Lamar Jackson should get his second contract done now

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Here’s something I meant to post on Tuesday. The sentiment still applies today, because the thing that needs to happen still hasn’t happened.

Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson hasn’t signed a second contract. He needs to. Ideally, he needs to do it before Sunday night’s game against the Chiefs.

He likely won’t. He’s representing himself. He’s reportedly so immersed in football that he doesn’t have time to negotiate the contract. And that’s all the more reason for him to hire an agent.

Plenty of players look at, for example, the fact that an agent’s three-percent commission on a $200 million contract becomes a $6 million fee. That’s a legitimate concern, if the player can negotiate a $200 million contract (or a contract worth more than $194 million) on his own.

For Jackson, it’s unclear whether he can or can’t, because he apparently doesn’t have the time to try. That’s all the more reason to hire someone to do it.

Anyone who watched Monday night’s game knows that Jackson took plenty of hits. He ran the ball plenty of times. Through three-plus years in the NFL, he has avoided major injury. There’s no guarantee that will continue. That’s why he needs to get his contract right now, before the next time he steps into the fray and risks the kind of injury that would cause the Ravens to delay all talks until they’re confident he’ll be the guy he was before the injury.

The 2019 MVP’s current contract in shameful in comparison to other elite-level quarterbacks. On the current list of highest-paid quarterbacks, Jackson currently ranks forty-fifth, with an average annual salary of $2.367 million. He earns less than the likes of Nick Foles, Case Keenum, Jacoby Brissett, Mason Rudolph, Marcus Mariota, Joe Flacco, Mitch Trubisky, C.J. Beathard, and Tim Boyle.

Jackson obviously deserves a huge raise. The Ravens presumably are ready to give it to him. If Jackson is simply too focused on football to get his deal done, he needs someone else to do it for him.

It wouldn’t be hard. He could hire a good agent quickly (it’s not hard for elite players to get recommendations from other elite players), and that agent could tell the Ravens, “We’re getting this done by tomorrow night at 8:30 p.m. ET, or Lamar isn’t playing.”

Given that he hasn’t done it yet, chances are he won’t do it now. Regardless, he needs to. It’s for his own good. Hopefully, there’s a family member, a friend, or a teammate who can and will get his attention and persuade him to get the financial protection he needs. Not in the form of an insurance policy, but in the form of a contract with significant guarantees for injury.

55 responses to “Lamar Jackson should get his second contract done now

  1. So the implication is he should sign now due to risk of injury or declining play. I do get that. But the ravens may see it the same way and Can roll the dice. That said hey should be a little shy if that consider how Flacco got them.

  2. What is the franchise tag for RB’s?

    Baltimore would be smart to start there. Signing the guy who will get injured sooner or later and really struggles to deliver the ball to any type of QB money would be insane.

    235 yard in the air Monday night? Tat’s what you’d expect from an under prepared back up.

  3. All NFL players are one hit away from retirement. It’s easier and wiser to block that out of your mind after you’re financially secure. What is Jackson thinking?

  4. He needs an agent. I’m not a hater at all but I don’t necessarily think he’s the brightest bulb in the box either. Plenty of non business savvy athletes out there. But I do think it’s a combination of time/talent as an agent and a risky career track. Yes he is a QB not a RB. But his approach could get him RG3d any given week.

  5. I’m seeing a familiar career trajectory that doesn’t end so well.

    And I don’t think you pay him $200 mil.

  6. This is why BB passed on him. Smart decision.

    Who knew you could tell checkmate at a checkers player.

  7. Run first guys usually don’t last long in the NFL. If Lamar learns to be deadly from the pocket and uses his wheels only when in trouble, he’ll have a good career. If not, take as much money as you can now.

  8. What is Lamar going to say when DaCosta shows him the 3 or 4 routine throws he missed Monday that could have made the difference, as a reason why not tongive him X more millions?…

    Players need an agent to be the filter between them and the team because things arent always rosy in these negotiations.

