Sunday Night Football: Lamar Jackson scores three TDs, runs for 107 to defeat Chiefs 36-35


With 1:05 left in the game and fourth-and-1 upcoming, Ravens head coach John Harbaugh had a question for his quarterback, Lamar Jackson.

The Sunday Night Football broadcast showed Harbaugh on the sideline yelling, “Lamar! Do you want to go for this?”

Jackson apparently responded yes. So, the Ravens inserted Trystan Colon as an extra offensive lineman. Jackson fielded a shotgun snap and ran up the middle for 2 yards, getting past the sticks to defeat the Chiefs.

It was the final big run for Jackson in a game that featured many of them, as the Ravens came away with a 36-35 victory in Week Two.

Jackson ended up with 107 yards rushing with two rushing touchdowns on 16 carries. He also passed for 239 yards and a touchdown with two picks.

But the Ravens only had the chance to convert that fourth-and-1 because rookie outside linebacker Odafe Oweh created a key turnover.

After the Ravens scored to go up by one with just over three minutes in the fourth quarter, the Chiefs’ ensuing drive had entered Baltimore territory. And the Ravens only had one timeout remaining, so Kansas City could run down the clock before attempting a game-winning field goal.

But on second-and-3 from the Baltimore 32, Oweh poked the ball out from running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire. Oweh dove on the ground, recovering his own forced fumble to give his team the ball with an opportunity to ice the game.

Though the Chiefs had all three of their timeouts remaining, Baltimore’s offense did its job and got the needed first down.

The Ravens ran the hell out of the football all night, recording 251 yards on the ground, averaging 6.1 yards per attempt. Ty’Son Williams had 77 yards, Latavius Murray racked up 36 with a touchdown, Devonta Freeman had 29, and even fullback Patrick Ricard had 2 yards on a handoff.

But the Ravens’ receiving corps had a solid night, too, with Marquise Brown catching six passes for 113 yards with a 42-yard touchdown. Tight end Mark Andrews had five catches for 57 yards and Sammy Watkins caught four passes for 44 yards.

For the Chiefs, quarterback Patrick Mahomes played well but made a critical mistake for a third-quarter interception. With Oweh about to bring him down for a sack on third-and-12, Mahomes let go of an ill-advised pass to tight end Travis Kelce on the left side. But cornerback Tavon Young caught the ball instead for Mahomes’ first career September interception.

Mahomes finished 24-of-31 passing for 343 yards with three touchdowns and an interception. Kelce caught seven passes for 109 yards with one of those TDs, becoming the fastest tight end to 8,000 career receiving yards in the process.

Safety Tyrann Mathieu also played his first game of the season, recording a pair of interceptions — one of which he returned for a touchdown.

But this night was about the Ravens, and Jackson recording his first career victory over Kansas City. The Chiefs had defeated the Ravens in three straight regular-season games since Mahomes and Jackson became the starters for their respective teams in 2018.

The Ravens head to Detroit next week to take on the Lions. The Chiefs will be back at home to face their division-rival Chargers.

56 responses to “Sunday Night Football: Lamar Jackson scores three TDs, runs for 107 to defeat Chiefs 36-35

  1. Wow, that was so much fun. Hope these two teams meet again postseason.
    Want to see more of Lamar, Mahomes, Oweh, Humphrey, Kelce etc.
    Lamar made up for his earlier errors and carried team to amazing win.
    John Harbaugh’s bravery and trust in Lamar was rewarded with 4th down game ending conversion. Big truss.

  2. John Harbaugh is a heck of a coach. Gotta love him yelling on the 4th and 1 “Lamar! Lamar! You wanna go for it?” Heck of a coach.

  3. KC defense is HORRIBLE. Chris Jones records 1/2 a tackle in primetime? Hill records 14 yards in primetime? Ma-homey has to be embarassed.

  4. 4th and 1 at your own 43? Go for it every time… never give those guys (Brady, Mahomes, etc) one more try cuz 9/10 times they’ll make it happen.

  5. Lamar is the best dual threat QB ever of course he’s not the best thrower but if you include his passion+rushing+toughness great win with adversity him and the Mahomes,Allen,Murray, is the er of QB’s

  6. Big statement win over a top NFL team. That rookie pass rusher Oweh is going to become a beast in this league.

  7. What a great game. Baltimore needed a big play in defense and got it. Then they needed a big play on 4th down and got that too. That 4th down gamble was the right call.

  8. Well, if the Chiefs play perfect on offense, I suppose no one will beat them. Their defense sure as heck can’t be counted on. It amazes me teams can’t stop Jackson. He’s a super athlete and awesome to watch but I’m just surprised he’s not been figured out, not that Spagnola could stop a high school offense.

