Patrick Mahomes told Clyde Edwards-Helaire: Don’t let one fumble define you

Kansas City Chiefs v Baltimore Ravens
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The Chiefs appeared to be cruising toward a game-winning field goal late on Sunday night in Baltimore. Then Clyde Edwards-Helaire fumbled, the Chiefs never got the ball back, and the Ravens won.

It would be easy to put that loss on Edwards-Helaire, but Patrick Mahomes said after the game that he talked to Edwards-Helaire and told him he can’t let that play be what everyone remembers of him this season.

“We’ll need him the whole season. Don’t let one play define you. It’s a long season,” Mahomes said. “If we want to be great, have a chance to try to make another run at this thing, he’s going to be an important part of it.”

Even before the fumble, Edwards-Helaire had not been playing particularly well; he finished the game with just 46 yards on 13 carries. The Chiefs decided to put the ball in his hands at the biggest moment of the game, and they regretted it. But Mahomes sounds like he trusts Edwards-Helaire to bounce back better.

12 responses to “Patrick Mahomes told Clyde Edwards-Helaire: Don’t let one fumble define you

  1. Mahomes made two mistakes all night and his defense cost them. His interception and his incompletion to Tyreek in the 4the quarter when he should’ve just ran it to get get the 1st down.

    That Chiefs defense needs to put out a public apology and donate their salaries to goodwill.

  2. Hard to grade CEH in that offense………gets so few chances and PH does not check down (for good reason)………

  3. Looks like Patsy Mahomeys prediction of Chiefs going 20-0 is over after only 2 weeks. Oh the Chiefs always the little brother to the Patriots Big Brother Dynasties. What a clown Mahomes is chucking the ball up for interceptions.. Never be as good as Brady.

    Chiefs 1-1 third in their own division. Pretenders not a dynasty

  4. Kinda funny that KC traded their 1st round pick for Orlando brown Jr and on this play obj got beat by that 1st round pick Owen to cause the fumble.

  5. I put the fumble on Thuney as much as Clyde, he blocked no one. All that money and he can’t pickup anyone to close out a game.

    As far as Brown goes, the oline has sucked. And to be clear, KC traded a 1st rounder for a guy they might only have for 1 year. As much as Mahomes was hit last week, and Fisher now playing… A backup could’ve played as well as Brown did in week 1, and we’d still have that 1st rounder who could’ve been used on any defensive position where it would’ve been an upgrade on who we currently have playing defense. And from what I’ve seen so far, Fisher is a better LT than Brown.

  6. PS, the sooner Hitchens exits the lineup, the better off we’ll be. I’d run at him every time, you’re guaranteed to average 6-7 yards per play going at him. I’d bet he and Clark are both gone next year. And it will be easy to replace their play with the money available. Heck, 6th rounders could match their current skill sets.

  7. How about giving Oweh credit for the amazing strip and fumble recovery? And the entire Baltimore Ravens defense for shutting the Chiefs down in the fourth quarter.

  8. But in reality that fumble did define him and showed what a bust of draft pick he has become. Ravens punched them in the mouth with their 3rd and 4th backup RB. LO Cheers!

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