NFL believes Dexter Lawrence offside call was correct

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Amid real questions as to whether Giants defensive Dexter Lawrence was actually offside for a missed 48 yard field-goal try that gave Washington kicker Dustin Hopkins a mulligan from 43, the NFL has come out with a clear and strong statement that the call was correct.

Just kidding.

The league has said nothing on the record. Instead, someone from the league office has leaked to Mark Maske of the Washington Post the notion that the league believes the call was correct, but with no names attached to it. And, as history tells us, it makes sense to be skeptical of this approach, in at least 11 of 12 cases.

Tweeted Maske: “The NFL believes the offside call on the Giants’ Dexter Lawrence on Washington’s missed field goal was correct, source says: ‘He was offside.’ That source says ‘two separate officials called it at the same time’ and the accuracy of the call has been supported by video evidence.”

Fine. Then say so officially. Put someone’s name on it. Respond to emails seeking comment with on-the-record responses. Release the sideline video.

Yes, the sideline video. We know someone who saw it. And that person said Lawrence “timed it perfectly.”

If the league doesn’t like what I’m saying here, roll the tape. Let’s go. Someone bragged to Maske that the “Hawk-Eye tech” provided that Lawrence was offside. C’mon. Reveal it. Tweet it from the official @NFL account that has 27.1 million followers.

We live in an era of 2 + 2 = 5, where people say whatever they want with a straight face, no matter how ridiculous it may be. Thus, I strongly prefer my BS on the record. And, as best I can tell, the notion that the official got the Lawrence call right is BS.

Prove me wrong, NFL. Release the video.

28 responses to “NFL believes Dexter Lawrence offside call was correct

  1. why “release the video” the replay was clear and evident he raised up and moved forward and went back down in a position that was forward from where he started as the ball was snapped thats OFFSIDES ALL DAY LONG get over yourself FLorio no one cars that YOU want to see the evidence. your no one..

  2. Should be asking to see the video the replay official was looking at when mckissic tripped over his own feet with no1 near him and slid forward for the 1st down just to have the replay official uphold the call that he was down by contact. 1000 times more obvious then the offsides call

  3. This call will be an asterisk whose ramifications will ultimately simply be limited to who has the higher draft position. Both clubs stink and are going nowhere.

  4. gfan20 says:
    September 17, 2021 at 8:53 pm
    Who cares. It’s not why they lost this game .. the reasons they lost happened much earlier.

    gfan20, if in fact Dexter Lawrence was on side and I stress IF,
    then it is the reason they lost.
    Washington’s Hopkins missed the original FG attempt with :05 left and the Giants leading.
    No Offside call and the score stays the same, NYG win by two.
    People can analyze games to death pointing out what each team did
    wrong, but what does that proof?
    It doesn’t prove anything when outside interfere (an official),
    changes the outcome of the game.

    And writing it off just because,
    “it happens all the time” isn’t the right answer either.

  5. It was clear and obviously offsides. Even he knew it, which is why he tried to stop and fell down. If it was “timed perfectly,” then he would have kept moving forward to make a play.

  6. That game was the Stuper Bowl.. literally two teams that will draft in the top 5.

    Nobody cares.

  7. A giants fan here and here is my take: Lawrence was off sides and the Giants lost, there is nothing to it. It should have never come down to the field goal. Good coaching would have helped put the game away after the Bradbery int.

  8. The NFL should have a sky judge who can ONLY pick up flags. Like when someone calls a BS holding on a TD run right before half…

  9. I got no dog in the fight, but when I watched it, I didn’t think it was close. He was clearly offsides, and I knew it before the flag hit the ground. It was pretty obvious.

  10. No one cares. This isn’t the Kennedy assassination and the video isn’t the Zapruder Film. Let’s move on.

  11. I really do hope it was right. It probably cost the Giants their trip to the Superbowl this year, so it matters.

  12. yeah, the NFL is going to say, “sorry Giants, you really won the game” Uh, no.LMAO Lawrence timed it perfectly, the fact no other Giants moved, gave the illusion of offsides.

  13. Clearly offsides?????? Lawrence doesn’t move till THE BALL IS OFF THE GROUND BY THE CENTER. SMFH

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