It’s wait and see for T.J. Watt

Las Vegas Raiders v Pittsburgh Steelers
Getty Images

Steelers linebacker T.J. Watt exited Sunday’s game with a groin injury. He didn’t return. It’s too early to know when he will.

It’s not a major injury, we’re told, but it was enough to shut him down — and that takes a lot for Watt. It was a game the Steelers could have won, and Watt could have made a real difference.

Time will tell whether he’ll return next Sunday, against the Bengals. The Steelers go to Green Bay in Week Four, and Watt surely will be want to be ready to go for that one.

Fortunately for the Steelers, veteran Melvin Ingram got plenty of work in training camp and the preseason while Watt was sitting out, waiting for his new contract. While there’s clearly a difference between the two guys at this point in their careers, Ingram can still get it done.