Ron Rivera on defense: Too many good players for us not to play better

New York Giants v Washington Football Team
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Discussions about the strengths of the Washington Football Team heading into the 2021 season focused on the defense, particularly on a defensive line featuring four first-round picks who helped push the team to a division title last season.

That defense has not been as tough as hoped through two games, however. They were able to limit the damage to field goals for much of Thursday night’s 30-29 win over the Giants, but it wasn’t the stifling performance many would have predicted against a Giants offense that couldn’t do much right in Week One.

After the win, head coach Ron Rivera said his team was “fortunate” to get a victory and said that the defense has failed to reach the expected level of production.

“There’s too many good football players for us not to play better than what we did today,” Rivera said. “That is the big disappointment. They are good football players, but we gotta correct some things and we gotta get a real good look at that.”

Rivera said he believes the mistakes are “correctable” and they’ll need to make some of those corrections ahead of next weekend’s trip to Buffalo if they’re going to post a second straight win.

3 responses to “Ron Rivera on defense: Too many good players for us not to play better

  1. The front four can get pressure, but they really had success when they threw something/someone else in the mix, a la the Kendall Fuller sack. It just seems like Del Rio and Rivera are like “We got four first round picks up front.” and they’re content to believe that that’s enough for 95% of the snaps.

    The players need to step their game up too, but there seems to be very little coaching adjustment throughout these first two games.

  2. So many things to unpack here…

    Whiffing on Jamin Davis hurts a lot…our LBs can’t cover anyone and Jamin’s athleticism was posed to help with that…That’s a big miss!

    Combined with Jack Del Rio running a scheme where our CBs are playing 10 yards off the LOS…QB’s can just throw a quick slant or out to offset any pass rush before it can get started…

    Landon Collins has to be the slowest DB in the league…he’s gone after this year!

  3. Maybe, just maybe they are not as good as they believe they are. Late last year, they were also touted as being fearsome; yet Seattle’s offensive line had no problems handling them

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