Michael Irvin on Aaron Rodgers: If you’re thinking about retiring, you’re already retired

Green Bay Packers v New Orleans Saints
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Many are chalking up Green Bay’s bizarre Week One loss to the Saints as stuff happens. The question is whether that stuff will keep happening.

Most think it won’t. If it does, Hall of Famer Michael Irvin has an explanation for it.

“This game is too hard,” Irvin told TMZ.com on Friday. “That’s why you hear people say, if you’re talking about or thinking about retiring, you’re already retired. . . . So Aaron was was thinking about not playing. And it showed up, man.”

The Packers have a perfect get-right opponent on Monday night, when the Lions come to town. The Packers should win, and they should win easily.

If they lose, that’s when things could get interesting. And that’s when Rodgers’s deliberations on retirement, which he claims lasted until the weekend before camp opened, could be blamed for whatever it is that prevents his team from beating the Lions.

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  1. I’m worried how my Vikings are going to do this year, but not as worried as how Packer fans must be feeling.

  2. Irvin’s point sounds good, but it’s not really backed up by facts. Brett Favre contemplated retirement for like 4 seasons and played well for his age, including a superb first season with the Vikings, after literally retiring twice.

    Age is more likely the reason if Rodgers has a decline, but again, it’s one week. And the NFC North looks terrible, so yeah, the Packers will probably be fine.

  3. Wonder if he’d say that to Larry Fitzgerald if asked. It’s one week. Remember a year or two ago when the Packers were struggling and Rodgers came out with the “relax” comment? They did pretty well. It’s week 1. If he’s trash after half the season then feel free to call him washed up.

  4. The always predictable overreaction to Week 1 keeps on chugging along.
    Keep bringing on the negativity.
    I can only imagine how Rodgers will use it to fuel his fire.

  5. Rodgers is done because he publicly stated he has “nothing left to prove”, meanwhile all Tom Brady wants to do is win an 8th SB ring, even though he’s unanimously the GOAT. That’s the definition of literally “nothing left to prove”, and he still has more to prove.

  6. Michael Irvin is a blow hard….looking for a “hot take” headline. Rodgers was awful in week 1, both on the field, and on his Fox interview with Erin Andrews. But it’s only week 1, and his ego will ensure a big week 2 against a bad Lions team. He’s done in GB after this season, and it’s good for both parties. But he is still a heck of a a talent, he would love to retire a champion….put nothing past Rodgers and his huge ego.

  7. I can’t disagree with Irvin. I mean, Rodgers has a fiancé, a chip on his shoulder, and plans for the future. If the Packers are 0-3 after Week 3, put Love in and don’t look back.

  8. Maybe the “doubt” has creeped into Rodger’s head. Maybe it started with the coach “doubting” him in the last game last season. I’d imagine that if your coach doesn’t have faith in you, you probably lose faith in yourself.

  9. It’s funny reading the comments when people act like Aaron Rodgers has won multiple Super Bowls or something.

  10. I don’t think Rodgers was really thinking of retiring. He was using it for leverage, and then repeating it to save face as to why he had such an extended vacation this summer.

  11. I think this is the first time I ever agreed with Michael Irvin….. Rodgers is a Hollywood wannabe… I used to see him at film festivals…

  12. look, it’s one week. I fully expect the packers to mop the floor with the lions on national TV and I’m a Lions fan living in michigan.

  13. When I think about “The players of today and their mindset about the game and how to treat it in a healthy manner” the FIRST person I turn to is Michael Irvin.

  14. I’d still take a semi-retired Rodgers over a fully committed Cousins every Sunday and twice on Monday night.

  15. Irvin has has his share of dead synapses for sure (we all know the reason) but he does have a point. I’m starting to think if there was a rewind button he’s push it. He’s done more to tarnish his image since the NFCCG than he ever could have expected. I’m excited to see what happens next.

  16. If you’ve spent the off-season checking out alternative career plans, rather than working on your game, and six weeks ago were ready to retire, you don’t just flip a switch and are ready to go at a high level.

    Brady started training for next season as soon as he was sober after the SB parade.

  17. Whether you like Michael Irvin or not, the simple fact is he’s a hall of fame player who’s insight about the game of professional football carries weight.

  18. As much as I fault Mr. Man Bun for his nonsense in the off season, the Packers defense was equally to blame for the horrendous showing. The untested offensive line wasn’t great(including starting two rookies) so Rodgers was off stride all day. Matt LaFleur paid Aaron Jones $10 million a year in the off season then he sat on the sidelines most of the day.
    While Mr. Man Bun wasn’t great, the game plan that LaFleur and two-time defensive coordinator failure Joe Barry put together was a total flop.

  19. “I’m worried how my Vikings are going to do this year”

    LOL what’s to worry about? The rancid team in Minny has never won a Super Bowl and never will. You can enjoy the wins they get and watching them play, but you know very well they won’t be in the big dance.

  20. This is originally a quote from Parcells and it is absolutely correct. If Rodgers truly had to take the whole off-season to decide there is no way he prepared himself properly. His actions and words say as much. A win against the Lions would mean absolutely nothing because they should win that game regardless of the QB.

  21. The Packers took a reasonable and calculated business risk, expecting Rodgers may have seen better days. As a result, they drafted an eventual replacement. They were wrong, but by how much? Rodgers has an MVP season. Who thought that was going to happen? Maybe the Packers were only off by one year.

