Joe Judge: I’m not putting the loss on Dexter Lawrence

New York Giants v Washington Football Team
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Thursday Night Football ended in shocking fashion, as Washington missed a game-winning field goal as time expired, only to get another chance because Giants defensive lineman Dexter Lawrence was flagged for jumping offside. That gave Washington another attempt from five yards closer, the kick was good, and Washington won 30-29.

Giants coach Joe Judge said afterward that it would be unfair to pin the loss on Lawrence.

“I’m not gonna put this on Dexter Lawrence,” Judge said. “There’s things we all have to do better as professionals, but I’m not gonna put this on any one player.”

Judge called the offside penalty “a tough lesson,” not only for Lawrence but for the entire team. Judge’s training camp practices gained notoriety for his requirement that players run laps for penalties, and now Judge’s team has had perhaps the most costly penalty of this NFL season.

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  1. Offside on the D in a game winning field goal situation is inexcusable no matter what the coach says. You just cannot do it because if the field goal is good it doesn’t matter but when they miss it, it can be costly witch in this case it was fatal.

  2. Big props for the Giants oline for giving Jones time to throw, and running lanes. That oline is going to get killed this season but for one night they exceeded expectations and kept the wash front 4 out of the backfield often enough to give Jones time to throw.

    The wash dline has to be extremely embarrassed they let Jones run for nearly 100 yards.

  3. Yes there were others mistakes during the game but this one did cost them the game because it came on the last play with no chance of making up for the what he did.

  4. Multiple things had to line up for the Giants to lose that game The holding call on the Daniel Jones TD run, the missed pass to a wide open WR, penalties. The Giants should have been more aggressive on their last field goal drive. Another first down and the WFT would have needed to burn all their timeouts and have little time to score. Getting that first down before the field goal was critical, but they seemed to go conservative.

  5. They had multiple false starts in key situations. Dropped passes. Total lack of discipline. I pin the loss on the owner. They fell for the ruse of hiring a Belichick coach. Maybe they should have hired a Bruce Arians coach. It just seems like Judge is way in over his head. None of the Belichick coaches have ever won. It’s really a tough lesson for all the owners. They have to understand how to hire coaches, and not rely on referrals.

  6. Agreed. I blame Judge playing not to lose. If you don’t get a first down in that situation, you give the ball back with 2 minutes left with a FG beating you when the D had done nothing to stop Washington besides that pick. 2 runs up the middle in that situation with the great night Jones was having…really? Run play action, put him on the edge and try to win the freaking game!!!

  7. Joe, your team has given up points in the last 30 seconds of a half three times. Get your personal items together and leave.

  8. It literally did cost them the game but the bigger issue was Judge being content to kick the field goal when he did rather than going for a TD or at least pressing to get one more first down to kill the clock. We see this several times every week where coaches get conservative and forget the opponenents also know how to run a 2-minute drill.

  9. minime says:
    September 17, 2021 at 8:00 am
    Why not?
    Lawrence was offsides. Cost them the game.
    This is what’s wrong with fans of sports today. Mistakes made throughout the game, including the holding call on the Jones TD that wasn’t, but ONE OFFSIDES ON THE FINAL KICK cost them the game. Sheesh. Yeah, that’s it. That one thing did it.

  10. Joe Judge says the same things every week. He says we need to continue to improve. I wish he would be more concerned though with wins and losses. Stupidity cost the Giants this game. No excuses. Some of those players should be fined if not cut because of their stupidity. Giants had this game.
    After the interception at the end, Giants needed to try to score a touchdown, not a field goal. Your defense wasn’t stopping Washington all night. Giants play hard and they should for what guys get paid, but stupidity costs games.
    Make an example and cut CJ Hoard for his dumb holding call that cost Daniel Jones a touchdown when he’s almost in as it is. Some heads need to roll.
    At times, I wish Joe would show some frustration and call out some of his players. Dexter Lawrence cost the Giants the game! What was he thinking? He’s not going to block the kick. Dexter blew it so say it. No excuse for what he did and not fair to his teammates. One wonders what some of these players are thinking sometime. Lifelong Giant fan here.

