew how to call offensive plays

  3. Nick Chubb’s don’t fumble the ball to Kanas City, Jamie Gillan gets the punt down field, the game is a different story in the Browns favor. Period!

  4. Ronnie Harrison would have kept John Johnson more fresh vs. getting I.V.s in the locker room. The play for the 75 yd TD was on the very next play that he came back onto the field. Losing Harrison was huge from a rotational prospective.

  5. The Chiefs did not make two mistakes, that the Browns did make and that was all the difference. Missed punt opportunity late (easily correctible) and a fumble. Fumbles happen. It’s never ideal.

    KC didn’t turn the ball over or give up short yardage. The Browns did twice and it definitely cost them the game. Eliminate the mistakes. It’s possible. KC did.

  6. Something about this DC i don’t like he’s way to conservative he lacks imagination a high school coach could have called the same game.
    Maybe i was just 1st game jitters maybe he’ll show something to be impressed about ?

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