PFT’s 2021 hot-seat watch, Week Two

Cleveland Browns v Cincinnati Bengals
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I’m trying to be a little more positive. And I’m currently positive that, when the 2021 regular season ends, coaches and General Managers will be fired. Usually, it’s more than a few.

Every Friday, we’ll look at the guys who are, who may be, and/or who are believed to be in danger, grave or otherwise. I’ll also apply a number to each one, on a scale of one to 10. The higher the number, the greater the heat.

Here we go, in no particular order.

Bengals coach Zac Taylor: Going for it on fourth and short from his own 30 while up by 14 points was not wise. Giving Joe Burrow the freedom to change an overtime fourth-down run to a pass saved the day. Hot-seat rating: Four.

Texans coach David Culley: The top candidate for one-and-done entering the 2021 season got it done in Week One. While reality may set in soon, the vibe is currently as good as it likely will get. Hot-seat rating: Two.

Jaguars coach Urban Meyer: Based on Sunday’s loss to the Texans, there will be more of the same. Through Week Nine, he may match his total number of losses during his time at Ohio State (also nine). The talk of him possibly leaving has started. The possibility that Jaguars owner Shad Khan will decide to make a change after one season can’t be ignored, especially without knowing more about Meyer’s contract. Hot-seat rating: Four.

Raiders G.M. Mike Mayock: He’ll be the 2021 scapegoat, if the Raiders fail to make it to the playoffs. Week One win notwithstanding, the Raiders have a long way to go to get to the postseason — especially since everyone else in their division won, too. Hot-seat rating: Seven.

Broncos coach Vic Fangio: New G.M. George Paton may want his own coach. Fangio’s team started strongly enough to stave off that talk, for now. Hot-seat rating: Three.

Ravens offensive coordinator Greg Roman: It’s on Roman to make the offense more versatile. Early in Week One, it was. As the game moved toward crunch-time, Roman reverted to a Madden-style handful of bread-and-butter plays. For Baltimore, that’s usually Lamar Jackson running. The clock is already ticking on Roman. Hot-seat rating: Eight.

Giants G.M. Dave Gettleman: The offensive line played a lot better on Thursday night, four days after the Giants barely looked like an NFL team. The end result is 0-2, and the Giants need to turn it around quickly, or the chatter will increase. Hot-seat rating: Five.

Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy: They had the best loss of Week One. For now, it looks like they’ll be good enough to keep McCarthy from being in real trouble. But there’s still a long way to go. Hot-seat rating: Two.

Everyone in Chicago: Many believe that G.M. Ryan Pace, coach Matt Nagy, and possibly even team president Ted Phillips are on the hot seat this year. This ignores the fact that the team has been to the playoffs twice in the last three years. It also overlooks the reality that the decision to send next year’s first-round pick to the Giants in order to trade up for quarterback Justin Fields automatically gives everyone at least two years. Hot-seat rating: One.

Vikings coach Mike Zimmer: Zimmer boasted about his defensive acumen before Week One, after repeatedly saying the team will be pretty good. Sunday in Cincinnati was pretty bad. Undisciplined play, inconsistent offense, and, ultimately, a misguided decision to treat midfield like the goal line with 50 seconds left in overtime — coupled with the failure to call time out when it was obvious that Joe Burrow had changed the play. With upcoming games against the Cardinals, Seahawks, and Browns, an 0-4 start is realistic. Which, obviously, would be even worse than last year’s 1-3. Hot-seat rating: Five.

Cardinals coach Kliff Kingsbury: It’s playoffs or bust in 2021. The Cardinals, who have been around for over 100 years, have never had a coach longer than six. Failure isn’t an option. So far, it’s been anything but failure. Hot-seat rating: Two.

