Anthony Gonzalez decides not to run for re-election

House Republican Conference Meeting
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Former Colts receiver Anthony Gonzalez, a first-round pick from Ohio State in 2007, has decided not to seek re-election to his seat in Congress.

In a statement issued on Thursday night, Gonzalez attributed the decision to “the best path” for his family. He made it clear that there was more to it than that.

“While my desire to build a fuller family life is at the heart of my decision, it is also true that the current state of our politics, especially many of the toxic dynamics inside our own party, is a significant faction in my decision,” Gonzalez explained.

Gonzalez became one of 10 Republican members of the U.S. House of Representatives who voted to impeach President Donald Trump in the aftermath of the January 6 insurrection at the Capitol. Those Republicans have faced withering criticism in the months since then.

3 responses to “Anthony Gonzalez decides not to run for re-election

  1. When the good and reasonable people start to determine that politics is not worth the effort then we have a real problem. The only people willing to run are the extremists on both sides that either don’t care about the impact on their lives or manipulate the system so much that it is their life.

    The legislature was meant to be a temporary service fulfilled by functioning members of society who make a sacrifice to give back and then return to society. Not make career politicians.

  2. It’s unfortunate that we are chasing away people that seem to actually want to serve in office for the right reasons instead of self enrichment/publicity like Gonzalez. I don’t agree with many of his views, but I always thought his intentions were admirable.

    Our great state of Ohio has really changed in the last half dozen years and unfortunately not for the better in terms of civility and community. Hopefully this is a short term situation, but in fairness the people here have been largely ignored in Washington while jobs have been lost and the opioid crisis has raged on in it’s place.

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