    Good on Baltimore for overcoming the terrible start and pulling it out. The bad thing for other teams is that’s valuable experience. Chiefs are a Mahomes and Kelce away from being a bottom tier team.

  9. Lamar: Take your off day and sign the biggest contract you can find. There will never be a better time than right this second! Cmon man hire an agent and get all the guarantees you can get!

  10. Everyone is talking about Lamar but don’t discount Oweh who forced 2 critical turnovers and was drafted with the pick the Ravens got from KC for Orlando Brown Jr over the summer!

  11. Awesome game. It may have been the pre-intro music tonight. Chiefs got scared when they heard Omar whistling. What a cool way to honor Michael K. Williams. Ravens beat the Chiefs. You don’t get to take that away from Lamar.

  12. Baltimore has no answer to stop the Chiefs passing attack (unless Mahomes tries to be Lamar and throws an errant interception). All night, KC moves up the field passing, so when they need to get into position for their last attempt to go ahead…

    Run the ball up the middle with a scatback who hasn’t gained 25 yards all night long and he doesn’t protect the ball.

    That’ll fool the Ravens defense.

    Spagnuolo’s defense starting to resemble Bob Sutton’s imagination of what a defense should look like.

    KC wasn’t/isn’t going to win them all and a loss is expected, but KC killed themselves tonight with out of position defense, whiffing arm tackles and not putting an athletic linebacker solely on Lamar as a spy.

    Maddening watching the Chiefs contribute to their own demise. Up 9 points and choking away victory.

  13. I know Lamar is divisive & to some fans he will always be a “RB” who throws the ball. But give the man credit when credit is due. He’s been a winner everywhere he’s played. Don’t hold his unorthodox style against him.
    This was a huge game for the Ravens, the Chiefs, and the AFC playoff picture down the road.

  14. Heck of a game, but it’s week 2. We kind of knew the defense wouldn’t be a the best this year, but if not for Mathieu it would be a downright abomination. Better to lose an early game against them, get more film as the year rolls on, and meet them in the postseason. Still like the Chiefs’ chances as the season goes on, but this is a wake up call to Spags to do something about the defensive front.

  15. @Springfield. Lamar’s ability to read a defense on the run and literally fool everyone is otherworldly. No QB has ever had this level of skill set. Now if he can get that passing game into the middle of the pack, then the Ravens offense will be tough to beat. Our defense is not the traditional Ravens D though. We’ll see how they do once people start coming off IR.

  16. Cartwheel into the end zone Lamar? Suppose to act like you have been there before. Fortunately for you a great play by a rookie caused an ill timed fumble and the Chiefs D couldn’t stop the run period. Otherwise, clown shoes. The monkey is off your back and now its a “rivalry” now that you beat Patrick Mahomes.

  17. Lamar is a RB first and QB next. He is an average QB and is one play away from a career ending injury. Great for fantasy & regular season. He cost the team the game last week and almost cost them again tonight with his 2 picks & many bad throws. Credit to Baltimore defense that got the fumble tonight so they earned the win. Not sure why Lamar gets credit for this win.

  18. What a game! Lamar came through for his time when he needed. Also did Oweh! I remember Baltimore getting criticized for drafting him. 4.3 at the edge is NOT normal

  19. That’s as confident as I’ve seen Lamar Jackson look in an NFL game. I think he turned a corner tonight.

  20. That’s what I’ve been saying all along, you guys constantly harp on Lamar not being a good thrower and that may be true, but you can’t discount his running ability to extending plays, no one else has done this…that has to count for something! That’s the problem I have with Brady and all this goat talk. Guys like Lamar and Manning, if they have a subpar performance, their team loses. They are the team! Brady can have a mediocre game and his team can still get in done. Brady, still a great player hands down, but the other two guys, it’s always all on them.

  21. Lamar may not be the best pocket passer but he has got IT. It’s hard to quantify the intangibles it’s what seoarates him from the rest of the qb’s. Very few have it. A Mahomes, a Brady etc. It’s hard to make your team believe in you and Baltimore knows no matter what if Lamar is in there they gave a chance. It’s his team and his alone now

  22. Reid’s never been one to worry much about the running game or defense. Sometimes those things are important

  23. all that work on the offensive line…
    ill say it again… kc had to much talent on the D (at least according to player salaries) to be that bad.
    need a new DC.

  24. If the Browns don’t choke & blow last week’s game, the Chiefs would be 0-2.

    BTW, luck caught up with Mahomes, when he threw one of his off balance throws into an interception.

    They still have a bunch of tough games on the schedule. In addition to their division rivals (Raiders, Denver & Chargers), they get to play teams who on any given Sunday can beat them: Bill, Green Bay & the Titans.

    Time will tell.

