Jamaal Williams says Packers are “like that ex-girlfriend” ahead of Monday night’s game

San Francisco 49ers vs Detroit Lions
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Jamaal Williams spent the first four seasons of his NFL career with the Packers, but moved on this offseason after the Packers re-signed Aaron Jones to go with 2020 second-round pick A.J. Dillon in their backfield.

Williams wound up signing with the Lions, which set him up for a pair of meetings with his former team. The first one is set for Monday night and Williams told reporters that it feels a bit like running into a former girlfriend.

“Like that ex-girlfriend, shoot, I got to go,” Williams said, via Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press. “But I got a rebound, it was the Lions, they picked me up. Now they feeding me good, taking me to dinners. Another man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

Williams had nine carries for 54 yards, a rushing touchdown, and eight catches for 56 yards in the Lions’ season-opening loss to the 49ers.

13 responses to “Jamaal Williams says Packers are “like that ex-girlfriend” ahead of Monday night’s game

  1. That’s Jamaal Williams typical stat line when he gets the snaps.
    He obviously can be a very valuable asset in the right system and when he’s used properly.

    And, as been noted several times this week by former teammates, his enthusiastic, infectious presence in the locker room and on the sidelines is what’s missed most in Green Bay.

    He was always a fan favorite here.
    Hope he has a great season…..just not so much this week. 😉

  2. Really like Williams. I like Dillon’s potential alot more.

    Still waiting for LaFleur to unleash this running game. Monday would be a great start.

  3. No one thought he was “trash.” Dillon is younger and for the moment cheaper. Williams was and is much-loved in the Packer Universe.

  4. I liked Williams and was sorry to see him go, but it was the right move. Dillon is cheap and a powerful runner while Jones is one of the best in the game. He was the odd man out but I’m sure he will kill it in Detroit.

  5. i always thought this guy was a good player who made the most of limited opportunities. glad he’s on my team.

  6. It remains to be seen if Aaron Jones will be worth they money they paid him. After the first game embarrassment, it’s easy to say it was a mistake. Emotion after a horrible loss will do that to you. I wish Jamaal the best except when he plays the Packers.

  7. Players use being chosen over as fuel I would he definitely will be running extra hard this week, but I doubt the rest.of the lions will put up much of a fight

  8. If Salary Cap space wasn’t such an issue,… I’m sure the Packers would have kept Jamaal Williams. He was a great compliment to Aaron Jones.
    Aaron played the majority of Qtr 1 and 3,… and Jamaal covering Qtr 2.
    Then Jamaal spelled Aaron Jones at times in Qtr 4 to give him a breather.
    It kept the both of them fairly fresh throughout the season.

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