Tom Brady throws five TDs, Mike Edwards scores two pick-sixes in 48-25 victory


Late in the third quarter, the Falcons scored a touchdown and a two-point conversion to cut the Buccaneers’ lead to 28-25. At that point, it looked like Atlanta had Tampa Bay on its heels.

But that feeling didn’t last long.

Quarterback Tom Brady threw his fifth touchdown pass of the day early in the fourth quarter. And then safety Mike Edwards recorded two pick-sixes to put the game out of reach, as the Bucs defeated the Falcons 48-25.

With the victory, Tampa Bay became the first team in league history to score at least 30 points in nine consecutive wins. Brady also tied a franchise record with five TD passes.

The Bucs built a 21-7 lead in the first half with a pair of touchdowns from tight end Rob Gronkowski and a 3-yard touchdown catch by receiver Mike Evans. Gronkowski now has four TDs on the year after a 20-yard score on the opening drive and a diving 1-yard catch early in the second quarter.

While the Falcons cut the deficit to 28-10 with a last-second field goal in the second quarter, Evans caught his second TD early in the third quarter.

Atlanta scored 15 straight points in the third quarter, but Tampa Bay proved to be too much in the final period.

Brady finished 24-of-36 passing for 276 yards with five touchdowns and no picks. Mike Evans had five catches for 72 yards, with Godwin making four catches for 62 yards. Leonard Fournette led the team with 11 carries for 52 yards.

Matt Ryan was 35-of-46 passing for 300 yards with two touchdowns and three picks. Josh Rosen finished the game at quarterback for Atlanta, throwing a pair of incomplete passes.

The Buccaneers will have their first road game of the year next week, taking on the Rams in Los Angeles.

Now at 0-2, the Falcons take on the 0-2 Giants on the road in Week Three.

14 responses to “Tom Brady throws five TDs, Mike Edwards scores two pick-sixes in 48-25 victory

  1. Belichick will give the league the blueprint on how to slow down the Bucs offense. He did the same against the Chiefs offense last year and never got credit for it.

  2. If the bucs don’t find an answer for their thin CB group real quick, NFC road to Super Bowl will go through LA Rams

  3. Tommy Boy played as well as I’ve ever seen him. The main concern for the Bucs is their lack of a run game and secondary. Rams will beat the Bucs most likely.

  4. The Bucs was shaky. The big score is not the real picture. They better protect Brady against the Rams and fix the CB situations.

  5. Next week Brady will pass Jerry Rice for the most games played by a non-kicker. He will also pass Vinnie Testaverde to become the tenth-oldest person ever to play in professional football. Seriously, the guy is incredible.

  6. Let’s no kid ourselves, Tampa has a big problem in the db position and today showed cracks at the offensive line, things are not going as good as they should.

  7. If the Bucs can keep Brady clean this year and on his feet, he’ll win the MVP.

    At his age, how incredible would that one be in a ridiculous list of already incredible achievements?

  8. Why all the Bucs hate? what was the score at the end? and it wasn’t even that close/ The road to the super Bowl goes thu TB and the GOAT

  9. 2 games, 9 TD passes. It’s still September but as Brady threw his 5th TD today, I found myself wondering if we could be about to see Brady’s best season ever.

    He was other-worldly in 2007, when his main weapons were Welker and Moss. No disrespect to the 2007 team, but Brady now finds himself with more weapons than he has ever had – Gronk, Evans, Godwin, Brown, Howard, Brate, and don’t forget about Scottie Miller, who I don’t think we saw at all today. And he has a defense that can get him the ball – at least when they aren’t getting pick 6’s.

    Atlanta unfortunately did some things to lose, they seem somewhat snakebit that way.

    The Bucs have won 10 in a row and scored 30+ in the last 9. There are some tough games coming up (Rams, Patriots, Bills), but if they can get by those, these Bucs may put the Patriots record 21 consecutive wins in jeopardy. As a lifetime Pats fan I will be rooting hard for BB and crew in week 4. But Brady is still, and likely always will be, my favorite player. Whatever he accomplishes this year I will be happy for him.

  10. Buc Offense scored 35 points, to have 9 games in a row over 30. So, that is great.
    Silly maybe to worry about time of possession when they also got 2 pick sixes. Still Would like to see Buc’s D get more time on the sideline.

    Any chance O Coach Brian L. and Head Coach Bruce A will add a time of possession consideration into the O scheme? (nah). But, please, not by adding runs on first down!

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