Bill Belichick on Tom Brady playing when he’s 50: If anybody can do it, it’s him

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Patriots head coach Bill Belichick will coach against Tom Brady for the first time in Week Four, but it won’t be the last time if Brady’s remarkable career continues until he’s 50.

Brady said last week that he doesn’t “find it so difficult” to think that he can be the first quarterback to play at that age and that he thinks “it’s a yes” to the question of whether he can keep playing until he gets to that point.

During a Monday morning appearance on WEEI, Belichick was asked for his answer to that question. He deferred to Brady’s opinion on the matter.

“I’m sure Tom would know better than anybody, so if anybody can do it it’s him,” Belichick said.

Brady became the oldest player in league history to throw five touchdowns in a game on Sunday — he broke his own record from last year — and he has nine touchdowns through the first two weeks of the season. He thinks things can get even better and there’s not much reason for Belichick or anyone else to doubt that Brady can accomplish any of his football goals.

8 responses to “Bill Belichick on Tom Brady playing when he’s 50: If anybody can do it, it’s him

  1. As grizzled,grumpy and difficult as Bill Belichick comes across to media and fans…he has an affinity and loves talking about the all-time greats he coached(head coach and as an assistant)especially Lawrence Taylor.

  2. Just because he can doesn’t mean he will. Right now he’s just focusing on a Super Bowl repeat or getting another ring and then he will decide with his family. I think living in Florida makes the decision easier to play longer but I seriously doubt he wants to play till 50. Much of it will be determined by how this season goes.

  3. The problem with being late 40’s – 50, isn’t the diminished skills, it is the amount of time it takes the body to heal (as opposed to say being 35). One semi-bad hit or twisted knee and an injury that you could normally bounce back from in a week becomes a multi week nagging issue…. I wish TB all the health in the world but he is one roll of the dice from ending a season, every week…..

  4. Week two and grandpa Brady leads the NFL with the most TDs. But Brady can still improve. Notice that he’s trying to do passes like Mahomes, like the falling down pass and sidearm pass? The old GOAT can still learn new tricks that he’ll learn from young kids, maybe till he’s fifty just for the fun of it.

  5. Why did Belichick let Brady go?

    No, it wasn’t due to a rift between the two men.

    No, it wasn’t that he didn’t think Brady could still play well.

    He did what he thought was in the best long term interest of the team. He tried surrounding Brady with talent (Gordon, Brown, Sanu) the Patriots could afford while still paying Brady and it failed. Gronk had gone Hollywood and the roster was weak. It was time to rebuild the roster and that took a rookie QB contract.

  6. “Notice that he’s trying to do passes like Mahomes, like the falling down pass and sidearm pass?”

    Actually Brady threw passes falling down before Mahomes was ever in the league. One I remember he was actually on his rear end on the ground but not touched by the other team and officially down yet, and completed it.

    Its not like Mahomes was the one who invented those things

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