Jared Goff: 0-2 is not what Lions want, but there are a lot of wins to be had down the line

Detroit Lions v Green Bay Packers
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Lions quarterback Jared Goff knows some will say that this year’s Lions look like the same old Lions. But that’s not how he sees it.

Goff said after the Lions lost to the Packers on Monday night that he’s still confident this team can turn things around.

“Yeah, it’s a new crew now,” Goff said, via Kevin Patra of NFL.com. “Obviously, there has been history with that. I believe in the guys we have here. I believe in Dan [Campbell]. I believe in the staff. . . . We believe this is a new regime and a new energy in the building. It’s still early. Obviously, 0-2 is not where we want to be, but a lot of room to improve and a lot of wins to be had down the line.”

Goff said the Lions just need to fix their own mistakes.

“Yeah, we just kept shooting ourselves in the foot there,” he said. “We had a good thing going in the first half, and it was looking how we expected it to look, really. Yeah, just kept shooting ourselves in the foot in the second half.”

It doesn’t get any easier for the Lions: They’re 9.5-point underdogs Sunday against the Ravens.

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  1. “a lot of wins to be had down the line.”

    He’s not wrong. Sure, they’re wins by the other teams – but he is technically correct.

  2. As a long time Packers’ fan, I agree with Goff. For a while in thE 1st half. I was missing Stafford.

  3. As a Packer fan, I didn’t recognize the Lions in the first half. I DID recognize the Packers’ defense. I can’t for the life of me understand how so many people kept harping on “last dance” and the idea that since the Packers were 13-3 two years in a row that Super Bowl was a given. This defense can’t beat the Vikings, may not beat the Bears, and could lost to the Lions yet. Joe Berry is Mike Pettine 2.0.

  4. I am no Lions fan, but it’s hard to kick ’em when they’re down…for 30 years. Good luck, Goff. Maybe you and Stafford can go get a beer together some day.

  5. The Packers were lucky to win that game. Offense-schmoffense. Get that defense fixed. Terrible.

  6. Lions have a lot of key holes to fill. All 3 LB spots. DE. CB, S, and they need a stud WR. Goff is the least of their problems.

  7. Well, the good news is you only need 4-5 more wins to reach most people’s expectations. 6-7 more wins and the season will be considered and a fantastic success!

  8. They’re a lock to be 0-3 when the Ravens come to town…get your bets in early on this one…Ravens only opened as a single digit favorite…but that will move to double digits before the end of the week!!!

  9. I want to feel sorry for the Lions for already losing two corners to the season. But the fact is, their plan was to start two rookie corners and no real experience at back up? You reap what you sew as they say and the Lions are going to suffer for it going foward. The D will give up way more then Goeff can overcome as per the last two games. 41 and 35 points given dont win many games.
    Don’ t know where Geoff gets his ideas from but the road ahead is even rockier then game one and two.
    HC spent a lot of time honing the Offense and let the D suffer.
    Last year Zimmer replaced the entire pass d other then Smith and they took their lumps but these guys had speed, agility and tackling skills that are coming around this year. The lions have none of that. Its all in the GM knowing talent and acquiring it.

  10. Lions or Jets, what team is it harder to be a fan of? I do see the Lions tilting in a ever so slight upturn though. The Jets however just don’t get it.They are in the process of trying to ruin yet another QB.

  11. Goff, he says all the right things. It, when it comes down to it, guy is not a winner and comes up small in big moments. That’s why he’s in Detroit now, instead of LA . As a Rams fan, I couldn’t be happier that he is gone. The truth is in LA, the players and staff had soured on him become they held the Patriots to 13 points in the super bowl and they lost, all because the Patriots knew he couldn’t win the game Rory his own decision making and moxie. The Lions at the NFL’s Siberia. It’s the last chance gas station for Goff’s NFL career before he focuses full time on his golf game

  12. Can’t fault the offense, this defense will never help this team win many games. Goff would have to throw 5-6 TD’s and throw for 400 yards or more per game and still be lucky to win.

  13. It’s crazy how fast the Lions went South under Patricia. He inherited a club that had been 9-7 two straight years that had talent in most every area and now they’re short of talent literally everywhere.

  14. The Lions have 1 position group that is above the NFL average and that is the offensive line
    TJ Hockenson is a very good tight end. Running backs are average. The defensive line has improved from terrible to slightly below average. Everywhere else they are bad. Really bad.

  15. Goff had 3 unforced errors that resulted in two turnovers. The final interception he threw looked terrible. When he dropped the ball during his wind up, it looked like he accidentally knocked it out with his other hand. I was relieved he’s no longer with the Rams.

  16. This is my problem with the Lions . They had an offer from Carolina for Stafford which was the 8th pick in the 2021 draft , a 3rd and Bridgewater . Bridgewater ended up in Denver where he signed an $11M 1yr deal . Instead the Lions took the Rams offer of Goff , a 3rd in this years draft and a 1st in 2022 and 2023 . Goff’s cap hit is $11M he’s also got a $20M bonus which means the Lions paid him $25M this year . If they move on from Goff after 2021 they will take a dead cap hit of $30M , a $26M cap hit if they keep him . To sum it up the Lions could have had Bridgewater on a 1yr $11M deal along with the 8th pick this year which could have netted Fields , Jones or a starting LB or CB both positions of dire need . Instead they chose the Rams offer which is 11M for Goff this year along with either a $26M cap hit or A $30m dead cap hit for 2023 . So they were willing to eat up between $26M to $30M in cap space for Goff to get a likely low 1st pick in 2023 . It’s clear the Lions could have done more to improve their team by having Carolina’s 1st pick this year with around $29M in cap space over this year and 2022 instead of a 1st pick from the Rams in 2023 if they accepted Carolina’s offer .

  17. Goff is WAY better than I thought he was, but I didn’t think he was good to start with. He’s been league average through 2 games. He’s pretty much league average across the board in stats. Even has pitched in 60 yards rushing. He’s not the answer, but as a bridge QB during the roster rebuild, he’s not a nightmare.

    The Offense even finds some success with mostly undersized slot WRs running routes… because if the Lions would have drafted someone like Rondale Moore or Dwayne Eskridge that would have at least brought elite speed into the equation, Hockenson would be even more effective on seam routes.

    The Defense is a total dumpster fire. Anzalone needs to hit the bench and they need to see what they have in Barnes. He can’t cover as a LB, and Rodgers just picked on him all night. Melifonwu did better than I expected at corner, but I expected him to be embarrassed over and over. Their safeties were playing the game from Milwaukee all night long, if you are playing prevent defense in the first quarter, you better be an elite scoring offense….

  18. It will be hilarious to watch them beat the Ravens this week and get their 1st win of the season.

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