  25. Chiefs “dynasty” isn’t looking too good. Won’t get any better in the coming years. Guys are gonna want to get paid and KC just won’t have the money.

  26. Dillon Pauls says:
    September 19, 2021 at 11:55 pm
    4th and 1 at your own 43? Go for it every time… never give those guys (Brady, Mahomes, etc) one more try cuz 9/10 times they’ll make it happen.


    As long as you get it. I recall Belichick deciding late in the game that his defense was no longer able to stop or even much slow down Payton Manning (he was correct, they really couldn’t) thus choosing to not punt and give him the ball. He is ridiculed for that decision to this day.

    But fact was, on that day Manning vs that D starting from his own 20 or Manning vs that D starting from the Pats 40 was not appreciably different so he really didn’t give much away when they didn’t make it.

  27. Chiefs offense slowed down in the second half allowing Lamar to get his signature win. Even though the refs tried giving the game to the Chiefs on three bogus calls including one that led to the Kelce touchdown.

  28. Bravo to the Ravens for making a big play to save the game. Bravo to Lamar Jackson for bringing his scintillating talent into our lives. But here’s a question for our narrative driven minds. Does winning a football game blind us from player mistakes? Or does losing a game blind us from great efforts? Lamar threw two interceptions last night. That gives him FOUR turnovers in the first two games. Yet he’s suddenly in the MVP conversation. What if KC didn’t fumble? What would we be talking about today? I think it’s interesting how we choose to see things. Or how we choose not to.

  29. Not a fan of either team but both QB’s are fun to watch. That being said if they played 100 times the chiefs would win 89 of them.

    Jackson has to learn to be an actual QB at some point.

  30. dreemeagle says:
    September 20, 2021 at 1:51 am
    does anybody play defence anymore?

    Edwards-Hellaire needs to learn to hold onto the ball;
    Timing wasn’t good for sure, but let’s not crucify the kid in his second year, that was his FIRST fumble as an NFL pro and if I’m not mistaken he never fumbled in 3 years at LSU. Ball security has not been an issue for him. But all good things come to an end.

  31. Funny to read some comments here. Sometimes you just lose because the other guy made a great play. Oweh’s FF with an O lineman draped all over him was just one of those times. The other guys work, and sweat, and prepare just like your team. Ripping on Edwards-Helaire isn’t fair. He didn’t look to be carelessly carrying the ball. Oweh was just better on that play.

    As Ravens fan, I have been on the other side of guys making plays. Sometimes, the other guy is just better.

  32. Ok kids, the REAL blueprint on beating the Chiefs is to run the ball, run the ball and then run some more, no matter how far behind you are. Their run defense the last two weeks have proven that. As long as you have a good RB like Chubb or Lamar you are golden. Then get your defense to force a couple of turnovers.

  33. Great game from both teams!! Fun to watch and i love the 1-year Dynasty getting exposed on Sunday night

  34. nite2al says:
    September 20, 2021 at 12:14 am
    Pay the man!
    Game 1 fumble highlight coming right up.

  35. KC is always fun to watch when they have the ball. But, that defense may end up costing them down the stretch. The offense has to score 30 points every week just to have a “chance” to win against the upper echelon teams in the AFC. When the offense failed them in the Super Bowl last season they were blown out before the 3rd quarter ended.

    It’s too early to panic. KC has had to face two playoff caliber teams in back to back weeks to start the season. But, that defense needs to be addressed if they want to make it back to the AFC championship game for a 4th consecutive year.

  36. birds of a feather says:
    September 20, 2021 at 9:05 am
    Not a fan of either team but both QB’s are fun to watch. That being said if they played 100 times the chiefs would win 89 of them.

    Jackson has to learn to be an actual QB at some point.


    Like “actual QBs” Baker Mayfield and Josh Allen and their 0-5 career record against Mahomes

  37. Oweh’s strip/fumble recovery was the play of the game and going for it on 4th Down to keep the ball from Mahomes was a close second! The true difference in this win was the play of Baltimore’s Offensive line. Anyone who saw the Raiders game knows that if we did not improve our blocking and protection this team wasn’t going anywhere.

  38. I’m not Lamar’s biggest advocate but this ought to shut up some of the losers who claimed he can’t win in the NFL, at least for a little while.

  39. If I had to choose between an “actual” QB who, according to the TV graphic last night, has the second best W-L record (to Mahomes) the past few years, and a “real” QB who doesn’t, I know who I want to be my QB. Too many people are threatened by players who don’t play the way they are “supposed” to.

    Looked to me like both Mahomes and Jackson are able to make the playground passes that are unique and fun to watch. As for their INTs, recall that Favre was notorious for the same thing. Their fans just have to accept that as part of the package, although Jackson’s are a little more problematic than Mahomes’.

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