Bradley Chubb undergoing arthroscopic surgery to remove bone spur

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Broncos pass rusher Bradley Chubb will undergo arthroscopic surgery Wednesday to remove a bone spur in his left ankle, the team announced.

His prognosis will be determined after the procedure, but Chubb likely has a stint on injured reserve as he rehabs.

“I’m going to push everything I can to get back to these games, and hopefully it’s sooner rather than later,” Chubb said in a video released by the Broncos. “My mindset is just going to be to attack it 100 percent every day. When this thing is healed up, I expect to see a whole new Bradley Chubb, a whole new animal, a new new dog. I feel like 2018 was my last full year healthy, and I feel like when I get done with this it’s going to be 10 times that and I’m really excited to see everything that comes full circle.”

Chubb underwent an arthroscopic procedure to remove a bone spur in his other ankle in mid-May. He returned to team drills 11 weeks later, but there was less urgency to get back on the field in the offseason.

He was inactive in Week 1 and played only 19 snaps Sunday, and it became clear to Chubb, the coaches, the team and the medical staff that Chubb needs surgery.

“Sometimes when I try to turn the corner, it just gets a little annoying and feels like a stab-type pain,” Chubb said. “I did everything I could to manage it and try to come back and play. I took the New York week down to try to calm it down just a little bit, and then this Jacksonville week, I tried to do everything to get back on the field. Unfortunately, all those things weren’t working in my favor. So the thing is now is to just go in, clean it up and be right back. It’s just a bone spur. So they have to go in and scope it out and come out on the better side of this and feeling like myself again.”

7 responses to “Bradley Chubb undergoing arthroscopic surgery to remove bone spur

  1. Unfortunately, the blend of injury-prone and not having that killer instinct will plague Chubb throughout his career. As a diehard Broncos fan, it does not break my heart that the games he does play after this recovery will be an audition for other teams heading into his free agency. There is no possible way you can back up the brinks truck for this guy, much less use your 5th-year option with him. Passing up on Josh Allen to draft this clown somehow continues to look worse and worse with each passing day. Jonathan Cooper, you’re up.

  2. Hes been a good player but not nearly the edge rushing beast he was portrayed in the draft. the idea of pairing him with Vonn seemed good I. theory but now I think that pick would have been better spent maybe on a DB, having that lock down coverage would help Vonn More than Chubb has been able to. Weve still not seen two truly elite top ten rushers together. Clowney and Watt were never healthy together, nor was Clowney truly great.

  3. Injuries suck. Hopefully he can come back without limits this season.

    I for sure thought he was going to be the Browns 4th pick in the 2018 draft. After Sam Darnold with the 1st pick. Former Browns GM John Dorsey had much different plans or hired analyst Scot McCloughan had a different ranking.

    If it is any constellation to Broncos fans, the #4 pick in 2018 draft pick CB Denzel Ward has had more than his fair share of injuries and is used wrong when healthy.

  4. The Broncos have to be beyond happy they passed on Josh Allen, and even Lamar Jackson for this bust. Shoot, if they took Lamar we could have had an elite RB1 instead of a mediocre pass rusher.

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