28 responses to “PFT’s 2021 hot-seat watch, Week Two

  1. If Tua in Miami flops Chris Greer the GM with the Dolphins should be let go since he passed on Herbert.

  2. Remember when Mike McCarthy said he spent his year off changing his identity and his stale offense ? either do I, guy is the exact same average coach he was in green bay. Maybe Dak cam keep him employed for a decade like Rodgers did. Dont let him waste daks prime dallas.. As far as gettlemen the only good move he made was dumping a broken down obj. The browns fans are still stuck saying “his best year yet”

  3. I think Zim’s about done. I think the most telling failure was his inablity to keep consistency in offensive coordinators and special teams. Norm and Kubes both quit on him. The dude from the Eagles was a meltdown. Putting in Kubiak Jr. feels like a placeholder.

  4. You forgot McVay and Snead, not winning a playoff game (or not getting to the playoffs) will make it harder for Silent Stan to sell seat licenses. Cleaning house will at least make the Rams a draw for a few games next year and a few more seat licenses sold.

  5. Roman SHOULD be on the Hot Seat, but he’ll get a pass this year because of the MASH Unit the Ravens are running out on offense

  6. rfkimball says:
    September 17, 2021 at 12:17 pm
    There has never been a hot seat in new England. Dominant Dynasty only.
    Are you old enough to remember New England pre-Belichick? Ever hear of a guy named Rod Rust? If not, look him up.

  7. If Greg Roman has to make Lamar into an accurate NFL passer his job is doomed. In crunch time they will go to a handful of a goto plays because Lamar can’t execute a conventual 2min offense.

    As a Packer fan I don’t see Nagy as the problem. He does what he can with what was drafted for them. Look at their 1st round picks since Pace has gotten there and what their drafts as netted overall. He has barely drafted an OL since arriving and hasn’t really hit on a 1st rounder. Pace should have been fired long ago.

  8. As long as Zac Taylor has years left on his deal, his hot seat rating is literally zero. Mike Brown isn’t paying two coaches, ever. We all know this, right?

  9. There has never been a hot seat in new England. Dominant Dynasty only.
    Pats had a 6-9 playoff record before Belichick & Brady.

  10. David Culley shouldn’t be on the list. His job is safe with everything going on with Watson and the changes in the front office. No one is expecting him to make them a contender.

  11. HC / OC / DC on the Giants should be very uncomfortable right now … Judge has yet to one thing to make him being hired as a HC look like a good move.

  12. I don’t see where Roman is to blame. I think Wink more than anything. Both are working with injury riddled players, but Wink’s zero cover blitz led to a game winning ot td…

  13. DC in Green Bay got lucky — like hitting the lottery when he was hired. I do not expect him to last up there. The Packers and all their fans will suffer from that hire.

  14. Zimmer is in so far over his head as an NFL head coach. Dude was a fine coordinator when the head coach had a defensive background and could save him, but not so great when they didn’t. This is the guy who had to be talked off the ledge by some of his players a couple of years ago because he was losing it. Being Bill Parcells’s Buddy has done wonders for him. It didn’t make him a good coach or anything, but it did make people think he wasn’t nearly as useless as he is.

  15. I think that reactions after week 1 are nothing but blow-hard over-reaching.
    What can you tell from ONE freaking game?
    Not much.
    The Vikings defense actually played pretty well except for a few (very costly) mistakes. 5 sacks of Burrow. A (dropped) interception. Much better than last year.
    The offense was total mess with all those penalties. As in MORE in one half than they have had in 25 years.
    Despite that, they had (until a cook fumble, that on replay was NOT a fumble) a definite chance to win the game.

    So, let’s stop calling Zimmer “done” or “gone”. It’s just idiotic. It really is.

  16. 305dolphin says:
    September 17, 2021 at 11:59 am
    If Tua in Miami flops Chris Greer the GM with the Dolphins should be let go since he passed on Herbert.


    I wasn’t particularly a Tua fan. But I’m curious what’s the sentiment on Greer? They’ve had a lot of draft capital but seems like a lot of their picks have been obscure. Seemed the wins were more of a product of Flores coaching, but no recently drafted players stand out. Waddle being the only recent big name who had a good week 1.

  17. Either the strength and conditioning coach or yhe groundskeeping staff in Baltimore warrant a closer look.

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