Bills bounce back with 35-0 win over the Dolphins

NFL: SEP 19 Bills at Dolphins
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Week One didn’t go as hoped for the Bills, but Week Two treated them just fine.

Devin Singletary and Stefon Diggs scored touchdowns in the first quarter and the Bills pass rush made life miserable for two Dolphins quarterbacks en route to a 35-0 road win. The Bills lost to the Steelers in Week One and will try to keep things rolling at home against Washington next weekend.

The Bills got a pair of sacks on Tua Tagovailoa on the first possession of the game and then Singletary sprinted 46 yards for a touchdown on their second offensive play of the game. Tagovailoa was knocked out of the game with a hip injury on a hit by A.J. Epenesa on Miami’s next possession and Diggs’ first touchdown catch came a short time later.

Buffalo’s offense was ineffective for the rest of the half, but the Dolphins turned the ball over twice and failed to convert a fourth down to keep the Bills comfortably ahead. Josh Allen threw his second touchdown pass of the game to open the second half and the Dolphins were never in contention beyond that point.

It wasn’t Allen’s best day as he went 17-of-33 for 179 yards, two touchdowns, and an interception, but Singletary’s 82 rushing yards and a strong defensive outing meant it didn’t matter all that much. Miami sacked Jacoby Brissett four times after he replaced Tagovailoa and racked up 11 overall quarterback hits during the win.

X-rays on Tagovailoa’s hip were negative, but it’s unclear if he’ll be back for next Sunday’s trip to face the 2-0 Raiders in Las Vegas. Whether he is or not, the Dolphins will need to find a way to protect their quarterback more effectively if they’re going to bounce back with a win.

17 responses to “Bills bounce back with 35-0 win over the Dolphins

  1. Rather impressive as my Pat’s lost at home to the phins, Bill’s most likely still the team to beat in the east.

  2. The Bills played great on defense. Their offense didn’t have to “crank it up” much today. The Dolphins were horrible. They committed stupid penalties, had dropped passes and they showcased the NFL’s worst offensive line for every drive they had on that side of the ball. The Bills own the Dolphins and Flores isn’t showing any indication that they can close the gap between the two teams.

  3. The Bills are a solid team, but make no mistake almost all those points came from the Dolphins O-Line being horrendous for 20 years. Drops, Penalties and Fumbles aside the Dolphins just did not come to play; especially against a good team! I feel bad for Tua. We may never get to see if he is any good. Brady wouldn’t live to be 45 behind this O-LIne.

  4. That defense of the Bills was impressive today, but Miami’s o-line is a work in progress so it’s tough to tell how good they really are.
    I hope Tua is OK. He got crushed on that play, and some of that was his fault for not being aware it was coming, but was anyone even blocking Epenesa?
    And where all the Pats fans in the comment section this week? It’s awfully quiet for some reason. I wonder why?

  5. EJ says:
    September 19, 2021 at 4:39 pm
    That #Bills D is legit!

    They didn’t look very legit last week!

  6. “September 19, 2021 at 4:39 pm
    That #Bills D is legit!

    They didn’t look very legit last week!”

    Held Pitt to 1 TD. A blocked punt won it.

    Weren’t you the fan who said Allen would be a complete bust?

  7. Steve Cunningham… Accurate post, that Steeler’s Offense really diced ‘em up. Big Ben: Sub 180 yards in the air, Harris ran for less than 50. Excellent football acumen.

  8. Lots of blame to go around for the Phins. Horrible game plan, O-line is total garbage, no running attack and getting our QB’s killed, receivers can’t catch, everyone fumbles and the innovative two OC concept nets us 7.5 point avg in two games. Feared defense gives up 35 pts.
    Coach Flo didn’t have the team ready, period.

  9. Miami will never compete until they admit they have no idea what an offensive lineman looks like,or how to coach them! Miami has to go out and get people that know these two things.

  10. how can it be obvious to hard core fans that a oline is the first thing an organization needs to address if the offence is gonna do squat. I don’t get it.

  11. Miami Dolphins play well when they are close, but when they are down by two scores, mentally that team folds like a paper airplane. The Bills have proved my point when they play them. up by 10 or 14… lets pack it in. Flores doesn’t have long. Looking GREAT Bills. keep it up! Allen, lets get you back to 2020 form!

  12. Steve Cunningham says:
    September 19, 2021 at 6:06 pm
    EJ says:
    September 19, 2021 at 4:39 pm
    That #Bills D is legit!

    They didn’t look very legit last week!


    They didn’t? Which of the 16 points they gave up while holding Roethlisberger under 200 yards and Harris to 2.8/carry were the ones they looked bad on?

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