Report: Amazon “90 percent” likely to hire Al Michaels for TNF

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Amazon apparently believes in miracles. Or at least it has a way to order them with the click of a button.

The streaming revolution will accelerate in 2022, when Amazon assumes responsibility for Thursday Night Football. Andrew Marchand of the New York Post reports that Amazon is “90 percent” likely to hire legendary broadcaster Al Michaels to perform the play-by-play responsibilities for the late-week game.

Marchand points out that it’s “not a done deal,” but that no one to whom he spoke expressed pessimism about the possibility.

Michael is under contract with NBC through Super Bowl LVI. If he moves to the Amazon package (which reportedly will be produced by Fred Gaudelli of NBC), Mike Tirico would become the No. 1 play-by-play voice at NBC. Michaels would still do excess NBC playoff games and “could dabble with some other games.”

The mere effort shows how serious Amazon is about making the weekly streaming-only option a major destination. With Al Michaels handling the play-by-play, it definitely will be.

4 responses to “Report: Amazon “90 percent” likely to hire Al Michaels for TNF

  1. Always loved Michaels. He makes the game easy to listen to. Never tries to do too much and always does enough.

  2. Not a fan of Michaels anymore. He doesn’t do enough preparation. In Week One, he told the story twice–in some detail–that Brady persuaded Gronk to move to Florida. Anybody who pays any attention to the wider football world knows that Gronk had already been living in Florida for quite awhile. Geez, there are even TV commercials that make that implicitly clear. And that’s just one example. The guy has bought into his legend and doesn’t think he needs to actually know what he’s talking about.

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