Are some NFL players using fake vaccination cards?

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The NFL’s high vaccination rate possibly isn’t real.

Via Kalyn Kahler of, two NFL agents said that players have asked them to help get fake vaccination cards.

“I think it is a lot more common than people realize,” one agent told Kahler. “Look, you’re talking about the NFL. These guys do anything they can to fudge a weed test or a PED test.”

How hard would it be to get a fake vaccination card? It’s as low-tech as it can be. I piece of paper that easily could be forged.

A league spokesperson told Kahler this: “Any attempt by team personnel or players to use a forged or fake card would be reviewed under the personal conduct policy and subject the individual to discipline. In addition, it is a federal criminal offense. No club has reported any such activity during the verification process.”

That sounds good, but good luck proving that vaccination cards are fake. The league has delegated responsibility for spotting fakes to the teams. What incentives do the teams have in getting their own guys in trouble? Besides, given the fairly basic qualities and contents of a vaccination card, how would anyone even know that it wasn’t real?

“I haven’t Googled how to look for what gives away a fake vaccine card,” an unnamed NFL team trainer told Kahler. “I truly don’t know what the red flags are. I mean, they all look fairly normal. I am sure there are little nuances and little subtleties in fake ones but I haven’t put in the time to try to investigate what those look like.”

Who has? Who would? Thus, if someone wants to buy a fake vaccination card from the local Creed Bratton, nothing stops them from doing so. In a league with 69 players on 32 teams, it would be stupid to think it hasn’t happened.

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  1. Well let’s just line people up every few months to take their blood and inspect it. That doesn’t violate our freedoms.

  2. It’s a felony.

    Get em notarized at the place you had the shot. Your name is recorded on a list.

  3. If you’re vaccinated, you’re protected, so why does the NFL care about unvaxed players? Outside of the people who talk on TV and write for a living, nobody cares about this.

  4. If there was a reason to suspect someone, the lot number, manufacturer, and place of administration could easily be forged with HIPAA blocking access to corroboration, for now.
    If it becomes criminal to forge, then an interesting legal issue arises between discovery and HIPAA.

  5. Using fake vaccination cards is the lowest of the low. It’s right up there with believing The Big Lie.

  6. Hmm. This would explain a lot of the positive tests. Although you can get COVID if vaccinated, the number of positive tests seems high relative to the “vaccination” rates.

  7. Seems it would be a lot easier to get the vaxx as compared to the hassle of getting a fake card along with the risk of ramifications if discovered as well as more lost time if you test positive, let alone higher risk of a potential longer and/or more severe illness if contracted. Boils down to have to be totally ignorant to roll with a fake card

  8. If this is true, then NFL teams are practicing willful ignorance. If you’ve been vaccinated in New York State, for instance, then you are automatically registered into the system that can be checked by employers. So fake vaccination cards mean nothing, if they cared to check that. But maybe this is all for show. Maybe there is a silent majority that want to seem like they are in full compliance to avoid trouble. I doubt the NFL will try to enforce or penalize this. It will only lead to PR problems. But for those of us that have taken the vaccine for safety or employment purposes, how are we supposed to feel about this?

  9. Considering half of these morons can’t manage to get a valid driver license, insurance, or pay their bills, I’d give that a strong yes.

  10. Oh, and then we should talk about the fake college diplomas they walk away with. That’s the biggest crime.

  11. gl0ckworkorange says:
    September 17, 2021 at 9:59 pm
    If you’re vaccinated, you’re protected, so why does the NFL care about unvaxed players? Outside of the people who talk on TV and write for a living, nobody cares about this.


    Sigh, this again.

    It slows the spread and (except for those few outliers that are but a minuscule fraction in the big picture even if you like to wave them like flags) makes guys able to get over it easily and quickly, It takes what would be a serious matter where guys spend their days banging into each other dripping sweat all over etc.. and makes it controllable so that these guys can get a season off the ground and not be messing up the schedule by postponing games. But you know that because you have asked this question on pretty much every article and gotten the same answer every time.

    So my question back to you is…why even ask if you aren’t interested in the answer?

