Mac Jones: Feels good to win, we can be better on offense

New England Patriots v New York Jets
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Patriots quarterback Mac Jones got to experience his first win as an NFL player on Sunday afternoon.

Jones was 22-of-30 for 186 yards as the Patriots used a pair of rushing touchdowns, four interceptions of Jets quarterback Zach Wilson, and flawless kicking from Nick Folk to power the way to a 25-6 road victory. Jones said after the game that he was happy to get the win, but noted that there’s room for the Patriots to get better on offense.

“I think it feels good,” Jones said. “Obviously, it’s hard to, it’s just what everyone is saying, it is hard to win in the NFL. We’ve played two games and won one and lost one, you got to take it for what it’s worth and we’ll get better. I think everybody, including anybody that’s watch the game can agree that the offense can play better, and we will. The defense did a great job creating the turnovers. We talk about it all the time, playing together, complimenting one another, offense, defense and special teams. On offense, I think we definitely feel blessed to win but at the same time you got to take it for what it’s worth and move on and try to correct the things that we need to work on.”

Jones didn’t turn the ball over, which is a stark contrast to what his fellow first-round pick did on Sunday and it’s the sort of thing that will serve the team well as long as the other phases of the Patriots’ game perform like they did on Sunday.

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  1. 4 picks, 22-30, flawless kicking against the Barnum and Bailey Jets, and they only won by 19?
    I’d be concerned.

  2. 2001 Patriots offense with Brady started out much the same way. Belichick is showing the league once again how to properly develop a young QB and the results speak for themselves. The offense will improve as the season goes along.

  3. Long way to go but I see a bright future with Mac as our QB
    He just needs to continue developing his skills at an NFL level & not lose the games as he does it…. Just like the Miami game, he didn’t cause the loss but he needs to be able to grow & learn each week as he’s been doing since being named the starter….. very much the same path like the guy who led us for 20 years did…
    So Glad to have him, makes football fun again !!!

  4. At one point near halftime, Wilson had 6 completions out of 7 attempts.

    …only problem is 3 of the 6 were completed to Patriots DBs.

  5. It’s going to take time,but this team is already a ton better than the one they fielded last year. If the defense has Jameis Winston running for his life next week,and the offense is all on the same page,I don’t see why the Pats can’t get past the Saints.

  6. I was pretty harsh on the O after the game. But I see that JMD is just bringing Jones along. Keeping the game in front of him. Building his confidence. Deliberate. Brilliant. Hope they can do the same against the Saints.

  7. Watching Brady playing now, I hope BB and McDaniels will not pigeonhole Mac into a dink and dunk passer like they did Brady, which is an injustice. Brady is learning long throws at his age and he’s just incredible. Now BB is spending lots of money. I hope he can make it work, and the Patriots be a dynasty again with Mac.

  8. I’m satisfied with the results so far with Mac Jones. Belicheck is developing him slowly and we’ll start to see Josh McDaniels really let him start throwing the ball. Until then I don’t mind his development being slow

  9. I hope BB and McDaniels will not pigeonhole Mac into a dink and dunk passer like they did Brady, which is an injustice.


    That is the case when a QB doesn’t have WR who are great at getting behind defenders. There is no “develop” to talk about, the QB has no choice, like Bledsoe, to move the chains little by little.

    To claim that Belichick “develops” a QB by letting his QB get familiar with the playbooks is like claiming a Physics teacher developed Albert Einsten.

  10. Pats are handling Jones the exact same way they did Brady his first couple years. Short lease, take what the D gives you and get the first down, don’t worry about 50 yard passes for TDs, don’t make mistakes, gain confidence and knowledge of the system.

    Hopefully he will develop just as well as Brady did. Off to a nice start at least.

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