Eric Bieniemy: If USC reached out, I’d say I’m preparing for the Baltimore Ravens


Urban Meyer isn’t the only one in the NFL fielding questions about potentially becoming USC’s next head coach.

After ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported on Tuesday that league sources expect Eric Bieniemy to emerge as a candidate for the opening, the Chiefs offensive coordinator was asked about the job on Thursday.

A candidate for several NFL head coach openings over the last few years, Bieniemy gave a reply he’s used to delivering in January during Kansas City’s playoff runs.

“Well you know me — you guys know me. I am where my feet are,” Bieniemy said in his press conference. “So when it’s all said and down with, I am focused on the task at hand. I’m not worried about anything where my name is being mentioned. My job right now is to make sure that we’re preparing for this weekend’s opponent.” ”

Pressed on if he’d have interest in becoming USC’s head coach, Bieniemy reiterated his focus is on his current job.

“I think you guys know me better than that. So if USC reached out to me right now, my answer would be I am preparing for this team to play against the Baltimore Ravens. And that’s how I roll, you guys know that,” Bieniemy said. “I am where my feet are, OK? My job is to make sure we’re ready to play a complete, sound, 60-minute football game where we can come out and win the game.”

Meyer said on Wednesday that there’s “no chance” he’d leave the Jaguars for USC.

But until there’s a new head coach in place, rumors about NFL coaches potentially taking the USC job will continue to circulate.

9 responses to “Eric Bieniemy: If USC reached out, I’d say I’m preparing for the Baltimore Ravens

  1. I would be pretty surprised if Bieniemy gets any offers as a head coach at any level. There’s simply too much baggage and associated risk with making him the face of any brand in the billion(s) dollar business of NCAA or NFL. Further to that point, he’d already have a job if my statement wasn’t true. With the results he’s achieved in KC and all the interviews he’s had in the past for head coaching positions he should already be one…but he’s not. Sometimes the reason really is that obvious.

    Having said all that, if Zimmer get’s fired the Vikes will definitely hire him because we are best in class for hiring and employing people who shouldn’t hired or employed.

  2. Please take the job, tired of the media pushing this distraction. I did have to laugh how one site KC would struggle if they lost him…. Ya, he created this offense…

  3. Firing somebody 2 games into the year is pretty unusual. That makes you think USC has somebody big in mind who they wanted to get to first before the normal coaching carousel got going at the end of the year. Bieniemy isn’t big enough to warrant that move. Ditto for Jack Del Rio. They’re going after a big-name guy who has proven he can win and recruit at the college level. Dabo and Lincoln Riley both fit that bill. Dabo’s won a title and may be ready to try something new; Riley is looking at a move to the SEC where wins will come a LOT harder and where your team can be excellent and still lose 3 games every year and never be in the playoffs.

  4. IF he’s turning down interviews using the I’m prepping for the next game line…maybe he might be content being a coordinator.

  5. Too funny. I’ve been reading other places people calling for Harbaugh to be fired for some ridiculous reason so at first I interpreted the title of this as Bieniemy waiting for the Ravens HC job. Loved watching Eric in college from the stands at Colorado but I believe he totally is benefiting from Mahomes as his QB. Its is Brady and Belichick playing out in KC.

  6. As a Chiefs fan I hope USC does hire him, because everyone knows when Andy finally retires there’s no way the Chiefs will make Bieniemy their headcoach.

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