Ben Roethlisberger has a pectoral injury

NFL: SEP 19 Raiders at Steelers
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The Steelers, already dealing with an injury to the most important player on their defense, have an injury to the most important player on their offense.

Coach Mike Tomlin told reporters on Tuesday that quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has a pectoral injury, via Ed Bouchette of Per Aditi Kinkhabwala of NFL Media, Tomlin added that it’s on the left side, and that it will affect his ability to prepare for Sunday’s game.

The injury reports coming on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday will surely reveal more about Ben’s status. The reality remains that he’s 39. Injuries may not heal as quickly.

Mason Rudolph is the backup, with Dwayne Haskins also in the mix.

36 responses to “Ben Roethlisberger has a pectoral injury

  1. For a 39 year old, he took some hard hits on Sunday. I have no doubt he asked himself more than once what the heck he was doing still playing.

  2. He has Already shown an inability to prepare for games this year. The Young QB’s in the league have passed him by. Aside from Brady. The Steelers Offense is Offensive and sadly looks like mired in the 1960’s

  3. Stop with the insert Cam at every QB injury…Cam is not good anymore, Cam is a distraction (he admitted this himself), Cam will never get out of Cam’s way. Just bc a guy won a league MVP 6-7 years ago doesn’t mean he is that same player. Cam’s ballon burst when he didn’t go after that fumble in the SB. They only time you will see Cam in the near future is on a fashion runway

  4. My gawd – every year this guy has a built in excuse and the fans just eat it up. This is going to end disastrously for them. Can TJ Watt throw a football since they’re paying him QB money? LOL Cheers!

  5. Tomlin might start giving Ben the Sean Payton treatment, he basically told Brees “you need to retire” after he got hurt last season.
    How about a 3 team trade?
    Dolphins send Tua to Pitt for one of their WR’s
    Houston sends Watson to Miami.
    While both teams flood Houston with picks & role players.
    Sounds good in my world!

  6. I guess frustration wasn’t a good enough excuse so he went back to the medical book and chose something else.

  7. uchback6 says:
    September 21, 2021 at 12:55 pm

    Now old and cooked Benny hands it over to OSU BUST Haskins. Colbert and Tomlin are geniuses!

    Do you get joy in seeing players get injured? By the way. Your team is also 1 and1. Lost to the tua led dolphins, in which the bills disposed of in 10minutes.

  8. In the past, every injury that affected Ben’s play was unmentioned or denied until the appendage virtually fell off. Therefore, am skeptical that a left arm injury will be noticeable…unless the arm falls off. Play will continue in either case.

  9. Please, play Mason until Ben is actually healed and the OL has improved a little more. There is no sense in having an injured 39 year old get beat up even more when there is a younger, adequate replacement, who can move to avoid some hits, on the roster.

  10. Will Big Ben be able to prepare this week? Should Rudolph warm up? Will Big Ben even play? Can Taco Charlton play QB?

    Oh, the drama!!! Stay tuned….

  11. DadJeans says:

    September 21, 2021 at 12:31 pm

    Eventually Mike Tomlin will be exposed for who he really is…Jeff Fischer with cooler sunglasses.


    I just don’t get the Tomlin hate. He has two super bowl appearances, one super bowl victory and a .648 winning percentage.

    Sean Payton has one super bowl appearance, one super bowl victory and a .637 winning percentage and Ben ain’t no Drew Brees.

    Pete Carrol + Russell Wilson? One super bowl win and .636 win percentage.

    Mike McCarthy + Aaron Rodgers? One super bowl and .618 win percentage.

    Andy Reed + McNabb? One super bowl appearance and .609 winning percentage.

    Ya’ll are skewed by the Brady era in New England, which is one of the most remarkable feats in the history from the NFL. Its something that just doesn’t happen. And you can’t judge every coach against that sort of historical fluke.

  12. Come on Ben. You are going to the Hall of Fame. This team is NOT going to the Super Bowl.
    Hang it up.

  13. The shallow end of the gene pool out in force today, but any Ben or Tomlin thread brings out the haters, knuckledrraggers and mouth breathers. The Steelers are 1-1 like a lot of teams….but the dummies are just showing the ignorance.

  14. Mike Tomlin’s only major success was with Chin’s team. What has he done since? Lot of mediocrity mixed with some decent seasons that ended in the playoffs.

  15. In all honesty, Cam would improve that running game instantly, and he is capable of pitch and catch, especially if you have some receivers that can just get down field and get open. He is much more mobile than Ben. With a good defense, it could actually work. The Steelers have some games coming up where an improved running game keeping the opposing star QB off the field would be a yooge help. Tomlin could probably handle the Cam effect, which is not bad, and with your star QB not really being a star anymore (Ben), is Cam really too much to have looking over Ben’s shoulder? What if Ben is just playing out the string for a few more deposits to his bank account? I wouldn’t recommend this in other situations, but the Pittsburgh situation could be very interesting. Cam was not throwing badly in the pre-season. He just wasn’t better than Mac Jones, who also was the much younger/future QB on a 5 year low money deal relative to 2nd contract QB’s. Cam won’t break the salary cap either. I’d think about it.

  16. Nobodies bringing in Cam after the season already started. He has a hard enough time learning an offense with a full offseason. He might be able to get 5-10 plays mastered by mid season of they bring him in now. Anyone who knows football knew the Steelers were done. Ben shouldve went out after he had a good cry with pouncey in the playoffs last year. That line only got worse, and they lost Villanowava that’s saying something. You would think losing him would be an improvement. They wasted a 1st on a 3rd rd back and Ben standing in the pocket for the last decade holding the ball too long added up.

  17. I’m always suspicious when Ben is “injured”. Seems like it always ends up not as bad as it seemed and he plays through it like a hero. Maybe these are all exaggerations and they are meant to cause he other team to relax and Ben to be hailed as a “tuff guy” in the end for playing through it.
    I’ve seen him limp off the field and return to throw a TD too many times. Maybe his nickname should be “Possum”

  18. Go ahead and sign Cam Newton to start over Big Ben??? A career 60% completion %. One good year in his entire career vs a hall of famer, great idea steeler fans, fire Tomlinson too, who has done nothing but win.

  19. It’s over Big Ben. Finish out the year as a backup to reduce the chance of catastrophic injury. You can’t run this offense. Your legs are shot and you can’t get out from under center fast enough. Your arm? Well….

    Let the younger guys play and retire at the end of the year.

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