    Have you ever noticed a ballpoint pen writing most smoothly just before it runs out of ink, or a lightbulb shining most brightly just before the filament burns out, or your summer-tuned engine never running more smoothly as it unexpectedly runs out of gas?

    Like that.

  22. All will be okay in Packer land at about 10:30pm Monday, a slumpbuster for the Packers. Packer fans will come out of the wood work again to cheer for the QB diva and say “See I told ya”. The Diva who bascially created this drama. Its the Lions man, they shoudl win. But isn’t that the attotude the pack had goin ginto Jacksonville? Be very careful with this game Monday night. The next two games are tough ones 9ers and the Steelers. The first week everyone over reacts whether their team won or lost. The beat down the Packers took against the Saints Could be a pre-cursor to how the season may go or not.

    The Packers have more pressure on them than any other team in the NFC North because what’s expected of them from the media, fans and the league. Nothing short of a Super Bowl win the season is a failure and Rodgers will be gone.

  23. Rogers & Favre = About Me – 1 Super Bowl

    Brady = About Team – 7 Super Bowls

    Simple mindset equals simple math

  24. mortyglickstein says:
    September 18, 2021 at 10:22 am
    Rogers & Favre = About Me – 1 Super Bowl

    Brady = About Team – 7 Super Bowls

    Simple mindset equals simple math
    Look, as a Packers fan, this is a little too simplistic. And I like Brady – he deserves a ton of credit. But let’s be serious. If Rodgers was the Pats or Bucs QB he’d likely have as many rings. It benefited Brady greatly that he played in the worst division in the NFL and as a result usually had a high seed and clear path to the SB, especially with good defenses and the best HC we’ve seen. That said I’ve been as tired of Rodgers’ antics as anybody, and he’s deserving all the flack that’s come his way. There’s not a lot to like about him know – especially for die-hard GB fans who put team above player. I hope GB and 12 bring the Lombardi back to GB. Even if he has an MVP season, I’m done with him and would welcome a team spending draft capital in a trade so we can plug in some studs, hand the reins over to Love and see what this team under new player leadership can accomplish in the next decade.

  25. cribbage12 says:
    September 18, 2021 at 10:53 am
    Brady was in the worst division, agreed.
    But there are two key things to my point:
    1. Favre & Rogers always held the team hostage in the later part of their careers. Did you forget Rodgers needed his deal renegotiated 3 years ago? Favre left them in limbo like 3 years in a row.
    2. Brady talks about winning more, Favre & Rodgers are threatening retirement.

    No one wins these conversations

  26. Before planning Rodgers retirement party,…… Let’s just remember one thing. This is Michael Irvin talking. Irvin says a lot of stuff. And a lot of it is waaaay out in left field.

  27. As much as I’d love to see the demise of the Fackers, I have little doubt that Aaron Rodgers will come back and show the league this week why he’s a first ballot HOFer.

  28. In business the highest and lowest equations are never used for production or cost averaging, because they’re too fluky. That’s why Brady cannot be taken seriously……he’s been too damn lucky. He doesn’t fit into averaging. He’s the LOAT.

  29. Isn’t 20 years of sustained success a trend? You know, just a little???

    Some of the takes here are too dumb for words.

  30. Brady is 145-59 outside the AFC East for a .711 win percentage (.796 in division). Rodgers is 77-49-1 outside the NFC North for a .610 win percentage (.729 in division). The exact opposite is true. Rodgers is a product of the weak NFC North. Brady is also 34-11 in the playoffs while A-A-Ron is 12-9. Brady is 20-4 (.833) against the NFC North. Rodgers is 8-4 (.667) against the AFC East. Just because some fool on TV told you something does not mean you have to define your fandom by it and be a fool as well.

  31. Rodgers failed miserably in 2 red zone opportunities that could have taken him to the Super Bowl last year. This isn’t a hypothetical. He’s 1-5 in NFCCGs. Who else gets to 6 Championship games and wins 1? That’s Donovan McNabb and Danny White awful. A-A-Ron went one-and-done on a 15-1 team. Stop making excuses for this 12-9 playoff mediocrity. He’s 8-8 in the playoffs over the last 9 years. He does not need a better team. He needs to suck less and lead more.

  32. Skippyx – couldn’t be more spot on with this analysis.

    Brady has treated the entire NFL the same. It doesn’t matter who the opponent is, what division, what conference. The win percentages across the massive sample size that is his career are within earshot of each other. You could argue that the toughest battles were in the AFC East, where teams get to know each other and the games are tighter.

    I love that you trotted out the NFC North win % for Brady just for good measure.

    Utter dominance.

  33. 1. Favre & Rogers always held the team hostage in the later part of their careers. Did you forget Rodgers needed his deal renegotiated 3 years ago? Favre left them in limbo like 3 years in a row.

    How were the Packers Favre’s hostage? They could have moved forward with Rodgers at any point, 2005-2007. Looking at Rodgers career, they may have been better off had they done so.

    And have you seen how poorly this team has played when Rodgers has been injured? They’ve lost 2/3 of those games.

    I’m overjoyed to have been hostages of these two. I hope Love takes prisoners as well.

  34. Rodgers failed miserably in 2 red zone opportunities that could have taken him to the Super Bowl last year.

    1st-and-goal on the last drive, Rodgers threw what should have been the game winning td pass. Allen Lazard didn’t get his head around, and it sailed right over his head.

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