    There is a job to do and people out there who can do it for Lamar. If he keeps playing hero ball its going to backfire for him at some point.

  9. Lol the amount of backseat driving and “he NEEDS to do this and that” is hilarious. How about he needs to play football and you gotta write what people do, not what they should do.

  10. look at the risks the guy takes every offseasons doing dangerous stuff? I hope they break the bank on him. Give him a percentage of the cap for all I care. I’ve seen this story play out over and over for about 30 years. Until he can win from the pocket, he will always be a bum knee or bum ankle away from being the worst passing QB in the NFL. Practice squad QBs can spin it better, teams playing afraid of his running is what gets him easy looks. Stop being greedy lamar, hire an agent or you’re going to lose so much money that the 3% for an agent is nothing in compassion. Just ignorance and greed on his end.

  11. Negotiating your own contract can work, it worked out well for Bobby Wagner.
    But in general I agree, its better to hire an agent, provided the agent does a good job negotiating the fine print.
    There re plenty of players who used agents and got contracts that ended up not protecting them as well as other players.

    The one luxury a QB has is he doesn’t have to take the most he can get. He can afford to leave 3MM on the table to get a deal done.
    That’s not true of lower paid players.

    If Lamar Jackson wants to go the Kirk Cousins route, no one can stop him.

  12. Jackson is a great watch when his game is flowing, but the Cam Newton cautionary tale should be on the mind of the Ravens. Running QB’s are a great watch, until the hits add up. After that they are just an average running back who doesn’t throw the ball all that well. The box loads up and the team can’t move the ball well at all. The Panthers figured that out, the Pats figured that out. We’ve all seen the movie, we know how it ends.

  13. Not everyone giving this advice will admit it, but it looks like everyone except Lamar is betting that from this point on, the longer he waits, the less he will be worth. That’s implicit in the get what you can NOW, while the gettin’s good, cause it’s not going to get any better, and will probably get a lot worse as the season goes on.

  14. If you sign a $200M contract and worry about an agent taking $6M, you are worried about the wrong thing.

    If you get a good agent, it’s become their job to work on your behalf. Many of these agents also have a law degree, making it easy to understand the language in these contracts or what to put in the contract based on the market. These are things Lamar will not have access to. What Lamar is doing right now is what most people in their late teens to early ’20s do: they feel they can do almost anything. He had RGIII as his backup last year, and maybe he should have been talking to him to see how his injury derailed his career. I hope he understands that not working on a contract now could derail him later for a guy who is still having a hard time being a pocket passer. The other part is his awful O-Line. The Ravens might not make the playoffs this year.

  15. The Ravens aren’t interested in signing him to a long term deal. And the worse they are this season the more they can say he’s not the guy, or they get to pay him less. With all their injuries they might have already packed it in. And if he plays lights out, then great, but then it’s a prove deal and they have nothing to lose.

  16. He is a moron if he chooses to negotiate the biggest payday of his life to save that 3 percent. Rookie deal? Yeah knock yourself out, beside some offset language they are all pretty much Slotted by pick. And who is looking out for his endorsement deals? These are things that agents build as part of a players brand. If Lamar is using the excuse that he doesn’t have time then he shouldn’t be handling the business side of his career. Meanwhile the Ravens are sitting back living the fact he’s playing on a dime and not pushing on them to break the bank. You know they are gonna bend him over at the negotiation table too.

  17. It’s like driving to the bank to deposit 200 million without an armored vehicle . The odds of getting robbed and losing it all are likely.
    Pay for an armored vehicle (aka agent) and protect yourself, nobody would blame him.

    If Baltimore would have won a Super Bowl with him, you can bet the deal would have already been done by Baltimore themselves.

  18. If the Ravens don’t go deep into the playoffs (which I dont see happening this year) why would the Ravens want to sign him to a long term contract? Just use the franchise tag on him until his legs can’t get him out of trouble anymore and let some other desperate NFL GM write him a check with lots of zeros and then start looking for a real NFL QB to get your team past the Chiefs.

