X-rays on Tua Tagovailoa’s ribs negative

Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins
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Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa left Sunday’s game with injured ribs after a hit by Bills edge rusher A.J. Epenesa and the team offered an update on his condition in the third quarter.

The Dolphins radio broadcast said that X-rays on Tagovailoa’s ribs were negative. He was called questionable to return when he left the game, but Jacoby Brissett remains in the game and Tagovailoa has not returned to the sideline.

Tagovailoa was sacked twice before the Epenesa hit and Jacoby Brissett has been sacked twice more since taking over for Tagovailoa. Those protection issues will have to be ironed out regardless of who is under center in Week Three.

At the moment, it looks like the Dolphins will be 1-1 for that game in Las Vegas. The Bills extended their lead to 21-0 on a Dawson Knox touchdown catch to open the second half.

9 responses to “X-rays on Tua Tagovailoa’s ribs negative

  1. Man is talented, he’s charismatic. He has had great moments competing at high levels. But, he was badly bruised and injured in the toughest college league. He is now getting badly bruised, and injured at the pro level in his early career. His arc does not suggest durability in the long term. The Dolphins should consider this as they build a promising team. I’ll offer this also, I think it would be N U T S to sign away a Herschel Walker haul of picks for a QB who has issues, and I doubt the South Florida market will quiet those issues. Signing Watson would be a mistake IMO. Great QBS are coming out every year now. If the year turns to a lemon use that pick, and maybe 1 more to move up if needed and go that route. Massive amount of picks, a QB on large dollars, off the field issues including legal. He should be OFF the board not any plan of action. IMO

  2. LOL Tua not even hurt and needs to leave the game. Dude is made of glass. Keep drafting injured players Grier. You suck and could of had Herbert. Your drafting is trash. Same ol Dolphins since Stvie Ross took over the team

  3. So one must ask, at what point is Flores going to take some blame for this display? He has OL playing in positions they were not drafted to play in. Lack of discipline with entire team.
    The OL itself has mostly players that would make a practice squad elsewhere. Miami has 2 OC and the game planning and adjustments are non existent. Who has 2 OC and play callers??? It’s time for Flores to own some of this debacle.

  4. Two years in a row Miami passed on the right player at a premium position.

    Herbert is your QB for 15 years and Sewell your LT for a decade.

    Two massive backward steps. Wasting a good defense.

  5. There is no quarterback that can produce offense the way the Dolphin’s offensive line played in not picking up a mixture of blitzes and rushes! I think Tua would be an excellent back up quarterback. The Dolphins should not give up their draft capital for Watson. Working on getting other personnel to start on the offensive line could work to their advantage and starting Jacoby Brissett at quarterback instead of Tua. It was the offensive line and receiver drops that allowed the Dolphins to lose without scoring and not being able to sustain an offense. Jacoby is bigger,stronger and faster than Tua. Jacoby also has a decent arm with some success as a starter in the NFL.

  6. Tua is a righty playing leftie & boy was it evident on this play. This may not have been his last game but his career is over. Passing on Herbert was a big mistake. Every breath for the next three weeks will remind him he is over matched in NFL.

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