Jets need a veteran quarterback, badly

New England Patriots v New York Jets
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The Jets needed to throw the damn towel on Sunday. Unfortunately, they had no towel to throw.

More specifically, they have no veteran quarterback who can be inserted into a game when rookie Zach Wilson needs to be removed.

Peter King made a great point in his Football Morning in America column as to the manner in which Jets G.M. Joe Douglas has constructed the team’s roster. The only quarterback behind Wilson on the game-day roster for the game against the Patriots was Mike White. The Jets need a veteran.

Wilson, after throwing four interceptions in 35 minutes of game action, needed to be yanked. He wasn’t going to be yanked for Mike White. If the Jets had a veteran on the roster, the veteran could have given Wilson a chance to get out of the hole he’d dug for himself — or, more accurately, the hole Bill Belichick had dug for him.

Beyond having a veteran who could give Wilson an escape hatch from a bad game, it would also potentially help Wilson to have another voice in the meeting room, on the practice field, on the sideline.

It’s strange that the Jets haven’t given Wilson that kind of help. It’s not too late to find someone. Instead of being stubborn about what happened on Sunday, they should come up with a plan for handling a potential future situation like that. Chances are it will happen again, as Wilson works his way through the NFL growing pains and fights to reach his full potential.

At some point, his best interests will be served by getting him out of the fray.

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  1. In salary cap football, there are a lot of roll the dice types of decisions that are made. If we pay more here, we have less money to spend there.

    Jets rolled the dice that they could live with whatever struggles Wilson would inevitably have (as a rookie QB). Right now, its not looking like a good move.

  2. What kind of veteran quarterback would help?
    Would Having a washed up Joe flacco have helped?
    Would having a backup like a failed draft pick like Marcus Mariota have helped?
    The Jets are not expected to do it well this year so if the quarterback has to play more and dig himself out of the hole what’s the loss?

    How would a veteran like Blake bortles or Gina Smith help a developing quarterback?

  3. It’s the Jets. They ruin players. Joe Douglas is looking more and more like the super scout who never should have been a GM.

  4. It would be very Jets-like if they ruined yet another QB. I wonder what the over/under is now for when Zach Wilson needs a new NFL address to see if he can salvage a real career and rid himself of being picked by this chronically moribund outfit.

  5. Borrowing from screenwriter Robert Towne, that wonderful line from the movie, Chinatown, “Forget it Jake, it’s the Jets.”

  6. Jets GM and head coach believed they drafted the next Hall of Fame QB. Unfortunately this kid is way out of his league. Even when he did have time to throw he looked confused. After this year the Jets will be drafting another QB cause this one is going to be in need of some serious therapy.

  7. The first two picks were deflected, which happens. The third and fourth were jaw-dropping-open terrible throws.

  8. Florio, you make a good point on having a veteran just for the meeting room. An argument could be made that this is more important than having that veteran backup for the field. If Wilson is mentally tough, he can handle a meltdown or two on the field. But having a veteran in the QB room is invaluable to a young QB’s development.

    The only reason that the absence of a veteran qb on the roster isn’t stunning is the fact that we’re talking about the Jets. Then it all makes sense.

  9. That was Must-See TV!
    Wilson is garbage. The Jets will be the Jets for years to come.
    How is Mac looking now, NY?

  10. It wasn’t a good pick. Throwing this over-drafted young player out there may very well ruin his career.

  11. It would seem that having at a minimum a half-way decent team (and established coaches) before drafting a QB is a the better option. Right now the rest of the Jets are a horrible team, the only thing Wilson is going to learn is to turn and run because the O-line is bad, he has no-time to read the D and at best he might have enough time to pass to the first option before he is scrambling. If he mentally tough and doesn’t get too beat up he will be okay maybe very good, if not it is another of the very many QB’s that the Jets have ruined.

    The problem with trying to get a veteran QB is a good one will cost a lot of money because it is the Jets and they know what they are getting into, or they will have to sign someone that is desperate for another year even though they were finished 5 years ago (Cam) and are more concerned about playing then helping the rookie.

  12. Gardner Minshew would have been perfect for the Jets but let’s look at this more indepth,,,All Rookie quarterbacks have to take their lumps of coal whenever they are the starter in their first season,,,it’s the second season that’s the tell tell signs whether Wilson is gonna be the future or not,,,New York is a tough city for a struggling QB from a small town in Utah,,,

  13. Two games is a rather brief basis to make a judgement on Wilson’s future. There some QBs that step right in and make an impact immediately… Peyton Manning but I’ve always believed it could take as much as 5 years for a new QB to thrive and produce. I think the Jets need to play Wilson every game and let him develop during the “heat of battle.”

  14. Meanwhile The Darnold is 2-0 and his panthers look tough. More players need to pull an Eli Manning on draft day and refuse to go to places that will kill your career before you even have a chance.

  15. The most important role a veteran back-up can play is being a second set of eyes on the bench to examine where things went wrong and be a stabilizing presence that can keep a young QB focused and in a mentally solid place. If the Jets had a decent veteran – a Chase Daniel or Josh McCown type – doing that, he may well not have made some of the mistakes and wouldn’t need to be yanked. I do wonder whether the upheaval caused by Greg Knapp’s unfortunate death is affecting how things are playing out there.

  16. Florio is right, but who do you bring in? It’s a pretty barren landscape out there. Osweiller? Call Kyle Orton? I mean… yikes.

  17. It’s not just the Jets quarterback that’s a rookie.
    The head coach, offensive and defensive coordinators, and even the quarterbacks coach are in their first year of their respective job titles.
    This is literally a very green team.
    It might work eventually, but the learning process is probably going to hurt.

  18. >There some QBs that step right in and make an impact immediately… Peyton Manning

    You mean the same Peyton Manning that threw 28 picks en route to a 3-13 rookie season?

  19. Or maybe we need a better receiver scheme. How many times are they going to trot out Braxton Barios (did I get that right?) in favor of Mims or Moore (why did they draft these guys if they’re not even going to get a chance?)

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