The Playmakers podcast debuts tomorrow


Good news, the Playmakers podcast debuts on Friday.

Bad news, it’s not available to anyone and everyone.

Better news, you can get it by preordering my new book, Playmakers.

With the book not coming out until March 15, we wanted to give those who decide to buy it now a little something for their decision to make the purchase. It’s a weekly, exclusive audio product that discusses various pertinent NFL issues, answers your questions, and touches on whatever else I may be thinking of once the taping of the podcast begins.

To register for the Playmakers podcast, buy the book and then upload your proof of preorder at the Hachette website.

To buy the book, here’s the Amazon link. If you prefer to buy from Barnes and Noble, you can preorder it there. Or you can order it from Book-A-Million. Or through Or if you’d like to preorder through an independent bookstore, can hook you up. A signed copy can be purchased from Premiere Collectibles.

Given that it’s not coming out for nearly six months, a surprising number of you already have bought it. If you want to have full access to every episode of the Playmakers podcast, buy it now.

And if you have registered for the Playmakers podcast, or if you plan to, ask a question here. The best ones get answered tomorrow.