Von Miller forgot he was mic’d up when he compared Teddy Bridgewater to Peyton Manning

Denver Broncos v New York Giants
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During Sunday’s win over the Giants, Broncos linebacker Von Miller made a very strong comment regarding the impact of quarterback Teddy Bridgewater on the team. Recently, Miller expressed regret that the comment came to light.

“I ain’t felt that in a while,” Miller told Bridgewater on the sideline during the Week One victory, “since 18 was here, man.”

18 is Peyton Manning. The Broncos have had plenty of other quarterbacks since then. For Miller, it’s now clear that none have measured up.

“I kind of forgot that I was mic’d up,” Miller told reporters when asked about the comment. “I don’t like putting stuff out there. That was a moment for me and Teddy, but it’s out there. I don’t want anybody to feel a certain way because I told Teddy that. I told Teddy the truth. He definitely has this this vibe about him that guys want to play for. Guys believe in Teddy. He’s a veteran in this league. He’s sat behind Drew Brees. He was on track to win MVP with the Minnesota Vikings, so he knows how to do it. He carries himself in a way that people want to play for him, and people believe in him.”

Miller obviously is sensitive to the fact that: (1) Drew Lock is one of the quarterbacks the team has had since Manning; (2) Lock is still on the team; and (3) Lock is an injury away from playing again.

Miler raved not just about Bridgewater’s leadership but his performance.

“It was a fourth down in the game where he kind of like stuttered and stiffed armed a guy and threw it to [tight end Albert Okwuegbunam],” Miller said. “That’s just heart. Nobody can draw it up. No coach on our coaching staff or in the NFL can teach you how to do that. Teddy had to fight to go out there and win for the football team. Some of the things that he says and some of the things he tells everybody before games — me personally, I just believe that and I’m a hard guy to just believe everything that everybody says. You can definitely feel it with Teddy. I told Teddy — I think that was towards the end of the game. I saw him, and I just told him I’m a firm believer in giving people their flowers while they are still here. Teddy, he definitely deserves the love, for sure.”

Here’s what this proves: if the Broncos try to bench Teddy for Lock, the Broncos will have a problem in the locker room. Thus, look for Teddy to keep the job for as long as he’s healthy. And look for other teams that had or could have had Bridgewater begin to regret that they didn’t keep him.

14 responses to “Von Miller forgot he was mic’d up when he compared Teddy Bridgewater to Peyton Manning

  1. Meanwhile, in other news, ex-Packers TE Jermichael Finley is calling for Diva QB Rodgers benching. Some guys got it some guys don’t. #GoTeddy

  2. Thanks for the compliment to Brees,Von. And glad you can see some of why the city of New Orleans embraced Teddy and will always have a special place in our hearts for him. Teddy is wonderful off the field as well as on.

  3. What about Kaaron Rodgers ? Where is Kaaron gonna play next year ??
    If Teddy is playing great,… LV’s Carr looks to be playing well.
    San Fran has their future QB on the roster. Stafford in in LA.
    What’s left for Kaaron ?? He wants to play on or closer to the West Coast. AZ ? nope. Chargers ? nope. Seattle ? nope.

    Miami ? maybe

  4. Teddy surprised me with his playmaking ability when things broke down. Definitely a strong performance. Let’s let the season play out before deciding if he’s the man for the Broncos going forward. It was just one game against the gnats after all.

  5. oh yeah, so much regret for not holding onto Checkdown Teddy because the Broncos put up a whopping 17 pts on the Giants. He left over a thousand yards of offense on the field with his brutally missed open receivers downfield in Carolina last year, but yeah he’s elite because Von Miller said “18”.

    What a joke lol

  6. Con fails to understand potential. Luck still is way more likely to be a top 10 QB than Teddy. Teddy has started a ton of games and has always been scared to make a mistake. Guy is all check downs. By midseason Denver fans will get sick of seeing missed down field WRs, because Teddy plays scared.

  7. Happy for Bridgewater honestly. He was on a very good trajectory before he had that catastrophic knee injury a few years ago. I’m just happy he doesn’t play for the Vikings anymore.

  8. Imagine the dirt that somebody has on some of these players for what they’ve said while “forgetting” they were mic’d up.
    There has to be somebody that is in charge of burying some of that stuff.

  9. Bridgewater is one of those guys that has done everything right … fought back from injury … took advantage of his situation … team first kind of guy. Happy to see him succeeding now!

  10. Bridgewater seems like a good guy, but he’s never thrown more than 15 tds in a season. It’s nice that Von Miller likes him, but everyone else should pump the breaks. He was never in any MVP conversation in Minnesota. I don’t even know where that came from. He’s currently among the bottom 10 starting qb’s in the league.

  11. Hey Von in case you forgot you guys were playing the Giants! So before you start fitting Teddy for that gold jacket maybe you should bring it down a notch or two. Save the accolades until your team actually finishes over .500 for once.

  12. So have we gone back to “Congenial Hipster” Von Miller, ignoring “domestic abuser who prayed his ex-girlfriend would miscarry” Von Miller? Just trying to keep up.

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