Davante Adams: Loss to Saints a really good wake-up call for us

Green Bay Packers v New Orleans Saints
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After the Packers’ 38-3 loss to the Saints was in the books, quarterback Aaron Rodgers said he thought the team might have been a little too high on itself and that overconfidence contributed to the outcome.

Rodgers said in a later interview that the team’s energy level was lacking and both comments suggest that the Packers’ heads were in the wrong place last Sunday. Wide receiver Davante Adams echoed that point of view during an appearance on NFL Network and said that he thinks the outcome was jarring enough to make sure it won’t happen again.

“It just got weird, man. It was a weird game,” Adams said. “We had like 12 plays in the first half. Our defense wasn’t getting off the field and that just wasn’t our best display. We came out really flat and I think that it’ll be a really good wake-up call for us.”

Returning home to face the Lions on Monday night may prove to be exactly the salve that the Packers need after the rough opener, but games against the 49ers and Steelers in the weeks to follow will likely be used as more of a measuring stick for where the team is after the disastrous opener.

11 responses to “Davante Adams: Loss to Saints a really good wake-up call for us

  1. Who needs a “wake up call” going into the year? This team is a potential train wreck. Prediction, 6-10. At the end of the year packers will be blown up. Coach, qb, gm, etc.

  2. Perhaps if you focused on the task at-hand instead of relishing foolish, unproductive, off-season mind games with your muse, you could pull your head out of your *ss and the heads of your teammates out of theirs.

  3. Anybody that has played sports on any level,knows that you learn much more from getting your butt thoroughly kicked that one time,than realling off several wins in a row. It recalibrates,refocuses and motivates you like no other to get back to work on the basics and fundamentals.

  4. Misery loves company… you & your QB are getting all you deserve…. Too bad you guys selfishness is taking all your teammates down with you….
    Two Divas & Two Clowns, who knew they could be one & the same??!!

  5. The Lions have played GB tough even last year’s first game in GB was close at the half and it wasnt til late in the 3rd that we pulled away. It is totally possible for GB to be 0-4 . I wonder how many teams rebound from 0-4???

  6. Another performance like the last one come this next Monday Night,.. there will be heads rolling and players traded.

  7. This has definitely been a disappointing start to the season, but in the end, it’s much ado about nothing.
    It was a stumble out of the blocks, a misstep.

    The Packers got their tails kicked by a well motivated, talented team.
    A team that’s going to be a big factor in the NFC all season long.
    End of story!

    All this talk about low energy and wake-up calls is just player speak for never ending questions about a simple subpar opening week performance.
    Grasping for straws to explain a butt kicking they weren’t prepared for.
    The focus should now be entirely on the Lions and moving forward.

    Though this will rub the haters the wrong way, the loss to the Saints was just a one week road bump in a long 17 game season.
    The sky is not falling, big games await and talent will rise to the top.
    As it always does.
    I mean, c’mon, it’s not like they struggled and lost to the freakin’ Bengals! 🤣

  8. Playing a top team in the opening game and they couldn’t get motivated? And this was coming off a disappointing playoff loss last year? On the one hand it’s just a single game but how many true contenders need a wake up call after Week 1?

  9. Maybe it was just a “wake up call” or a “bump in the road”, but there should be cause for concern with the fronts on both sides of the ball — and rarely do good teams get smoked like that. And yeah, yeah, I admit my favorite team isn’t good (some of us are realists).

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