Lamar Jackson records 11th career double-triple, with 239 pass yards, 107 rush yards

NFL: SEP 19 Chiefs at Ravens
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Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson recorded the 11th double-triple of his career on Sunday night, extending his record for the most double-triples in NFL history.

A double-triple is when a player records triple-digit yardage in two different statistical categories. In Sunday night’s win over the Chiefs, Jackson passed for 239 yards and ran for 107 yards.

That’s the ninth time Jackson has had a double-triple in the regular season and he’s done it twice in the playoffs. No one in NFL history has had as many double-triples as Jackson.

Michael Vick was the career record holder before Jackson. Vick had eight career double-triples.

No one is close to Jackson and Vick in NFL history: In third place is a three-way tie in career double-triples, with four each: Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, Bears great Walter Payton, and former Steeler Gary Ballman, who has been largely forgotten in NFL history but was once a very good playmaker and four times had more than 100 yards both receiving and returning kickoffs in the same game.

Jackson, at just 24 years old, may finish his career with dozens of double-triples. He’s playing the game like no one ever has in NFL history.

3 responses to “Lamar Jackson records 11th career double-triple, with 239 pass yards, 107 rush yards

  1. People kill me like what he does is a bad thing. It makes their offense go. He’s in his prime and it will help them win games this way until he starts losing his wheels. I know RG III wish he didn’t lose his in year three.

  2. I’m quite shocked McCaffrey isn’t higher on this list. I feel like he’s a prime candidate to challenge for this title.

  3. Lamar is a beast. He cannot seem to be tackled – but he does need to stop taking hits. That being said – last night he never really got a direct hit or a bunch of direct hits. Cant say that about their first game he took a whole bunch of shots. Eventually he will meet somebody who it bigger and stronger and catch him in a bad spot or unexpectedly and he will be down. Remember when Cam was supposedly indestructable and then what happened kind of ended his career a whole bunch of big hits and I am not talking about Kazee’s cheapshot – just the goalline collisions with linebackers

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