Raiders lose Marcus Mariota for multiple weeks

Baltimore Ravens v Las Vegas Raiders
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The Raiders had hoped to incorporate backup quarterback Marcus Mariota regularly in their offense this season. That lasted all of one play.

Mariota played one snap on Monday night and ran for 31 yards, but he aggravated a quadriceps injury and now will miss multiple weeks, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network.

The Raiders failed to provide an in-game injury update on Mariota, as NFL teams are supposed to do. They could be fined by the league for that.

While Mariota is out, Nathan Peterman will be promoted to the No. 2 quarterback, and Derek Carr will be expected to take all the snaps.

28 responses to “Raiders lose Marcus Mariota for multiple weeks

  1. That’s why you have two other 2nd string QB’s on the roster, lots of redundancy in Vegas. That TV guy Mayock is such a genius.

  2. Terrible news for my Raiders. Love this guy and hes a great backup, one play and it was a great one! Get well soon Marcus!

  3. Marcus has always been pretty injury prone. I cant ever see him landing a starting gig no matter how good he looks as a backup. Guy is always hurt.

  4. I love the Hawaiian Punch (Marcus Mariota) and he could be valuable to our team but it seems to me he is made of GLASS,I hope he gets healthy so we can use his ability’s down the stretch..Just Win Baby!

  5. You had to wonder on that big play when he was tackled from behind he was slow to get up and looked banged up coming off the field. And then when the goal line opportunity at 1 yard line in OT, it was obvious he was hurting. Hope he’s back on the field soon.

  6. I noticed he was injured immediately. I thought it was either a concussion or shoulder though, with the way he went down. Hopefully he gets back soon.

  7. Nathan Peterman. Training camp superhero, regular season trainwreck. Gets infinite opportunities for obvious reasons. The living, breathing answer to the question “are we sure talent and ability are the only factors in guys getting backup QB jobs?

  8. mooncussers says:
    September 16, 2021 at 8:21 am
    If Nathan Peterman is your backup, you have no backup….
    If Jarret Stidham is your backup…If Chase Daniel…If John Walford…If David Blough… If Logan Woodside…If Mike White…perhaps you should look at half of the league having no backup, let alone who their third string is.

  9. Some people are talking like this is a major loss (one great run on a gadget play does not make up for a mediocre career) when he is completely replaceable. And have to agree with a previous poster challenging the comment about Nathan Peterman. You have teams with starting QBS who make me question the strength of the QB room, let alone the Nathan Peterman trope.

  10. Honestly surprised no one has given this guy another chance to start. I realize he’s injury prone but wouldn’t a team like the WFT or Texans want to have him and give him an opportunity to start? If anything you know he’d sell jerseys and get some fans excited.

  11. By employing Nathan Peterman I’ll never consider the Raiders a serious threat… to accomplish anything.
    Draft well? Nope
    Win the division? Nope
    Dominate the FA? Nope
    I’m pleasantly surprised when they have a > 50% win rate…

  12. Just remember that John Gruden while at ESPN said that Nathan Peterman was BETTER than Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson. Also remember than Gruden passed on Aaron Rodgers because he said Chris Simms would be an elite NFL QB.

  13. Why was he even playing? I thought Carr is headed to Canton? Another example of Gruden trying to be cute.

  14. Ok sometimes the sad truth is just something many won’t accept. Some are built for football some are built to pick pineapples.

  15. Why did Davis give Gruden a TEN YEAR $100M Contract? That is insane. I believe the Raiders are owned by several minority partners. This all falls on Davis, easily the worst owner in the NFL

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