Kenny Golladay says he was screaming at Jason Garrett, not Daniel Jones

New York Giants v Washington Football Team
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Good news, the Giants don’t have an issue between receiver and quarterback.

Bad news, the Giants have an issue between receiver and offensive coordinator.

Kenny Golladay said Monday, via Zack Rosenblatt of, that late in Thursday’s eventual loss to Washington he was screaming not at quarterback Daniel Jones but at offensive coordinator Jason Garrett. And we’re having a hard time understanding how that makes it any better.

So, basically, instead of having an issue with the guy who executes the plays, Golladay had an issue with the guy who calls the plays.

It’s natural for 0-2 teams to have some stress and strain. It will continue — indeed, it will get mount — until the Giants get a win. Regardless, it’s never good for any player to be shouting at a coach, whether it’s Golladay and Garrett or, back in the day, Tom Brady and Josh McDaniels. Or Tom Brady and Bill O’Brien.

Golladay said that Garrett spoke after the game, and that everything is fine. Head coach Joe Judge needs to be sure of that. The Giants already have enough stuff to worry about as they try to get to 1-2 with a winnable game against the Falcons. After that, the early portion of the schedule doesn’t have all that many spots where a W is hiding in plain sight.

13 responses to “Kenny Golladay says he was screaming at Jason Garrett, not Daniel Jones

  1. Time to fire Gettlemen, Judge, Garrett, clean house with overpaid veterans and start all over again

  2. If the G-men don’t have buyers remorse there is something wrong with them. He was listed most of last year as week to week with an injury and never came back to play for the Lions. Could it have been that the injury was worse than it appeared? Yes. Could it have been that Golladay just didn’t want to play for the Lions anymore? Yes.

  3. Kenny signed for the money. Stop acting like you didn’t know you was going to the Giants, Kenny.

  4. Well THAT makes it acceptable. It’s perfectly fine for an overpaid WR to go after the OC so long as he leaves the QB alone.

  5. As a Cowboys fan, I say get used to someone yelling at Jason Garrett, Giants fans. You will all be doing it soon enough. Thanks for guaranteeing you won’t win a championship with Garrett as a coach.

  6. We’ll see comments lobbying for Doug Pederson. C’mon. Guys way too smart to take this assisting job even if the phone rang.

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