  19. Salaries for QBs are getting out of hand. Too many average QBs or guys that help you win in the regular season but not the playoffs (Wentz, Dak, Allen, soon-to-be Lamar Jackson) are getting budget busting deals. There won’t be that many dynasties anymore with this situation. If I’m the Ravens I wait to see if he proves he can rise up and win a playoff game, especially when they’re behind. Only Brady and Mahomes are in that class.

  20. steelcurtainn says:

    September 18, 2021 at 2:09 pm

    As a Steelers fan I agree.

    Exactly what I say. I hope Lamar and Baker both get 10 year fully guaranteed contracts in excess of 50 million

  21. touchback6 says:
    September 18, 2021 at 1:38 pm
    This is why BB passed on him. Smart decision.


    BB should have passed on Isaiah Wynn and N’Keal Harry. He wasn’t even play checkers….he was playing with himself

  22. Lamar Jackson will earn $23,016.000 for 2022, his 5th year option. Isn’t it an old law adage,that the man who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client, we shall see. Also, wasn’t it Dak Prescott that suffered a broken ankle last season and still signed a lucrative deal with the Cowboys while rehabbing?

  23. Unless he has a detailed knowledge of the NFL labor agreement and is well versed in contract negotiations for top-tier QBs, he a fool to do his own contract. Owners and the league have legions of slick lawyers on their side and will lead him down the primrose path convinced that he got a great deal. They’ll be laughing at him behind his back.

  24. The flaw in this thinking is that he is an elite QB. He is not. He is an outstanding runner but has seldom (if ever) put up big numbers as a QB.

  25. I think time is on Lamar Jackson’s side. His price tag is just going to keep getting higher. That’s why he isn’t in a hurry to sign. I kept reading the same things about Dak Prescott, but I kept saying time was on his side, too. Jackson knows what he can do, and the Ravens know what he can do. Anyone telling him he needs to sign right away would be someone that’s showing no confidence in him. The last thing he needs to do is surround himself with that type person. How’s Dak Prescott doing?

  26. This is excellent advice for Lamar. Not particularly a fan, but very good advice.
    The best insurance is not needing insurance. Don’t be a hero Lamar, take it and run all you want…

  27. I said it awhile ago, sign now before all these injuries and your flaws as a QB become more and more obvious. I think it’s too late now and the Ravens front office will tell Jackson, “You know Lamar, I think we’ll just wait until the end of season and address it then”.

  28. Ravens are hoping he gets hurt and they don’t have to invest anymore money in him. Obviously he isn’t very bright.. His wonderlic was one of the all time lows, and he’s clueless against a playoff defense. That and the fact that he is going to lose millions hen her gets injured tells you all you need to know. Maybe next year the Ravens can have a real quarterback

  29. Conversely if you’re Decosta or Harbaugh, here’s your warning to STAY FAR AWAY from this all world running back.

    Not worth the 9 figures.

  30. He’s giving the Ravens a perfect situation. They can let him go this year, then pick up his 5th year option if he doesn’t get hurt and then franchise him for the year after that.. again, if he doesn’t get hurt.

    If he does get hurt, just get rid of him and move on a la RG3. The Ravens are under no obligation to negotiate a second contract.. the guy, seriously, isn’t even that good.

  31. A man who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client. Same goes for agents. Pay the 3%. Don’t trip over a dollar to pick up a penny, Lamar.

  32. Dak got $126 million guaranteed over 4 years after a devastating injury in his contract year. Lamar is a former MVP, even if something happens to him thos season he’ll get every opportunity to sign a big contract in the offseason.

  33. covid19 says:
    September 18, 2021 at 2:55 pm

    Lamar Jackson will earn $23,016.000 for 2022, his 5th year option. Isn’t it an old law adage,that the man who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client, we shall see. Also, wasn’t it Dak Prescott that suffered a broken ankle last season and still signed a lucrative deal with the Cowboys while rehabbing


    I would say the Dak is a pocket QB that uses his legs as a last resort vs Lamarr who is a run first QB. His future does not depend on his legs (as much)

  34. So, now you finally get player a who is not chasing the greed of money and you still take your shots at him…smh.

  35. I think the ravens really want to get this done. Everyone, from EDC to Harbs, wants him to get signed. Fans do too. I agree it would be easier if he had an agent.

