NFL fines Ronnie Harrison, while Chiefs assistant receives only a warning


The Browns didn’t agree with officials’ decision not to eject Chiefs assistant coach Greg Lewis. It’s a given they aren’t going to agree with the NFL’s decision not to fine the running backs coach.

The NFL fined Browns safety Ronnie Harrison $12,128 for his part in a sideline altercation with Hill. Hill received only a warning, Tom Pelissero of NFL Media reports.

Hill was told that any subsequent violations of Rule 13, Article 8 will result in discipline. The NFL found that “Lewis’ actions weren’t deemed worthy of a fine,” per Pelissero.

Browns coach Kevin Stefanski said this week that teams had received a memo from the league about sideline comportment. The league reminded them that “non-player personnel of a club (e.g., management personnel, coaches, trainers, equipment personnel) are prohibited from making unnecessary physical contact with or directing abusive, threatening, or insulting language or gestures at opponents, game officials, or representatives of the League. Penalty: Loss of 15 yards.”

The league’s treatment of Hill is curious at best since he pushed Harrison first. Harrison then pushed back. Officials originally penalized only Hill, but a call from the league office resulted in an offsetting penalty on Harrison and his ejection.

Network rules analysts, including NBC’s Terry McAulay, disagreed.

“On the field, penalize both, resulting in an offset, and after the fact, the league can fine as they see fit,” McAulay tweeted. “The result on the field seemed inequitable at best.”

As Browns center and NFLPA president JC Tretter noted this week, “I would expect that the coach gets held to the same standard if not a higher standard than Ronnie.”

“We can’t have opposing coaches putting hands on opposing players,” Tretter said. “I don’t think there’s any room for that in this league.’’

30 responses to “NFL fines Ronnie Harrison, while Chiefs assistant receives only a warning

  1. It looked like the coach was just trying to protect the player lying on the ground from being stepped on. Had he not intervened, it could have gotten really ugly, and Harrison might have been suspended for the rest of the season. So the coach actually did Harrison and the Browns a favor. I’m more of a Browns’ fan than I am a Chiefs’ fan, but I’m just telling it like it is. Harrison appeared to be raging.

  2. He was trying to protect his player and I can understand it in the heat of the moment. He nudged the player where as the player retaliated with a pretty aggressive shove. If the assistant would have shoved him that way then there would be a problem.

  3. Reminds me of Coach Joey Porter running onto the field during a stoppage in play, taunting Adam Jones, Jones receiving a penalty, and Porter receiving a shrug.

  4. Conspicuously absent from this article: any mention of Harrison stepping on a KC player. C’mon, you can make your case AND present all the facts.

  5. amazing the initial flag is actually on the coach until Reid goes ballistic. then all of a sudden they kick the browns player out?

  6. Harrison was trying to get off of the player. The KC coach thought he was stepping on said player and pushed him. The coach should’ve been kicked out and fined. Any Reid threw a tantrum and the starting safety got thrown out of the game. That’s what happened. The coach got KC favoritism, plain and simple. It hurt the browns but certainly not the reason they lost. It’s bull but time for week 2 #GoBrowns

  7. There is no gray area here both player and coach should have been ejected and fined. What is good for the goose is good for the gander

  8. Watch closely. As Ronnie was stepping over the Chiefs player, another offensive player was there in his way, and he seemed to inadvertently step back onto the Chiefs player.
    That’s when Harrison was shoved.

  9. Players need to fight for the ability to slap a coach who gets involved on the sideline in the zone team CBA.

  10. Where is the union on this? The fining of players is out of control. The team was punished with the penalty, the player was thrown out of the game, and now he is fined too? Seems excessive. The coach who started it, he gets a pat on the back from Goodell, Ridiculous.

  11. So funny watching Baker crying on the feild after the pick. The Browns culture sucks.
    Ronnie is lucky he’s not suspended for more games. Wonder if he’s going to cleanup his anger problem or get ejected, fined and suspended, again. I bet he’s on sportcenter again soon

  12. The coach pushed his leg/hip off the player on the ground, Harrison slapped the guy in the head knocking his glasses and facemask off.

  13. NO doubt that the KC coach should have been ejected and/or fined as well. Not a good look for the NFL. Both the coach and player were wrong in their actions. A Coach should not get a free pass as they should know the rules better than the average player. Coach Lewis made the first shove, he should be penalized as well.

  14. Yes. That’s why the Browns lost. Last year you whined about a tackle that led to a touchback. Maybe play better and you can stop worrying about all the extracurricular

  15. A small
    Push by a coach to a fully padded NFL player who barely took 1 step back.vs a fully padded nfl starter shaving an old coach who’s not padded.
    Not rocket science folks

  16. I see a lot of posts here that did not actually watch the penalized play or the replay. Harrison was pushed by the KC lineman and then by KC #49 while over top of the kC player on the ground. He was not trying to stomp anyone. He was trying to keep his balance after being pushed twice and the KC coach Lewis started peeling Harrison off the player. Coach Lewis was wrong to push Harrison and Harrison was wrong to push back. Coach Lewis should have been disqualified from the game too.

    The NFL replay in NY has made mistakes. I watched them call WFT RB McKissic down by an invisible NYG tackle short of a 1st down after they reviewed it in NY.

  17. I’m a Chiefs fan but I agree both should have been ejected. Not sure why people are so worried about though as Greg Lewis being ejected wouldn’t have affected the Chiefs one bit. And anyone that thinks Andys yelling got the call changed you are just wrong. That came from New York where they monitor the games. But as always it’s easier to ignore the actual rule and scream you were cheated so carry on.

  18. Wow a whopping twelve thousand dollar fine for having no control as a coach is protecting an injured player. Yea the NFL has the right to show lack of caring for accountability in their fines

  19. Wow, a lot of hatred aimed at KC. I guess this is what it is going to be like when you have the best QB in football. Blame the ref’s, declared KC as treated favorably. Nothing but a bunch of excuses for being a loser.

  20. Hopefully the factory of sadness can move on. It’s been a week and they’re clearly still struggling.

  21. Somebody in the league office must have made a large wager on KC, the refs on the field got it right the first time. New York must have some WWE referees reviewing these calls!

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