Daniel Jones: Kenny Golladay was frustrated with situation, not me in particular


After the Giants settled for Graham Gano‘s fifth field goal of the night in the fourth quarter of Thursday night’s loss to Washington, it looked like wide receiver Kenny Golladay was shouting at quarterback Daniel Jones on the sideline.

The Gano field goal came after a James Bradberry interception in Washington territory, but the Giants took a conservative offensive approach with two runs and a short incompletion to set up the kick. That made the score 29-27 and kept the door open for a game-winning field goal rather than forcing Washington to score a touchdown.

Golladay, who had three catches for 38 yards in the game, could be seen shouting at Jones, but the quarterback downplayed the personal nature of the situation after the game.

“I think he was frustrated with the situation. I don’t really think it was to me or anyone in particular,” Jones said, via Petter Botte of the New York Post. “So I think we’re all good. I love Kenny. I thought he played hard and we did a lot of good things out there. I’ve got to do a better job of finding him in some places. He was just frustrated, frustrated with the situation and we’ll be better from it. He plays hard and wants to win and wants to do the best for the team.”

Jones said he thinks Golladay’s desire for more passes thrown his way after a quiet start to his Giants tenure was “part of it.” Golladay’s fellow wideout Sterling Shepard said things were heated given the nature of the game and that players “say what you got to say and you move on” with love for your teammates.

It appears that’s what happened on Thursday night, but too many more outings like the first two for the Giants will make it unlikely to be the last time emotions boil over in a game.

11 responses to “Daniel Jones: Kenny Golladay was frustrated with situation, not me in particular

  1. What an awful showing from Golladay. Selfish and completely disrespectful to Jones and the entire team. You never win with clowns like that on your roster.

  2. that was quick. you’d think wr would look into the team they are signing with. you went for the big money below average qb and offense. dont complain now

  3. Golladay took the money and now has to live with balls sailing four yards over his head. But I know, I know, he just wants to win.

  4. Golladay wanted to win the game. Judge just wanted not to lose it.

    Judge probably saw Monday night’s game where Carr threw an interception in the endzone in OT.

    Golladay was always going to be a bad fit for the Giants who already had enough WRs and drafted another. Jones doesn’t throw into small spaces on the outside so Golladay is never going to get the ball. Running wide open against blown coverage, sure he can hit that, but how often are they going to blow coverage against the #1 receiver?

  5. Maybe Golladay was like me, frustrated with Joe Judge playing not to lose. If you don’t get a first down in that situation, you give the ball back with 2 minutes left with a FG beating you when the D had done nothing to stop Washington besides that pick. 2 runs up the middle in that situation with the great night Jones was having…really? Run play action, put him on the edge and try to win the freaking game!!!

  6. How does Gettleman still have a job? Giants going nowhere fast. I am sure Judge will paint this game as a moral victory.

  7. KG is a physical receiver that can outwill a db and high point balls. A 50/50 ball becomes a 90/10 ball or with great placement 90/0% chance the db will get it. This is what Stafford exceled at throwing KG. Judge and DJ don’t seem to understand this.

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