Bills hold 14-0 halftime lead over Dolphins

Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins
Getty Images

The first quarter of Sunday’s game against the Bills couldn’t have gone much worse for the Dolphins.

Tua Tagovailoa was sacked twice on their first drive, the Bills scored a touchdown on their second offensive play, Tagovailoa was knocked out with a rib injury on their next possession, and the Bills stretched their lead to 14-0 on the ensuing drive. Jacoby Brissett would throw an interception before the quarter was over, but what was looking like a rout never really turned into one.

Miami’s defense kept the Bills off the board for the rest of the half, but their own quest for points remained unsuccessful. Malcolm Brown was stuffed on a fourth down inside the Buffalo 20-yard-line and Brissett was called for intentional grounding to halt a drive that looked destined for at least a field goal attempt in the final two minutes. The Dolphins were able to force a punt, but Dolphins first-rounder Jaylen Waddle muffed the punt to give the Bills the ball back with 26 seconds left in the half.

The Bills didn’t move the ball much after the third Miami turnover of the day, but did get in position for a 53-yard Tyler Bass field goal try. Bass missed the kick to break a streak of 17 straight makes, so the score remained 14-0 into the half.

Bills running back Devin Singletary had a 46-yard touchdown run and has 10 carries for 73 yards overall, but Josh Allen is just 7-of-15 for 62 yards, a touchdown and an interception. Brissett is 14-of-22 for 121 yards, but the interception and lack of points have kept it from being a successful relief appearance for the veteran.

It’s still close enough for him to change that in the second half, but things will need to be a lot cleaner offensively for the Dolphins in the final 30 minutes.