  11. Every game, big plays are made by a team and mistakes are made by a team. There were several big plays made by the Giants and a few mistakes. The mistakes proved costly. Was one of those mistakes by Dexter Lawrence? Heck yeah. But if that holding doesn’t happen on the Jones TD run, the Giants might not have been in that position. If Barkley had produced one or two more runs that could have even led to ONE more Giants score, the Giants might not have been in that position. And then Lawrence makes the stupid mistake at the end.

    It was the final mistake, but it was hardly solo. Lots of things cost the Giants that game. If you are a football “fan” and you think the Lawrence call was THE thing that killed the Giants in that game, then maybe you should give the game up and find another hobby.

  12. What the New York football Giants are doing are anybody’s guess. Daniel Jones has one last chance to prove he’s the franchise QB of the future and GM Dave Gettleman must have gone to the GM Mike Mayock school of head scratching 1st round draft picks. When the ownership,front office and head coach are all on different planets…it always shows up with the quality of the product presented on the field.

  13. You cannot be critical of your players now days. It’s just a game. So we cannot blame any of these millionaires or their feelings may get hurt.

  14. Fans forget a coach has to manage his locker room. Sometimes you cannot say publicly what you think privately if you want to keep your people being productive. Doesn’t mean you cannot speak directly to the player, or even cut them, but embarrassing them publicly does not usually work out.

  15. What the hell happened to that powerhouse defensive front for the WFT? All I heard before the season was that they had the best front 7 in football. Sure didn’t look like it last night and last week the Chargers O line pretty much shut them down too.

  16. eagleswin says:
    September 17, 2021 at 7:22 am
    Big props for the Giants oline for giving Jones time to throw, and running lanes. That oline is going to get killed this season but for one night they exceeded expectations and kept the wash front 4 out of the backfield often enough to give Jones time to throw.

    The wash dline has to be extremely embarrassed they let Jones run for nearly 100 yards
    Embarrassed for sacking Jones 4 times and holding Barkley to 57 yards rushing?

  17. If the Giants would have tryed to get a TD instead of settling for a field goal the result would be in their favor. Bad coaching was the reason they lost. Maybe Joe Judge should improve his coaching skills instead of running around the sidelines whining about everything like a 12 year old.

  18. regardless of what was done or not done by either side before those last two plays… it simply comes down to this .. um dude u had one job simply look at the ball even if the “perfect timing” got ya flagged n the other guys got a second chance

  19. I really don’t understand how people can say one play can’t lose the game but celebrate when one play wins the game. All of the prior plays in a close game leads you to a moment of truth in the game. Make the play you win, fail to make the play and you lose. So yes, Lawrence absolutely cost the Giants that game. If he’s not offside, then they win. It does not matter what opportunities were missed/lost/squandered up until that point. Yes, Daniel Jones’s TD run was called back and they settled for a FG and in spite of that they still had a chance to win if Lawrence does not commit a penalty. A last second FG wins games, a Hail Mary wins games, a walk off homer wins games. YES, one play can determine the outcome. It does not feel good if you’re on the wrong side of a game determining play but one play can determine the outcome.

  20. Just thinking back to last season and Joe judges rant after the eagles loss and the giants getting eliminated from the postseason. Giants fans were heated with the eagles saying they were trash and that Joe Judge has what it takes and they’re gonna pick it up next season. Fast forward to now. . . .I know it’s early, but I think most of us eagles fans wouldn’t trade our team and our upside for what the giants have going on. And what about them thinking kadarius(spelling?) Toney would be just as good as devonta. I know it’s early, but again, I’m happy with what we have. And judge is looking more and more like a guy that just runs his mouth but doesn’t produce. . . .at least for now.

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