  36. The good thing here? Seems like money has taken a backseat to football which is a breath of fresh air. I realize they train hard and work hard. But still, this is a game. And to be honest a very fun game. Not many people in the NFL still love it. Most take it as a business and career, some (like Brady) can’t get enough of it. It’s nice to see a younger player concentrating on football and not the perks. I tip my hat to him.

  37. If im the ravens im fine without an extension you have 2 or 3 years of a franchise tag to use where an extension would pay him the same amount per year anyway.

  38. touchback6 says:
    September 18, 2021 at 1:38 pm
    This is why BB passed on him. Smart decision.

    Who knew you could tell checkmate at a checkers player.
    Tell us again about who BB drafted instead. You know, the player he just traded away for a 5th and 6th round pick.

  39. jkossrt says:
    September 18, 2021 at 3:10 pm

    The flaw in this thinking is that he is an elite QB. He is not. He is an outstanding runner but has seldom (if ever) put up big numbers as a QB.

    Flaw? Ok, dude, just how many elite QBs are there? I’ll wait. Everybody wants Lamar to get no money when mediocre QBs get paid all the time. Playoffs in his first 3 seasons and MVP. Who has not gotten paid with that resume? And why do you guys always leave out his rushing yardage when posting his stats? 200 yards + 100 rushing yards = 300–bye, dude!

  40. Be smart. Trade the dude while you can get something and sign a real QB. The ravens could end up with 3-4 years of Aaron Rodgers. That’s much better situation than the next text with Jackson. Dude is fun to watch but he will never win a Superbowl.. he will never beat 3 good playoff teams in a row. He is just not a good enough thrower of the ball.

    This is also my biggest worry about my current qb Hurts. Dude will win regular season games and look great but when the playoffs start and everyone is good and has all that tape he will never be able to win.

  41. If I look at this from his side or the teams side he is not looking after his own future the way he is playing things. Pocket QBs can have a lessening of their physical skills, or suffer injuries that slow them some and still function. Read option or running QBs can not suffer the same injuries and still perform the same. Speed, and physicality, elusiveness are the cards they must have to play their game. Those are all traits you are likely to ding at some point as a starting QB and the amount of offense that flows through them. He’s the MOST likely to be injured at some point to some degree by the style they play. And if he’s unlucky and anything lower body slows him considerably he is NOt the same player. He must secure his future or he is one big hit of the right type, or any kind of Achilles, neck, back, or ACL injury from having any team give him big dollars with guarantees. He should have leverage to make that happen right now. If he waits he’s likely to lose that leverage, or suffer injury. Choice is his.

  42. The Baltimore Ravens have a great history for talent acquisition. My opinion is that the Ravens don’t want to sign Lamar Jackson to a long term deal. When watching Trevor Lawrence, Zach Wilson, Justin Fields, Trey Lance and Mac Jones I see NFL franchise quarterback potential. When I watch Lamar Jackson’s first instinct to run, that’s not what a NFL quarterback does. Moreover Jackson has 3 years of NFL experience.

  43. If I’m the Ravens I’m not signing him to a long term deal until I have to. I’d make him play out his 5th year option and then franchise him. Virtually all of the QBs that run the ball heavily end up getting hurt, which is why Florio is so eager for him to get signed. If that happens and the Ravens have already re-signed him, their cap is screwed for a long time. Better to push out the new contract as long as possible.

  44. We should’ve traded him for maximum value after last season. That would’ve ensured continued success much more than keeping him into the period where NFL defensive coordinators figure him out and it becomes beyond obvious he is not a legitimate passing threat if opposing teams sell out to stop our running game. Terrible front office team management on this front.

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