Saquon Barkley: I was able to find one good run, have to continue to trust the knee

New York Giants v Washington Football Team
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The Giants got a glimpse of the Saquon Barkley they want to have in their offense on Thursday night, but just a glimpse.

Barkley broke loose for a 41-yard run in the first quarter in Washington and it looked like it might be the start of a big night for the second overall pick of the 2018 draft. Barkley wasn’t able to repeat the success over the rest of the night, however.

He had 16 yards on his other 12 carries and 42 yards on 22 carries in two games outside of his big gainer, which left him saying that he still needs to trust the process of getting back to his desired form.

“I was able to go out there and play a full game. My body and my knee responded well. Kind of knocked that rust off and was able to find one type of run to get open a little bit,” Barkley said, via Peter Botte of the New York Post. “It was an explosive run, I guess. But got to continue to trust it, trust the knee, trust the system. Hopefully, I’m going to continue to get better.”

While Barkley’s overall production is lagging, the Giants still trusted him with two carries after James Bradberry‘s fourth quarter interception set them up deep in Washington territory. He only picked up two yards and the team settled for a field goal after an incomplete pass. That left the door open for Washington’s game-winning kick at the buzzer and left Barkley to say that he will “personally take that one on my shoulders.”

The Giants likely appreciate the accountability, but a fully functional running game would be appreciated all the more.

8 responses to “Saquon Barkley: I was able to find one good run, have to continue to trust the knee

  1. This is the least confident dude coming off injury I’ve ever heard. It’s like he doesn’t even want to be playing yet.

  2. So if you look at his career, he is literally good for ONE big run per game, then a 2-3 yard average after. It’s not good enough, he’s always injured as well.

    Maybe a little less finger wagging and trying to leap over guys for an extra half yard, and a little more working in your health, stamina, and learning how to actually run the ball.

    Haters gonna hate, but this is all true.

  3. He had exactly one good run, which ended by him running out of bounds to avoid contact from a smaller defensive back, and his other 12 carries totalled 16 yards.
    He’s not even the best running back from that draft year, Nick Chubb is and the Browns got great value for him in the second round, which shows what a waste that second pick in the 2018 draft was.

  4. The Giants don’t have a decent o line. You can’t gain yards running when there are no holes. The Giants are falling apart with players complaining about their roles and the coaching staff is not competent

  5. So take the 41yd run out and he had 12 carries for 16yds, this is just about the same YPC I had figured for him coming into the NFL draft when running inside of the tackles, he isn’t worth a hoot inside the tackles and never has been, so nothing has changed from his days at Penn State.

    What really gets me is all of these so called “experts” totally missed that fact!

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