  12. Creed Bratton? Nice Office reference. Of course some are using fakes, just like the rest of the country.

  13. Can’t believe this isn’t brought up more. Maybe thed media doesn’t want people to realize how easy it is to fake so it’s not discussed. If you have printer and a pen anyone can make one.. I’ve been “fully vaxed” for over 2 months now. Helped me keep my job and travel! I assumed many coaches/players are doing the same…it’s to easy

  14. People care about vaccinations because you protect others as well as yourself. The facts are 95% of those hospitalized were unvaccinated. We wouldn’t even being going through anyof this if it wasn’t for stupid people who know more than the scientist’s.

  15. @gl0ckworkorange

    Seriously? It’s been 18 months now & you still don’t understand how a deadly virus spreads among us? Please try getting some of your information from those you may not agree with in the media. Be objective & think for yourself instead of staying in your safe echo chamber.
    And that’s not just for Covid – it’s for everything else in your life. I may disagree with you, but it’s not disrespect. The only way this pandemic ends in America is when we all work together to make it so.

  16. This doesn’t pass the smell test. Why on Earth, would not one but two “NFL agents” want to stir up rumors and potentially an investigation into fake vaccine cards if they have clients who may be using them.

    If you tell me it is because NFL agents are ethical at heart and just want the best health for their players I’ll die laughing.

  17. How many team doctors squirt it in the trash can, and give the player a real vaccine card? You can have a real card, but not have the shot.

  18. The goal this year is the same as last. Get the games played. It’s in everyone’s best interest to get the games played. That’s how they make their money, and that’s how all those multimillion dollar salaries get paid. Whether you’re shooting the players up with something that’s going to shorten their lives, or letting them play with concussions, it’s always been the same deal. Get paid. I’m a football fan. I don’t mind looking the other way. The NFL isn’t going to end the pandemic. We’ve got plenty of people in our society that don’t seem to want this pandemic to end. Most of them don’t play football. Some are even Governors of highly populated states.

  19. Imagine going through the time and trouble of getting a fake card instead of just getting a safe and free vaccination. Half this country has lost its damn mind.

  20. gl0ckworkorange says:
    September 17, 2021 at 9:59 pm
    If you’re vaccinated, you’re protected, so why does the NFL care about unvaxed players? Outside of the people who talk on TV and write for a living, nobody cares about this.
    Wrong – MOST people care about this! Does this really need to be explained to you? You get vaccinated to protect those who are high risk! Like the coaches, trainers, front office personnel, stadium workers, media, fans and yes – YOUR TEAM! I am confused ti how this still needs to be explained at this late stage… smh

  21. The stadium’s are functional year round….
    Team doctor is available year round…
    Teams can set up a vaccination day every two weeks that is available to ANYONE that is involved with an NFL team year round no matter where they live or which team they play for….
    that entire process is monitored ……
    Problem solved….

  22. “Well let’s just line people up every few months to take their blood and inspect it. That doesn’t violate our freedoms.”

    No, it doesn’t when it’s a matter of public health. People have the right to not get illnesses from idiots.

  23. By the comments here no one gets it people are dying, no accountability from any NFL player, cheat is the name of the game, and fans for some reason are OK with it.

  24. Amazed 1 (or more) posters admit to doing this. Ever hear of integrity, honest, trustworthy. If not good for your word you’re not good for much else. Deceit is not an honorable trait, but am sure those that would stoop to doing this could care less.

  25. Don’t know if all vaccinations are recorded, but I know when I got mine the date and vaccine type were entered onto a computer. So if there’s reason to suspect a team is dealing with a bunch of fake vax cards, a computer search would be in order. Yeah I know, it violates your “rights”. What about the rights of the people you infect and die?

  26. “Well let’s just line people up every few months to take their blood and inspect it. That doesn’t violate our freedoms.”

    That’s called a physical.

  27. To the person who said ‘you get vaccinated to protect those at high risk’. You have no idea what you are talking about. This treatment is not a sterilizing vaccine like the one for measles or mumps or malaria. Meaning whether or not you have received this treatment you are just as likely to be infected and to transmit as someone who has not received these shots. So the decision to receive this treatment truly is just an individual one as it does nothing to stop the spread. If the latest narrative is to be believed it’s this
    ‘I got 2 shots, I caught Covid and even if I was hospitalized I know it would have been worse if I didn’t get the shots.” And this narrative is obviously lunacy.

  28. So you are saying that people that get this treatment don’t get Covid infections and don’t transmit it? How did the vaccinated coaches on the Saints get it then? please define a breakthrough case.

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