Cardinals beat Vikings in a wild one

Minnesota Vikings v Arizona Cardinals
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In what may have been the most entertaining game so far in this NFL season, the Vikings and Cardinals battled back and forth for 60 minutes until Minnesota missed a last-second field goal and Arizona escaped with a 34-33 win.

Kirk Cousins did everything in his power for the Vikings, completing 22 of 32 passes for 244 yards, with three touchdowns and no interceptions. But it wasn’t enough, as Cousins marched the Vikings into field goal range in the final minute only to have Greg Joseph miss as time expired.

Kyler Murray made several more outstanding highlight-reel plays for the Cardinals, completing 29 of 36 passes for 400 yards with three touchdowns and two interceptions, and also running for a touchdown. Murray continues to be one of the NFL’s most entertaining players.

Rookie Rondale Moore was outstanding for the Cardinals, catching seven passes from Murray for 114 yards.

In a losing effort, Vikings running back Dalvin Cook had a big game, with 22 carries for 131 yards.

The win improves the Cardinals to 2-0 and helps them keep pace in the competitive NFC West. The Vikings fall to 0-2.

49 responses to “Cardinals beat Vikings in a wild one

  1. Quintessentially Vikings loss. Literally a perfect microcosm of their entire franchise history.

  2. Watching a Vikings game is like watching an alternate-universe Star Trek where Captain Kirk is always defeated by the Gorn.
    Not that today’s loss was the good captain’s fault. This time the Vikings “kicked” another one away.

  3. No team is more cursed than the MN Vikings. In all of sports. Missed XP, then a missed game winner.

    We should never kick a field goal ever again

  4. Womp womp. I dont think any realistic fan is surprised by this outcome as much as surprised the Vikings put up this much of a fight.

  5. Often in a game like that I would say it was a shame someone had to lose. But…
    The kicker will go first. The coach in maybe a couple of weeks.

  6. The Vikings kicker hands a sure win to the Cards with a last second missed field goal!

    That should have been the headline and the kicker should be cut this week!

  7. iliketurtles says:
    No team is more cursed than the MN Vikings.

    No offense, but being “cursed” implies something bad happening to you. The Vikings usually do it to themselves.

  8. It’s time Zimmer’s trouble with kickers rests on Zimmer. He’s the common denominator here.

    And also, I hope Thielen gets a hefty fine for all the camera shots of him with that mask down to his chin. Way to go anti vaxer.

  9. And the Minnesota heartbreak hotel strikes again

    After Anderson and Walsh, I have nothing….

  10. Congrats to the Cardinals on the win…The Vikes played much better than I thought they would. I’m no Cousins fan, but he did enough to win the game today. Unfortunately, we have yet another kicker in the great Vikings tradition that can’t do his job. I was not the least bit surprised he Walshed it. Typical finish for the purple.

  11. How many heartbreaks must one endure before it’s considered acceptable to switch teams? Asking for a friend…

  12. Typical Vikings finish. Sadly, no Vikings fan was surprised by the missed kick. I think Joseph would have been more relaxed if it had been a longer kick, but you have to get as close as you can. He just needs to make the kick! There were several chances to put this game away earlier but the Vikings didn’t make those plays. The previous drive was started with a hold on first down which of course led to a 3 and out. The Cardinals 4th down conversion that put them on the Minnesota 6yd line and set up the FG to take lead. Dalvin getting tackled by the turf on what could have been a long run. Seems to happen several times a game. Great effort but disappointing finish for the Vikings.

  13. Why did the Vikings let 20 seconds run off the clock instead of getting another 5-10 yards? Poor coaching ….again

  14. vikro23 says:
    How many heartbreaks must one endure before it’s considered acceptable to switch teams? Asking for a friend…

    Actually, a little-known codicil in the Faber Charter provides a loophole for fans of any team that is “perpetually and comically undependable,” and/or “habitually displays Three Stooge-like tendencies.”
    Good news: You qualify to switch to new team immediately, with no penalties, fines or sanctions levied against you.

  15. You have to give the Vikings credit no team in all sports can lose like the Vikings can. They always find a way!!

  16. There is a kicker I think is unclaimed from Virginia Tech that made all his kicks last year in college. The Bears took him as an UFA but released him because we have Cairo Santos.
    The Vikings should get this guy yesterday if he’s available.

  17. Good game cardinal fans. I like watching games where both team try and care and nobody quits.

  18. Zimmer got outcoached at the end of the 2nd. When he had no answer for the Cards’ 30-second drive that resulted in 3, the game was over.

  19. Why is it every other franchise in the league can either draft a young kicker or sign a reliable vey, but the Vikings can’t do this simple task? Eight years of Zimmer…still no kicker.

  20. Great game. As a long time suffering Viking fan this is getting old! Every year it’s the kicker that has cost the team games. Every year! ERRRRRR.

  21. As I predicted we are well on our way to 3-14. We have no easy games other then Detroit and even then I think they win at least 1 of 2.
    It’s going to be a long miserable year.!

  22. Clearly the only remaining option is for the most senior Viking players to lead the team in a kicker related ceremonial cleansing ritual.

  23. Add another one to the fire. 61 years and counting. Lose out and win the coin toss vs NYJ. Get the first pick and run out of time trying to figure out who to take. Get rid of the Barney purple or, you’ll never win a thing!

  24. Nice job cutting Daniel Carlson a few years ago Zim. How does this clown still have a job? The so called defensive guru has never had a good defense in Minnesota.

  25. That was a fun game to watch. Surprised it was this close, and the better team won in the end, which is what counts.

    Patrick Peterson should be ashamed. Two blown coverages allowing DHop and rookie Moore to get wide open for TD’s, 1 tackle, and no passes defended in a high scoring game against the team that drafted him and let him walk with no contract offer.

  26. If my Zimmer’s hot seat was a four, it suddenly became a ten. The only reason he has a job today is because there’s 16 weeks left and there’s no viable alternative in the building.

  27. I was very surprised. I knew we had no problem scoring against a swiss-cheese Vikings D, but today I felt our D was overconfident in the 1st quarter after the Titans game. Kirk may not be elite, but still a solid top half starter, and Dalvin Cook is a BEAST. The Vikings may not be a contending team but they will fight hard every week. They played tough 2 straight weeks on the road. AZ can score, but the secondary must step up and the pass rush needs to put CONSISTENT pressure. Good to be lucky, we’ll take the 1-0 record vs the NFC, now 3-0 after we send Meyer back to college football, let’s make it 3 straight wins @ the City of Jacksonville, good game Norsemen: GO CARDINALS!!!!!

  28. How long will it be before the NFL wakes up and flex the Cardinals into primetime??? They are literally shut out of prime time this year?

  29. From Anderson to Walsh to Carlson to Joseph and all the other loser kickers we have had. It’s suck. But as a die hard Vikings I except them to miss a game winning field goal every time

  30. Cardinals are legit and any of these knuckleheads hating on Murray doesn’t know football. He’s still young, will make a few mistakes but the kid is a gamer. Fast, quick and one of the best arms in the league. MVP candidate for sure. Cards are legit.

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